Art Deco kitchen ideas – chic interiors combining functionality and luxury

by Kremy

black and white kitchen with gold accents

Art Deco kitchen ideas impress with unsurpassed beauty and chic. Art Deco style is a combination of traditional neoclassicism and innovative Art Nouveau. This style is characterized with certain rules and high end materials. One thing is certain, a kitchen decorated in Art Deco style is exclusive, impressive, glamorous and will not remain unnoticed. The style appeared in the interwar period and even nowadays has a wide circle of fans. Its main goal at that time was to contrast traditions and it became a symbol of wealth and sophistication.

Art Deco style is harmonious, but as paradoxically as it sounds, it is based on contrasts. It combines functionality with sophisticated elegance, contrasting colors, straight and curved lines, attention to detail, ornamentation, etc. One of the most important characteristics of the style is the strict geometry. Complex shapes are harmoniously combined with clear lines and contours. Another important feature of the style is the high quality of materials. Fakes and cheap imitations are unacceptable. Symmetry is also a basic principle in this style. Architectural elements are thought out to the smallest detail and united in a single composition. Art Deco is an extremely decorative style and figurines, paintings and other works of art emphasize the originality of the interior.

How to design and decorate an Art Deco kitchen? What are the main features and specific characteristics of the style that you need to know and how to include them in your interior? We shall outline the main rules and will give you some tips and ideas about color scheme, finishes, materials, furniture and decor.

Art Deco kitchen ideas – color scheme options and finishing materials

kitchen and dining area open plan designs art deco style


An art deco kitchen should be refined to the smallest detail. The style does not tolerate flashy colors. It is characterized by muted tones. Black and white is a classic combination. The color palette includes neutral colors like black white, gray, beige and metallic silver or gold which create the exclusive appearance. Besides black and white, other color combinations are also possible, for example, white with chocolate brown, silver with black, etc. Accent colors like green, blue, gold and red can be added, but they should be used sparingly.

As we mentioned above, Art Deco style interiors are characterized with high quality materials. An interior design inspired by the style should contain only the best materials so do not compromise this point. In the past, art deco furniture was made from the noblest wood species – oak, walnut, mahogany, rosewood, ebony. Veneered furniture was also very popular. Varnished surfaces with a spectacular grain contour were often complemented by ivory or mother of pearl.

One of the most significant and recognizable elements which is an important detail in Art Deco interior designs is the sun’s rays (Sunburst). Sunburst pattern can be used in the upholstery of furniture, decoration, textiles. In addition, Art Deco style does not tolerate clutter and mess. Many polished and mirror surfaces look impressive, but require constant maintenance and removal of stains, drops and fingerprints.


Furniture and appliances in art deco kitchen design

The most suitable option for an Art Deco kitchen is ceramic tile. It is practical, has a wide selection of textures and great visual appeal. Natural stone tiles – marble or granite are an ideal choice. If you prefer hardwood floors, light tones are not acceptable. Choose oak, mahogany, rosewood, etc. Tile layout should be geometric.

Walls and ceiling

spectacular kitchen designs marble floor grey cabinets large chandelier

You can also use a suitable wallpaper with a characteristic pattern, as well as decorative plaster. Stripes are good choice to decorate an accent wall. Another option is to select exotic motifs, for example, the a zebra skin pattern or a fresco. For the backsplash you can choose tiles, with a geometric mosaic or herringbone pattern. Modern Art Deco kitchens are often decorates with marble slabs as backsplash because of its exceptional beauty. A sophisticated ceiling is another characteristic feature of Art Deco style kitchens. Stucco molding, suspended structures or beams made of expensive wood emphasize the luxurious interior.

Furniture and appliances in Art Deco kitchen design

chic kitchen designs in art deco style

When choosing furniture for your Art Deco kitchen, you must be guided by one rule – the cabinets should look rich, sophisticated and functional. Geometry is again, the main rule. Combine clear straight and curved lines. The dining table and chairs must be made of noble wood or glass. Chairs with curved legs and carvings are a good choice. In general, if we talk about the perfect Art Deco kitchen, it should be furnished with custom made pieces of fine wood, or, as an option, restored antiques. You can choose either soft upholstered seats or hard with metal elements. Upholstery should be velvet, satin, leather and velour. The dining area should be refined according to the traditions of the best elite restaurants.

Kitchen appliances are not hidden but exposed. High-tech stove, oven or hood sometimes becomes the focal point of the interior. They attract attention and should look appropriate – massive and expensive.


best art deco kitchen ideas furniture and decor tips

The fabrics used in the interior of the kitchen, like many elements of Art Deco, should be selected carefully and maintain the principles of the style. High quality fabrics, an abundance of textures, ornaments and shine will add to the luxurious look.

Lighting and accessories

amazing art deco kitchen designs spectacular home interiors

The light in the kitchen is important in any style and has an especially important role in Art Deco interiors. Oversized chandeliers with classic or modern design, made of crystal glass or metal are combined with recessed ceiling lights. Original fixtures hang directly above the kitchen island or dining table.

spectacular kitchen ideas art deco style in interior design

In an Art Deco kitchen there must be something that immediately attracts attention – an exclusive vase, a bronze figurine, silver candlesticks or wall art. The decor is always recognizable – murals, paintings, shiny accessories with sophisticated shapes, etc. We should not forget about ethnic motifs, which should also be present. It can be paintings with landscapes or black and white photographs in thin wooden or metal frames. Mirrors in the kitchen also play a huge role. Mirrors and glossy surfaces will add light and air, making the room look spacious. You can think of a wall mirror since it will visually increase the space of the room. For example a mirror in a sunburst pattern frame is an excellent way to add to the chic atmosphere of the kitchen décor.

fantastic kitchen interiors in Art Deco style

In conclusion, we have to say that Art Deco interiors feature not only elegance, but above all functionality. Enjoy the gallery below and these inspiring, stylish and glamorous kitchen designs.



elegant kitchen with grey cabinets and pink accents

kitchen cabinets and interior design in art deco style

how to decorate open plan kitchen dining room in art deco style

exquisite kitchen interior design luxury and functionality ideas

black and white kitchen design impressive home interiors

awesome art deco interiors kitchen dining space ideas

art deco style in interior design kitchen ideas

Art Deco kitchen ideas color scheme options and finishing materials

Art Deco kitchen ideas chic interiors combining functionality and luxury

amazing kitchens in art deco style interior design ideas

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