The best double island kitchen designs – smart ideas for spacious rooms

by Kremy

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Double island kitchen designs are absolutely striking! The kitchen is an important space in the house and its functionality has changed. It is no longer a closed area for food preparation. Today, with the growing popularity of open plan living spaces, the kitchen and dining room are a part of the main floor. Family members can use the space for a variety of activities – from reading a newspaper, doing homework to watching television or entertaining visitors.

Kitchen islands come in a huge variety of sizes, shapes and design styles. This furniture piece has become a necessity for every housewife as it provides extra space for food preparation, it is a comfortable dining space for the family and friends. If one kitchen island is great, a kitchen with two islands is even better!

What are the advantages of kitchen with double islands?

kitchen with two islands is a great solution for open plan living spaces


A kitchen with two islands is a great solution for spacious open plan living spaces.

The interior of a modern kitchen should be a balanced combination of style, aesthetics and functionality. It is natural that every homeowner wants to have a comfortable environment. As you know, there are thousands of design options but if you have enough space, a dual island kitchen design is one of the best and most spectacular options. A two island kitchen looks luxurious and is an immediate conversation topic.

Kitchens with double islands offer more counter space and more storage, you can have a second sink, a built-in cooktop/range so why not take the chance to create multiple workspaces and at the same time add to the room’s aesthetic?

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Double island kitchen designs provide extra surfaces within the same space. If you are a keen home chef, you can have one of the islands for yourself and use it for preparing and cooking food, while the second island remains free for the children to eat breakfast or do their homework.

If you want a grand interior double islands can provide the aesthetic value that you are looking for. They are a useful addition to the kitchen. Despite the fact that the two islands are separate elements, they can be designed in the same style and equipped in different ways. For example, the island that is closer to the stove can be equipped with a sink and used for food preparation and cooking. The second island can be a great entertaining space and acts as a dining table. In this way everyone will feel equally comfortable.

Double island kitchen designs – multi-functional kitchen ideas that set the trend

amazing kitchens with double islands home design ideas

Double island kitchen designs may seem like an eccentric idea. However, from the photos in the gallery, you will see that dual islands are a practical solution which provides an increased functionality in the kitchen without compromising the flow of traffic. Yes, double islands are suitable only if you have the space for them. This is not a good design for small kitchens because they will not only look crowded but you will hardly be able to move around.

In terms of design, one can choose two islands of different shapes and sizes that are not adjacent to each other or two islands next to each other that are identical in shape and size.

What are the advantages of kitchen with double islands

Further to that, there are different design options that allow you to add different textures, a feeling of depth and complexity of design as well as visual appeal. In addition to functionality you can combine different materials and colors – granite, marble, wood, quartz, soapstone limestone, slate, etc. For example, a marble countertop is perfect for your cooking and baking area while granite or wood are perfect for the dining area. A well-chosen color palette, interesting textures and rich ornaments can make the kitchen of your dreams come true.

Setting up two kitchen islands is more often a necessity than a whim. It will not be difficult for you to choose the suitable option for your interior. The main thing is to determine in advance the layout, style and materials. Below you will find pictures of beautiful dual island kitchen design ideas which can be helpful for your own layout and remodel projects.




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The best double island kitchen designs and decor ideas

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Kitchen with two islands design ideas for prep and dining space

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