How to wear a pixie haircut at 50 or over? FAQ + photo inspiration!

by Kremy

Short haircuts are back in style, including the seriously awesome pixie! Stylish and bold, they are totally irresistible to contemporary women, but they have an undeniable advantage that is even more important… A boyish hair style rejuvenates, which means that you can comfortably wear it past your fifties! How wear the pixie haircut at 50 or over, it’s up to you to discover in the article.

What is a pixie haircut? How to wear it?

wear pixie cut woman 50 years old undercut long hair

The pixie haircut is a chic retro short hair style with generally longer top and front strands. It has its origins in the 50s and 60s of the previous century when Audrey Hepburn and Twiggy made it popular on the American and European stages respectively. Since then, the XXS hairstyle is returning almost every decade to prove, once again, that hair doesn’t have to be long to look feminine.

Who could wear this haircut?

how to wear a pixie haircut at 50 white hair wide curls


Like almost all short and very short haircuts, the pixie cut looks youthful and very playful. Best of all, it adapts easily to almost all textures and all types of hair, including thin hair. Women with round faces will be happy to discover that it is perfect for this “difficult” body type, but all face shapes can really benefit from it, depending on the specific shaping that you give it. In short, there’s a lot to love about the pixie haircut! But are there mistakes to avoid? How to wear it at 50 years or more? Here’s what the experts think…

Why opt for the pixie cut at 50?

ideas of pixie cut woman 50 years old with glasses

Professional hairdressers agree that hair becomes thinner and less elastic with age. Fortunately, a pixie haircut for women in their 50s, when done properly, counters these effects, as it allows hair to look thicker and denser. In addition, thanks to the volume concentrated at the crown, it elongates the face, creating an unparalleled lifting effect. When well chosen and done, it can take 10 years off your face and make you look younger!

Add the ease of maintenance and you have the formula for hair success after the fifties! For best results, you will need to refresh your pixie cut every 4-6 weeks, which makes it more forgiving than most very short hairstyles. In the meantime, 10 minutes a day at most and you’re good to go!

Who should avoid it?

pixie cut woman 50 years old gray hair

At the same time, we must take into account that the pixie, like all short haircuts, completely clears the face and neck, drawing attention to your features. Obviously, this can be something advantageous, but also means that less confident ladies will probably have to avoid it. In the end, it’s the girl who should own the hairstyle instead of being owned by it!

How to wear a pixie haircut at 50?

gray hair pixie cut woman after 50 years old

Experts recommend that ladies with long or very long hair gradually adopt the female pixie cut, especially after 50 or 60 years. Over the course of a few consecutive visits to the hairdresser, you can get a medium-length bob, a short bob and finally a pixie cut. Otherwise, you may be shocked by the big change and not be able to love your new look, even if it suits you perfectly.

Gallery: which style is made for you?

how to wear a pixie haircut at 50 ideas photos

Instead, shortening the length a little at a time will help build your confidence over time. It will also allow you to stop in time if you find that short hairstyles are not your thing. Okay, we are already convinced in the multiple advantages of the pixie haircut at 50 or over! But how to actually wear it? Well, the present gallery is full of inspiration and you will undoubtedly find your own ideal variation!

Wear your salt and pepper hair proudly thanks to the pixie haircut for women at 50

pixie haircut women 50 years old salt and pepper hair

An original hair color makes this hair style even more daring!

pixie cut woman 50 years 60 years blue coloring pastel lilac 2022 2023

Making a kind of Pompadour is very attractive and artistic at the same time

pixie cut woman 50 year old blond silver color

Mid-short to mid-length hairstyle for ladies over 60

pixie haircut for women 50 years 60 years 70 white hair

A pixie cut idea with undercut on the side for the boldest girls

trends 2022 2023 pixie cut woman 50 years old with side parting and undercut

Of course, the best haircut is the one you wear with confidence, regardless of age!

white haircut woman with glasses pixie cut with long bangs trendy haircut 2022

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