Decorating above kitchen cabinets – how to use the space creatively?

by Kremy

Creative ideas for decorating above kitchen cabinets

Decorating above kitchen cabinets can be both challenging and fun! In every home there are places that are usually ignored. Usually those include the wall next to the front door and the space above the kitchen cabinets. We all know that the lack of storage space is especially irritating in the kitchen and you should not ignore a single inch that could be used!

To many homeowners the space between the kitchen cabinets and the ceiling is unsightly, difficult to clean and let’s face it – useless. Think again! When you want to add style or functionality to your kitchen, this space can be quite valuable. In fact, there are so many possibilities for decorating this space that you may be surprised! We have selected some of the best ideas for organizing and decorating this space and turn it into a highlight of the interior.

Creative and original ideas for decorating above kitchen cabinets

Decorating above kitchen cabinets how to use the space creatively


You have surely seen many fantastic kitchens with cabinets up to the ceiling. Such cabinets not only provide additional storage space, which is incredibly important, but also visually make the ceilings higher. In addition, they look visually pleasing. However, there are home owners who face another challenge – high ceilings. Of course, there is another group of people who simply do not like cabinets that are installed up to the ceiling. For those of you, there are great ideas how to use the space above kitchen cabinets turning it into a decorative or functional interior detail.

Add storage containers

kitchen storage ideas wicker baskets above cabinets

Any storage space must be optimized. You can easily place baskets or boxes and put all those little things that clutter your drawers and cabinets. Add a label and you will always find what you need in minutes. No more rummaging through the drawers! The space above your kitchen cabinets can be the perfect place for all the utensils that you use for cooking but are not quite aesthetically pleasing. The only thing that you need to consider is what type of containers is suitable for your interior. Baskets, wooden crates or wicker boxes are ideal for rustic, Shabby chic, vintage and traditional style but can be used in modern interiors if you want to add a homey feeling.

Display a collection of beautiful items

how to decorate above the cabinets in your kitchen

What a better place to display a favorite collection? This is a great idea for decorating above kitchen cabinets which allows you to use the space in a creative way. On the first place you will add to the visual appeal of your kitchen and make this area much more attractive. Arrange your vintage teapots, ceramic jugs, interesting vases, beautiful dishes, etc.

A cookbook library

kitchen decor ideas how to use the space above cabinets

This is a great idea for home chefs and gourmet enthusiasts. A large collection of cookbooks requires a lot of space and if you want them at hand for inspiration, why not use the free space above your cabinets? It is likely that you may need a small stool to be able to reach for the books. Make sure that you do not place your collection right above the stove as steam may damage the books. A cookbook library above the cabinets will keep your work surface free. Even if you have handwritten recipes, magazines or notes you can organize them in folders and boxes which will help you maintain the order in the kitchen.

Seasonal decoration

smart ways to use the space above kitchen cabinets

Very often seasonal decorations look really beautiful on a photo on the Internet but when it comes to real life, decorating the kitchen for Christmas, Easter or Thanksgiving may become a trouble, especially if you are limited in space. If that is the case, a variety of decorations can be placed above the cabinets. This is the perfect spot for garlands, compositions with tree ornaments, string lights, banners, etc.

An indoor garden

indoor garden ideas flower pots above kitchen cabinets

In a small kitchen you can hardly place pots with green plants. The space above kitchen cabinets is ideal for unpretentious to light and watering species. You can spray the leaves and enjoy the freshness of your indoor garden.

A mini art gallery

paintings arranged above kitchen cabinets creative home decor ideas

Take a close look at the space above the kitchen cabinets. The extra space above the cabinets is surprisingly suitable for any type of wall art. It can be ideal to display paintings, family photos, art photography, macrame, mirrors, vintage pots or other works of art. Many people enjoy displaying their interesting pieces – glass bottles, old vases or funny little things. In case you display paintings, make sure that they are protected from dust, dirt and moisture.


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