Art Deco interior design ideas – the embodiment of luxurious functionality

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Art Deco interior design ideas are spectacular, they grab your eye and attention and there is a good reason why this style has not lost its popularity. Art Deco is a sophisticated and eclectic style. Creating such interiors is not an easy task and requires a professional approach. It combines elements from Art Nouveau with Classicism, Empire style with Cubism, African motifs with Egyptian ones and many people are confused what are its specifics and main features.

The style is often described as a combination of luxurious sophistication with a touch of antiquity and innovation. Some people find it practical and aristocratic at the same time. An Art Deco interior with its asymmetric forms and clear geometry always looks chic, exclusive and, at the same time, modern. Every element and detail in the design must be exquisite and of high quality, which makes the interiors exceptionally luxurious.

Art Deco interior design ideas – a look back at history

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Art Deco style (from the French art deco, literally “decorative art”) is an influential trend in the interior, architecture and decorative art, which first appeared in France in the 1920s and reached its peak throughout the world in 1930 —1940s.

The term Art Deco appeared after an exhibition held in Paris in 1925 under the title “Exposition Internationale des Art Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes”, although the style itself existed before the exhibition. It was called “jazz modern” or “zigzag modern” and helped people escape from the problems and forget about the horrors of the war. At first, the construction of skyscrapers was carried out using this particular style and each building had its own originality and magnificence. The standard of art deco in the 1920s was the interiors of first-class hotels, expensive restaurants and other respectable public places.

The peak of Art Deco popularity was between the two world wars. People were tired of the long war and wanted to enjoy life to the fullest. Expensive antiques and works of art that were hidden during the war were finally exposed in the fashionable apartments and houses of aristocrats, creative bohemians and wealthy citizens. On a new wave of popularity, modern Art Deco has come today, having absorbed the old traditions and new finishing materials. The grace of interior designs in that style demonstrates status and luxurious lifestyle, even a bit of extravagance.

What are the main characteristics of Art Deco style?

Luxury Art Deco style interior design entryway console table

Art Deco style is widely used by architects and designers in the design of buildings and premises. The goal is to create an interior of luxury and well being by using not only expensive materials but visual wealth, expressed in bright and saturated colors. The main features of art deco interiors can be described as follows.

geometric patterns art deco style decor ideas

Strict interior geometry – straight and zigzag lines, stripes and ornaments based on simple geometric shapes like triangles, squares, rhombuses and circles are combined into bold interior compositions.

Contour or frame – for example, a surface decorated with a contrasting color line, in other words, a frame that allows you to clearly emphasize the geometric lines. Art Deco sunburst, which is rays radiating out from a central disk is an iconic element and can be found in both the finishes and in the decor.

Living room design with black walls and furniture large chandeliers

Color scheme – basically, the interior is decorated in neutral colors like black, white, gray, silver, beige, brown with an addition of luxurious gold, green, blue, red or burgundy. The style is based on contrasts and most popular combinations are black and white, black and gold, milk and wenge, burgundy, chocolate and beige. Furniture and other details are in a contrasting dark color – chocolate brown, black, anthracite. Bright shades of red, green and yellow are used as accents. Usually those colors are reserved for vases, curtains, sofa cushions, etc.

Expensive materials and glossy surfaces – Art Deco is, first of all, a decorative style. Luxurious finishes include polished granite and marble, black lacquer and mother of pearl, glass, chrome and gilded metal, precious woods, ivory and leather. The interior must certainly have rare and exotic inserts, such as crocodile skin.

Massive mirrors are another typical feature of Art Deco style.

living room in art deco style large mirror above fireplace

Art Deco style interiors are also based on the achievements of technological progress. At the time when the style appeared it was influenced by the rapidly developing industrial design. The result was an abundance of metal, durable glass and jewelry inserts in interior and furniture design.

Home decor and accessories – Ethnic motifs are another typical feature of the Art Deco style. African figurines, masks and drums, Chinese vases, lacquer boxes and silk, Japanese screens and partitions are used as accessories as well as oriental handmade rugs and skins of exotic animals for covering the floor.To decorate the walls, paintings in Art Nouveau, Cubism, Futurism, animalism styles are used.

living room design and furniture ideas neutral color palette

Abundance of light – it is not enough to hang a mirror or a wall clock in a frame. The interior should be spacious and flooded with light. This is achieved with the help of various design techniques – chrome or gilded surfaces; lighting fixtures with crystal beads, mirror tiles and mirrors with elegant design, glossy surfaces, glass souvenirs and accessories refracting light, etc.

living room furniture ideas armchairs in art deco style

Art Deco style furniture has a streamlined or geometric shape. Both options are possible, even within the same interior. Cubism with its sharp corners and modernism with smooth lines strongly influenced the style. Elegance of forms and luxurious upholstery are the characteristic features of the furniture pieces. The room must not look cluttered. Different furnishings should be functional and complement each other in design. Natural fabrics are used for upholstery – silk, velvet, natural leather, etc.

Exceptional Art Deco interior design ideas for every room of the house

home decor ideas entry hall art deco style

Art Deco interior design is mainly intended for an elite society, because it is based on luxury and abundance. The high cost and exotic materials, sophisticated and streamlined furniture require a professional approach, knowledge and expertise. Many interior designs do not have a finished composition but are a combination of individual components and elements, where each element is an object of art or an exclusive item.

Art Deco living room interior design

living room design and furniture ideas sofa coffee table

A modern Art Deco living room harmoniously combines geometric shapes with rounded facades and is a real center of aesthetics. The walls are usually used as an unobtrusive backdrop for luxurious stylish furniture and other interior items. Very often they are painted in a plain color. Bright colors are not acceptable. The main thing to remember is that the color scheme for the walls and floor must be soft, but the furniture against is dark or almost black. The furniture is usually made from fine polished wood species with glass inserts and metal hardware which enhance the impression of luxury and nobility. The shape of the furniture is also unusual – an armchair with peculiar geometric shape decorated with oriental ornaments, chic tables with inlaid countertops, as well as large chairs and armchairs. Extravagant materials like ivory, marble, valuable species of wood, crocodile or shark skin, semiprecious stones significantly help express the feeling of exclusivity. Textile also must add to the overall impression. Heavy velvet or satin curtains, with matching cushions and lampshades, an intricate screen or other forged metal objects will be a great addition to the interior. Antique accessories such as unique paintings, as well as various vases and wall clocks, and, of course, chic carpets are among the most popular decorations. Wall art is usually features a mixture of modern expressiveness with ancient elegance – female silhouettes, fairy-tale animals, abstractions, etc.

art deco style interior design ideas and decoration

Art Deco bedroom represent the taste of true connoisseurs of beauty. Let’s not forget that Art Deco, translated from French means “decorative art”. To create a bedroom interior in this style you need to be brave, not be afraid of experiments in decoration and try to find the invisible line between modern and classic, sophisticated elegance and monumental luxury. In a bedroom one has to see the natural materials, soft lines and geometric shapes, as well as multi-functionality that are characteristic for the style. The color palette includes white, warm brown, gray, pink, as well as red colors and the choice of colors must be based on contrast. The most spectacular interiors feature combinations of black and white, chocolate-beige, gray-black, gray-blue, etc. Wood shades and gold, bronze or silver accents represent the luxury.

master bedroom wall decorating ideas neutral color palette

In general, fabrics serve as the main decoration of the bedroom. They give a special feeling of romance and comfort. Curtains can be made of silk or satin. The bed is covered with a luxurious bedspread with pillows that match the upholstery of an ottoman or chairs. The bed is the centerpiece in any bedroom. Usually, in Art Deco interiors it is a bed with a soft headboard which has a classic rectangular or a modern oval shape. The headboard is upholsterd with expensive fabric and may have additional decorations. Shelves, cabinets, bedside tables and other furniture pieces are selected according to the principle “dark walls – light furniture” and vice versa. Mirrors make the bedroom spacious and bright and the style allows a large number of mirrored surfaces in the bedroom – cabinet doors, a sunburst mirror located near the bed, as well as a large mirror near the dressing table.

How to decorate a bathroom in Art Deco style?

original bathroom furniture with geometric lines

An Art Deco bathroom design should create and impression of grandeur and luxury. The interior should be based on the main features of the style – geometric patterns, bold combinations and contrast compositions. Ethnic accessories and decorative elements and high quality materials like marble, glass and steel will add character and sophistication.

The color scheme of the bathroom should be based on contrasting colors and black and white is the most popular choice. Gold is welcome as it adds to the luxurious appearance. Choose large sized mirrors with geometric shape with or without an ornate frame, depending on your individual preferences. The floor in in an Art Deco bathroom will look amazing if finished with large marble tiles in black and white, laid in an intricate pattern. A checkerboard floor made of ceramic tiles will also look good.

master bathroom design and decoration ideas

The equipment in the bathroom should be quite massive, streamlined, the lines should be curved. Choose high quality materials for the bathtub, sink and toilet. For faucets, taps and shower hoses, it is preferable if you select models made of chrome or stainless steel. The furniture must be monumental and at the same time elegant. The most sophisticated decoration of the bathroom is shiny steel shelves. It would be nice to place a solid cabinet, if possible, striking in the dimensions of its height or width, if, of course, the space of the room allows. It is best if the pieces are made of rosewood, mahogany, maple, bamboo and other rare species. Сn addition to the original appearance, practicality is also a key factor – consider storage space, cabinets, shelves, etc. What accessories and decorative elements can you use for your Art Deco bathroom? An abstract sculpture or a photograph of a skyscraper, luxurious crystal chandeliers – anything with geometric shape and original artistic look will be an ideal décor for the bathroom.



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