Hairstyles for chubby round faces: Haircuts that look good on younger and older ladies!

by Anjelina

If you have a round face, the wrong hairstyle can accentuate its fullness or make features stand out that you don’t want. The right hairstyles for oval faces, on the other hand, accentuate your curves instead of suppressing them, and show off your beautiful smile, bright eyes, dimples and other attractive features. You don’t have to stick to the same haircut you’ve been wearing for years. The trendy hairstyles for chubby, round faces vary in length and shape. These haircuts make any face look slimmer, which instantly boosts women’s confidence. Lengthen your round face by opting for a haircut that frames it. Discover below which hairstyles look good on younger and older women with round face!

What are the right hairstyles for chubby round faces?


Asymmetrical hairstyles are perfect for you if you have a round face. You can style your hair in beautiful waves or wear it straight with rounded ends. Asymmetrical bangs and a warm hair color draw attention to your hairstyle and distract from your figure. The rule is simple: if you want to hide something, highlight something else.

Hairstyles for chubby women: How to choose the right haircut?



Here we have summarized the most important tips for you to follow:

  1. Avoid thick, straight bangs, as they create a horizontal line that visually widens your face.
  2. If you are a plus size woman, you should stay away from straight hairstyles.
  3. You can leave long strands on the sides of your face because they slim your face.
  4. Long side-swept bangs will visually make your face appear longer.
  5. Extra volume on top also lengthens and slims your face.

Trendy haircuts for round face

Short haircuts for round faces and double chins


The classic Pixie haircut with asymmetrical styling gives a unique look that can be very feminine. The advantage of this haircut is that the length and exact shape can be determined by you and your hairdresser, and the hairstyle can be customized to accentuate certain facial features. This haircut is a popular choice for chubby faces, as it usually includes a long fringe that frames the face and makes it appear slimmer. It also looks great on women over 50 or 60, with or without glasses!

Modern pixie haircut for oval face


Of course, the pixie hairstyle is always sassy and cute. But when it comes to chubby faces, a side-parted pixie does wonders. It frames the face and makes it look much smaller, as it makes the cheek area look less wide. It can also help draw attention to the central features of the face, such as the eyes and lips. Thus, it is a beautiful short hairstyle.


Short haircuts can be very flattering. This is because they add height to the top of the head and make the whole face look longer and more angular. One advantage of a short haircut is that you don’t have to spend a lot of time taking care of your hair. If you want to be done and out of the house as soon as possible – and still look good – then a short pixie is just the hairstyle for you!

Trendy A-line bob: Hairstyle for chubby women with round face


A long bob with pointed ends on both sides – this hairstyle is edgy in the true sense of the word. The hair on both sides creates symmetry on the face and makes it and your neck look longer. What is more, you look incredibly elegant and well-groomed.

Bob hairstyles for round faces


The bob is a classic hairstyle that has long been used to give a woman’s face the most flattering shape. However, if you add a few textured layers, you’ll achieve an even better hairstyle. The best thing about a layered bob is the volume it adds, as the layers stand out and create more fullness. Any hairdresser will tell you that voluminous hair makes the face look thinner, so this type of bob is a must for anyone with a round face. Adding bangs to this look can also slim the face and create a more elongated shape.

Choppy bob for women of all ages

Choppy bob for women of any age hairstyles for chubby women

The bob is a popular look to conceal chubby cheeks because it helps elongate the face. If you add the texture of a choppy look, you get more volume and much more fun.

Choppy Bob For Chubby Women With Round Face Hairstyle Trends
These bold hairstyles have a lot of advantages and will undoubtedly give you confidence when you step out of the hair salon.

Hairstyles for chubby women: Lob (long bob) for thick hair and round face


A lob is just a shortened word for a long bob. This is a great option if you want to keep the length of your hair, but also obtain a new style. It’s the best option if you know you want a change but aren’t ready for a big haircut.

Many opt for bangs or highlights to add a little texture and extra volume. Talk to your hairdresser about which lob look suits you best.

Shoulder-length wavy layered cut with bangs


Layered wavy hair with bangs is becoming more and more popular in hair salons. This is because this hairstyle is very flattering for almost all face shapes. It is also very feminine and gives off an effortless beach vibe. To really flatter a chubby face, opt for shorter layers that accentuate the chin and cheekbone area.

Long haircut for chubby ladies over 50
But a long hairstyle is also very fashionable and perfectly suits younger and older women.

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