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Home Office in Front of Window – How to Create the Perfect Workspace?

by Kremy

How to organize a home office in front of window and create the perfect workspace at home? During the last year many companies changed their usual routines and employees started working from home. With a computer and Internet access, we can deal with accounts, make an appointment or prepare a report without leaving our home walls. This, in consequence, led to the question of having a comfortable area so that our work is productive and efficient. Any home office should meet the most important criteria – silence, comfort and illumination.

Home Office in Front of Window Create the Perfect Workspace

A workstation by the window is a universal solution. There are many arguments in favor of placing a desk in front of the window. During the day, you will have no shortage of lighting. In between work, you can admire the view from the window. In addition, such an office will fit in a small space – on a balcony or in a small bedroom. Check out designer tips how to create a comfortable workspace at home!

Pros and cons of home office in front of window

Pros and cons of home office in front of window


Organizing a home office in front of window is an economical and practical solution. The biggest advantage of having such a workspace is the maximum illumination and the area it is as bright as possible. This means that reading or writing will be very convenient. Natural light provides the body with vitamin D and is good for vision, and on the other hand, it saves energy. It will be necessary to turn on the electricity only in the evening which means that you will save a little on bills, because even on cloudy days you will need less artificial light than if you constantly worked indoors.

The place near the window is usually non-functional and inactive. Placing a desk along the window saves space in the room and you can organize a workplace in a room of any size.

home office ideas how to organize workspace in front of windows

If the wall with a window is wide enough, this area is ideal for organizing workplace for two. Two desks in other areas of the room will take up too much space.

An additional advantage of the window is the ability to ventilate the room. Bringing fresh air into the room helps you stay focused.

As far as disadvantages are concerned, one needs to take into account that the window is several times colder than the inner surface of the wall in which it is located. It is known that warm air rises up while cold air goes downwards and makes the entire window area cold, including the window sill, the bottom of the wall, the floor. In cold weather this can be very uncomfortable.

home office in bedroom in front of the window

In many homes the heating devices are placed under the windows. If that is the case, then holes must be made in the countertop for free air circulation. First, it makes the entire window area much warmer and the warm air from the radiator protects the window from fogging, condensation and mold. If warm air circulation is blocked the temperature under the table will be higher and sitting can be quite uncomfortable as it will feel hot in your feet. At the same time, the window will remain cold and you may be in a situation that the head and hands of the seated person are freezing while his feet are hot. This is a serious concern, especially when you spend a lot of time at the desk.

Natural light is a huge plus, but may be a disadvantage as well, especially in the warm periods of the year when it is bright and sunrays fall on your worktop. To adjust the light intensity it is very convenient to use roller blinds or other window treatment.

Last, but not least, due to the fact that you may need a desk or worktop with a non-standard shape, so it should be custom made to individual size so that it fits the available space.

Home office in front of window design ideas

home office in front of window space saving and practical solution

One of the most important considerations when you organize a home office in front of window is the location of the desk or worktop. You should not sit with your back to the window because you will block the light, and in addition, reflections in the computer monitor will interfere with your work. The monitor should be at a distance of at least 1 m from the window.

How to use the windowsill as a workspace in your home office? A windowsill is an integral part of any window, and usually serves as a stand for indoor flowers. However, when you need a dedicated office space, it can be a convenient and compact worktop. Transforming a windowsill into a desk is a great idea for people working remotely who do not have a separate office.

small home office in bedroom space saving ideas worktop storage shelves

You can choose from a variety of materials to turn a windowsill into a working space – it can be natural stone, natural wood, MDF, etc. Obviously, if you choose a heavy-weight option, it will require additional support – legs, cabinets with shelves and drawers, etc.

There are many options to transform a windowsill into a floating worktop as you will see in the photo gallery. Such home office design allows you organizing the living space in your house or apartment in a better way and at the same time is an original design solution.


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