Home office desk organizing ideas – how to keep your workspace tidy?

by Kremy

Home office desk organizing ideas will be of great help to all who need to maintain order as well as quick access to documents, stationery and all those necessities that we all use in our work process. As per psychologists work productivity depends on the organization of the workplace. Even if we talk about aesthetics alone, it is much more pleasant to work in a comfortable and pleasing environment instead of being surrounded by chaotically scattered papers and stationery. Desk organization, like time management, requires a little effort. It’s much easier to set out a few rules for cleaning and caring for your desk, and this will save you valuable time. After all, your desk is your face. It is better when it is neat and well-groomed.

Home office desk organizing ideas – simple steps to follow

Home office desk organizing ideas how to keep your workspace tidy

The main goal of home office desk organizing ideas is to save time. Cleaning the worktop is the key to that process. Take a look at your desk. Do you need all the things that are on it right now? Perhaps it makes sense to look for some rational storage places? Here are some practical tips for you which will help you keep the order!

stylish home office how to keep it neat and tidy


Clean the desk. Remove everything that is not related to work. Wires, phone chargers, flash drives, scattered paper clips, scissors, etc – all these distract your attention from work. Leave the office equipment -computer, printer, telephone, as these are really necessary for work. If you do not use the printer very often, it may be worth thinking about placing it in the cabinets next to the desk. All the often necessary things must be located on the side of the prevailing hand – so you don’t need to reach out and dump everything around. In addition, this is the best time to wash the desk. Use a damp cloth or any other product to remove all dust and dirt from it. The result is a clean and shiny desktop.

Sort your papers and stationery. This step is really important. It allows you to get rid of all junk and tons of paper. Try to work in categories – paper, pens, etc. Throw away anything that is no longer usable, such as a broken ruler, useless pieces of paper that you kept for no reason, pens that do not write, etc.

simple tips and tricks how to keep your home office desk organized

Get your papers in order. Deal with the papers that you still decide to leave for a while. The documents you need for the current job should be on the table. Place them in different folders based on which category each document belongs to, you can also divide them into inbox and outbox. Anything that is not intended for immediate use should be kept in cabinets. It is better to use containers or transparent boxes for organizing documents neatly on the desk and save space. The box closest to you must be used for papers and files on current projects.

Arrange your organizers back on the desk. It will help if you try to imagine the desired look of the desktop before you place your items. Remember that documents and stationery must be within reach. It is also advisable that there is enough space between things so that the table does not look overloaded. Avoid placing any distractions on the table like books or other entertainment materials. Be sure to leave some free space at the right or left hand (depending on the prevailing one) for paper work: sign, draw up a document by hand. Stationery must be in special stands. Post-it notes should only be used to record short-term, important reminders. Don’t turn your monitor into a bulletin board.

Personalize your home office desk. You can add some decorations – a vase of flowers, a photo, etc. to make the desk look livelier.

Space saving home office desk organizing ideas

Space saving home office desk organizing ideas

Once that you have decided what should be placed on the worktop, it is time to get inspired by these home office desk organizing ideas for storing little things. It is very convenient to store pencils and pens in ordinary glass jars. You can decorate them to your taste or leave them transparent. You can hold them vertically, like a regular pencil holder, or horizontally, for example, on a shelf. You also use empty cans of various shapes and sizes to create interesting compositions. DIY desk organizer ideas will be helpful to all who love craft projects. You can make pen holders from toilet paper rolls, empty cardboard boxes, etc.

home office desk organizing ideas for stationery

How to organize small office supplies as paper clips, buttons, pinboard pins, etc.? Jars are too big for them, matchboxes are too small. An unexpected and practical solution to this problem – it is very convenient to store small office supplies in ordinary cupcake tins.  Yes, there are items that should always be at hand. Reminder notes, daily to-do list, urgent bills, important phone numbers and other useful things appear on your desktop all the time and they cannot be put into a distant drawer. However, they can be organized. A small note board or cork board is suitable and you can safely hang all the small pieces of paper or immediately write down information.

DIY desk organizer ideas

Plastic baskets for storing things, boxes and containers of all shapes and sizes, and other non-transparent storage systems are a logical solution, but it is easy to get confused in the containers themselves. So do not forget to keep information about their contents for yourself: tags, labels or simply multi-colored ribbons will help you.

Clutter in the desk drawers is a real nightmare. Try separating their contents using small boxes, plastic baskets, or in a more creative way – use cookie cutters.

organize and decorate your home office desk

Now that you have a clean, tidy and organized desk, remember that the main thing is to keep it that way.



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