Best interior staircase lighting solutions according to the trends in 2023

by Anjelina

Interior staircases are the backbone of most buildings. They provide an essential function by connecting floors and people, while contributing to the overall aesthetics. In a two-storey or multi-storey house, the first thing you see when you enter it are the steps. Given their importance, it makes sense to optimize this space with decorative and functional elements. Staircase lighting is just that – practical and decorative, it lights your way and highlights the best features of this nook with huge potential. Let’s see what the best interior staircase lighting solutions are according to the trends in 2023!

Opt for trendy, yet practical lighting

lighting under staircase trends 2023 in interior deisgn

Regardless of the architecture of your home or the type of staircase, there are two main questions you need to ask yourself. Where should I place the staircase lighting and what type of lighting fixtures should I use? Obviously, the answers to both of these questions depend on the design of the staircase, the prevailing style of the home, and the result you’re trying to achieve.

What type of staircase lighting should you choose?

ceiling lamp ball glass wall lamp metal


Remember, there are three types of lighting for the staircase that you can use, and in fact the same applies to other areas and rooms in the house. The idea is to know the basic options, but it’s rare to use all three at the same time, however, if your lifestyle allows it, why not?

What is ambient lighting?

Ambient lighting is that used for general purposes. Its main purpose is to fill the space with as much light as possible, preferably spread evenly. In the presence of skylights, it is used only in the evening and, in some cases, it can even be skipped.

Focus on functional lights

This type of lighting is installed for specific purposes, such as to run your daily activities. Most often these are built-in LED spotlights or strip lights on the walls that allow you to walk safely even at night.

Accent lighting

Accent lighting highlights certain architectural or decorative features that accompany your staircase. If you have an exceptionally designed handrail or paintings on the walls, this lighting can highlight them. The same goes for floating steps, which have been extremely popular in recent years.

How to light the staircase, according to the 2023 trends?

staircase lighting interiors trend 2023 ideas spot lighting

As for the latest trends for 2023, interior staircase lighting is subject to the same “laws of fashion” as the dining room, living room, kitchen, etc. Which ones exactly, you can find out by checking out the rest of the photos in our exclusive gallery!

Regardless of the architectural style, sustainability is emphasized

chic trend 2023 classic chandelier wall lamp

If you’ve ever come across articles about 2023 trends in living room lighting, bedroom lighting and so on, you’ll know that this year is all about sustainability. Recycled or recyclable materials, fewer but higher quality fixtures, and electricity-saving bulbs are among the key manifestations of this green push. But first – don’t neglect natural light sources! They are your best allies and can save you money while enhancing your décor.

The lighting, which highlights the metal finishes and sculptural forms, is top notch!

interior staircase lighting trends 2023 lighting fixture ideas

Natural stone, weathered metal and glass as part of a rustic chic staircase

lighting trendy 2023 country style lamps rustic chic

In 2023, artistic lampshades creating dramatic effects will not go unnoticed!

lighting staircase interior trends 2023 lighting suspension design

Hanging lamps at different heights

suspended luminaries various heights

Decorative wall lights with unusual, even strange designs are totally acceptable in 2023!

interior staircase lighting trend 2023 top ideas wall lights original style

Luxurious eye-catching lighting in the form of drop lights in the centre of the staircase

hanging lights several lamps

Wall sconces that project geometric reflections to achieve a “Wow!” effect

staircase lighting interiors trend 2023 appliances lighting indirect

Chandeliers remain a staple of stairwell lighting in 2023 and there are all kinds!

2023 lighting ideas metal glass black white walls

Functionality and visual appeal

lighting ideas under steps

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