Hairstyles for round faces – inspiring ideas for women of all ages

by Kremy

how to choose hairstyles for round faces

Hairstyles for round faces are among the most popular and sought after hairdos, which is due to the simple fact that many women have round faces. A round face does not mean that women are fat, quite the contrary. If you are one of the women with a round face, it will certainly interest you, which hairstyles actually suit you best. Women who have a round face need to know there are some tricks which will help you choose a good hairstyle. In fact, almost any haircut will be in harmony with your proportions, if you know how to properly style it. We have some tips and hints about the right hairstyles for round faces and we in the photo gallery below you will find a variety of ideas for long, medium and short hair.


Hairstyles for round faces – how to determine the shape of your face


how to determine your face shape


Before you go on reading, there is one important thing – you need to know how to determine your face shape. To find out your face shape, you need a tape measure or ruler. Measure the following areas and write down the measurements:

Measure the distance between your cheekbones and the line of your jaw;

Measure your forehead where the distance is widest. This is usually the area between your eyebrows and your upper hairline;

Take the measurements from the highest point of the forehead to the lowest point of the chin. Do not forget that you should measure your face and not the whole head. In this case, the distance from the middle part of the forehead to the chin is enough;

face measuring face shape

Compare the measurements and proportions of your face with the typical ones for each face shape. For example, a square face is wide, with angular jaw, but if your face is relatively as long as it is wide, then it can be considered as round.

There are other ways to determine the face shape. One of them is to look in the mirror and repaint your facial contours with a lipstick on the surface of the mirror. You could also wrap your hair in a towel and ask another person to determine what shape they see. Of course, nobody has a football-round face. And no matter if your face is round or rather oval or oblong, your goal will remain the same – you want to find the best hairstyle that suits your face shape.


How to choose the right hairstyles for round faces – general guidelines and useful tips

face shapes and hairstyles ideas

When properly selected, hairstyles for round faces balance its outline and visually make the face more oval. The truth is that there are no perfect haircuts since many factors affect the overall appearance. – the length of the hair, its structure, as well as its thickness, your age and your lifestyle – all these play a role in what hairstyle would ultimately be best for you. A certain haircut can make one face irresistible and another one, despite the same shape, quite unattractive. Of course, there are some good general guidelines that you can follow to choose the right hairstyle which will suit your personality and express your individuality.

The haircut should visually elongate the face – think of more crown volume, slightly covered cheekbones and cheeks, vertical lines.

Asymmetrical hairstyles are a spectacular and always winning option. Longer strands covering the cheeks, bangs – all that would interrupt the round shape of the face.

If you want to curl your hair, make the waves soft. It is advisable that they start below the chin.

Women with a round face should avoid wide and bulky bangs which add extra volume, and also emphasize the width of the face. Keep in mind that curly hair emphasizes the round lines of the face. It is better to choose waves or curl just the ends of your hair. Avoid sharp lines near cheeks and cheekbones since they visually expand the face. Straight bangs and horizontal lines should also be avoided as they are not beneficial for round shaped faces. One-color hair dyeing, especially in a dark color adds volume to the face. Think of complementary colors or highlights which will add lightness to your appearance.


Short haircuts for round faces – hairstyles for modern women

round face short haircuts ideas short bangs

Many women with round face are afraid of short haircuts but they should realize that short hairstyles can be complementary to their face. The main thing is to choose a haircut, taking into account the individual features of your face and learn how to style it in the right ways. As per experts, short haircuts should be avoided only by tall women.

Multi-layer haircut or a cascading haircut which creates a “creative mess”, for example, is a good option. The main thing is that the hair should be below the chin and cover the cheeks. Multi-layered hairstyles and coloring work perfectly, so think of highlights.

Short Bob haircut is a very popular choice. The perfect option is to opt for elongated front strands and a raised crown. Ideally, the length should be below the chin. However, this is not a good option for curly hair, as they add volume. You can use a hairbrush and a hairdryer or a hair straightener to keep the styling and the line of the haircut.

Pixie is the classic of all short haircuts and is usually avoided by women with round faces. However, it suits perfectly to the round shape as it creates volume at the top and you can try an option with bangs which adds a modern twist to the short haircut.


Medium long haircuts for round faces with and without bangs

medium long hair for round faces Emma Stone Bob haircut

Medium long is usually shoulder length hair or just below. Medium long haircuts perfectly smooth out the roundness of the face and making it look longer. Layered and cascading haircuts are among the top choices. The longest strands should be near the face and end between the chin and shoulders. The shortest strands should be on top of the head to add extra volume. A straight fringe will make the face shorter and chubbier, so it should be avoided. A long fringe, laid on one side, will hide the round shape of the face. It can be laid on different sides. The bangs can be also asymmetrical to the cheekbones line and cover the side of the face.

An elongated Bob is the most versatile hairdo, it works well for all forms of the face, including for the round. The principle is the same as for a short Bob – the layers at the back of the head should be much shorter than the ones near the face.

Medium long wavy hair also helps to smooth out the features of a round face. If you have a naturally wavy hair (like most women), do not straighten it, let it dry naturally. If you do not have curls, then after washing, you can comb your hair and apply a small amount of mousse with your hands for a wavy “wet effect”. If you want to slightly twist the hair, it is better to direct the curls inward


Long hairstyles for round faces – braids, half up half down, buns and knots

wedding hairstyles crown braid round faces

Long hairstyles for round faces come in such a wide variety and there is no limit to creativity or imagination. Long hair naturally extends the face and it can be styled in thousands of ways. Haircuts with bangs for long hair are also a good option. Again, cascading layers and long bangs are most beneficial to faces with round shape. You can experiment with all sorts of braids – French braids, fishtail braids, braids in an exquisite pattern, twists and deliberate negligence or elegant half up half down hairdos with charming curls and waves for special occasions like celebrations, weddings or evening parties. Pin up hairdos are another popular option for women with long hair for the retro charm and the playful look that they give. Styling a long hair for every day also includes many options – from a ponytail to high bun, a variety of knots and half up half downs, etc.

The most important thing when choosing a hairstyle for round faces is the understanding that each woman can be irresistible in her own different and unique way.



wedding hairstyles half up half down hairdo with side swept locks

trendy short layered bob hairstyles for round faces

short haircuts with bangs for women

medium long haircuts face shape tips thick hair

long hairstyles ideas for round face

half up half down hairdos round face shape

wedding hairstyles long hair ideas round face

side swept bangs round face curly hair

haircuts with bangs for women with round face

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fashionable haircuts for women with round face


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