How to apply hair balm properly – practical tips for the daily care

by Kremy

How to apply hair balm properly

How to apply hair balm properly? You may be surprised that many women overlook this important hair care step. Have you faced the problem of having dull, dry and hard to comb hair after washing it? The balm is an ideal tool to maintain the beauty and health of your hair. This product is perhaps the most popular after shampoo due to the fact that our hair needs not only proper washing, but also good care, moisturizing, nutrition and protection. In addition, it improves the structure, smoothes the hairs and makes them elastic, smooth, shiny and full of strength.

haircare tips applying balm and conditioner


A conditioner balm creates an invisible protective film on the surface, which increases the thickness of the hair. The composition of some products of this type includes natural collagen and elastin, which create the effect of lamination of hair. Oil extracts give curls a healthy shine and softness. It protects the hair from external negative effects and temperature changes, makes combing easier and serves as a good antistatic.

Both balm and conditioner balm have similar properties. They retain color and protect hair from heat and dryness, while retaining moisture inside. Conditioner balms have different composition and method of application.

How to apply hair balm properly?

How to apply hair balm properly practical tips for the daily care

After washing, you need to apply hair balm properly. Conditioner balm should be applied to the whole length, paying particular attention to the tips and roots. How often do you need to use balm? Every woman decides individually, based on the general condition of the hair, or in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

For a noticeable effect, healing and improving the condition of the hair, it is necessary to apply such care product regularly.

Remember that balm is applied to clean and damp hair. Let the balm work for a couple of minutes or for the time indicated on the package. Rinse hair thoroughly with warm water.

Be careful for the amount that you apply. Usually, about a teaspoon is enough for short and medium long hair and a tablespoon for long hair.

You can buy one from a cosmetic store. Just make sure it contains natural ingredients suitable for your type of hair. Read the composition carefully. It is recommended that the balm you choose contains some of the following components:

Rules for applying hair balm and conditioner

Lavender essential oil – It prevents the appearance of dandruff and protects against hair loss.

Essential oils of neroli, basil, coriander, rosewood, etc. saturate the hair with useful trace elements and serve as excellent natural flavors. Castor oil, for example, will give your hair density, elasticity and dazzling shine. Burdock oil stimulates hair growth, restores it structure and it become soft, shiny and strong.

Collagen and elastin have a healing effect. They form an invisible film and make the hair very smooth and silky.

Vitamin E prevents dullness, brittleness and has beneficial effects on the scalp, improving blood circulation and normalizing the functioning of the sebaceous glands.

A conditioner balm creates a protective film


As you see, this stage of hair care is very important, so do not ignore it. After applying balm properly and regularly, your hair will be saturated with useful elements and will look well-groomed, shiny and healthy.



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