How to Choose Suspended Kitchen Lighting Fixtures?

by Kremy

Lighting can work wonders and transform the bedroom into quiet escape, the living room into an elegant and presentable space and the kitchen – cozy and convenient for cooking. Everyone who decided to renovate the kitchen is faced with choosing proper lighting. Among all options – floor lamps, sconces, spots and LED strips, suspended kitchen lighting fixtures are among the most popular choices as they provide the main light.

How to Choose Suspended Kitchen Lighting Fixtures

We all know that the kitchen needs good lighting. It does not depend on the size of the room, nor the color scheme, nor the chosen style. A unique fusion of comfort and functionality can be created precisely by a balanced combination of general, task and decorative lighting.

What are the advantages of suspended kitchen lighting fixtures?

advantages of suspended kitchen lighting fixtures


Generally, when choosing lamps, the goal is to create kitchen lighting you’ll love. It should create a cozy and comfortable environment. There are different types of lighting – general, task, decorative, and it is best to combine them in accordance to your needs. However, today we are focused on suspended kitchen lighting fixtures because they can be not only functional, but can be an element of the interior with huge decorative value and even a focal point. Such elements can highlight the working and dining areas which is an important point in modern home interiors.

lighting above kitchen bar counter modern home ideas

Let’s look at the advantages of suspended kitchen lighting fixtures!

  • One of the main advantages of pendant lights is not only in their stylish design but also in their high functionality.
  • The market offers a wide range of models. Modern products from various brands have an interesting and original design. Among the wide assortment, you can choose options for both classic and modern interior designs.

kitchen lighting ideas pendants above kitchen island

  • They can be used for both small and spacious kitchens.
  • They are designed for long-term use.
  • Lighting devices can be installed both for a specific section of the working area of the kitchen, and for intensive lighting of the entire perimeter.

How to choose the style of your kitchen lighting fixtures?

How to choose the style of your kitchen lighting fixtures

By choosing even the smallest element in the layout, such as lighting and its organization, you can make the kitchen area the most comfortable place in the house. The proper choice of lighting fixtures will visually expand the area of even the smallest kitchen.

kitchen interior ideas dining table modern lighting fixtures

When trying to choose the style of your kitchen lighting fixtures, you just need to look at the overall design concept. The chandelier or lamps should blend harmoniously in the general interior concept. You also need to decide what shape and type of lamp is most suitable for the style of your interior. For example, an oversized drum chandelier will look great in a contemporary or Industrial styled kitchen. A glamorous crystal chandelier will look out of place in a rustic interior but will be a fantastic element in an Art Deco kitchen design.


kitchen interior design ideas how to choose lighting fixtures

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