Asymmetrical haircuts ideas as a self-expression for women of any age

by Kremy

Asymmetrical haircuts for long medium and short hair

Asymmetrical haircuts, like almost any hairstyle, are a way of self-expression. These hairstyles are considered to be a real test for the hairdresser as they require exceptional precision. We have selected some amazing asymmetrical hairstyles, but it is strongly recommended that you carefully choose an experienced stylist who will cut your hair. A good professional will be able to choose such an option, which will look impressive and at the same time emphasize the dignity of the person and hide the shortcomings.

What is an asymmetrical haircut? A distinctive feature of asymmetrical haircut is the lack of symmetry and the main rule is the different length of the strands. Creativity and details effectively express the individuality of every woman and the main advantage of this haircut is that you can create an original and unique image that can be changed from an everyday hairdo to avant-garde ones. Generally speaking asymmetrical haircuts are instantly recognized.



Is an asymmetrical haircut suitable for you? This is a serious question and you may hear that women with a certain face shape or at certain age should avoid these hairstyles. Contrary to the prevailing opinion, experts will tell you that asymmetrical haircuts are suitable as a bold decision not only for young girls but for women of all ages. Moreover, given the fact that with age hair begins to thin out and keeping it in perfect condition becomes difficult, a short asymmetrical haircut will help to reduce the efforts and the daily hair care.

Asymmetrical haircuts are suitable for almost any hair structure and any type of face. However, it is worth paying attention that for an oval face and for a square face the styles will be different. Asymmetry will help to visually elongate a round face and hide its fullness. In addition, bangs add to the stylish effect and also help you imperfections of the face and divert the attention from a not-quite-right nose shape, for example. In general, asymmetrical hairstyles can make the facial features more feminine and softer.

For example, a square face has the same width of forehead and chin, and may look a bit rough but a good asymmetrical haircut can make it smoother.

The triangular face has a wide forehead and the chin is elongated so the task is to create the appearance of an oval. An asymmetrical Bob is a good option in such cases.

If your face is round, then it must be visually elongated so choose a variation with an asymmetrical fringe and side parting.

If you have an oval face, then you are lucky. Any haircut with asymmetry can be your choice. There is no limit for your imagination.

Asymmetrical haircuts help creating an interesting and unique appearance, they usually indicate that their owners are exceptional, courageous, creative personalities who love to attract attention. The beauty of asymmetrical haircuts is their style, so do not hesitate to experiment and look fabulous.


Asymmetrical haircuts ideas for short hair

asymmetrical haircut for short hair with long bangs

For many women their haircut is a way to express their sense of style and for short hair this is especially true. Short asymmetric haircuts describe the woman and her type of personality quite well and all women who have already chosen a short haircut know that it saves considerable time for hair maintenance and does not require laborious styling or the use of any accessories. However, as any short haircut, asymmetrical ones require regular visits to the hairdresser.

modern short hairstyles with bangs

When you are not certain whether to choose a short asymmetrical cut you can start with just the bangs. An asymmetrical style of the fringe will not make you feel uncomfortable but will immediately change your appearance and will accent on your eyes and make them more expressive, emphasize the beauty of the neck, you can visually lengthen your face, soften a square or round face, etc.

Pixie is, perhaps, the most popular short haircut and the playful hairstyle makes women look younger. Asymmetrical pixie, as a rule, does not need a time consuming styling but needs to be updated regularly in a salon so that carefully thought-out negligence does not turn into untidiness.

Asymmetrical graduated Bob will allow you to hide some of the disadvantages of your appearance – a heavy chin, a low forehead or too wide cheekbones. This haircut attracts the eye to the beautiful face line and looks particularly advantageous on straight dark or brightly colored hair.

An asymmetrical page hairstyle looks deceptively simple but it requires a perfectly even and clear contour which makes it an especially difficult haircut. However, it is a great choice for thick hair although there are several techniques for making a page haircut on thin hair.

Asymmetrical haircuts with a shave are chosen mainly by young women. Usually, the hair is styled in a way to leave the shaved part visible.


Asymmetrical haircuts ideas for medium hair

cool haircuts for medium hair

Asymmetry on medium-length hair is the choice of many women as it looks more romantic and feminine than short haircuts. In addition, for stylists, medium hair can offer much more options. Due to the difference in the length of the strands on medium-length hair, asymmetrical haircuts will look much more expressive and you can make a variety of hairdos. When choosing such hairstyles, bangs must also be cut asymmetrically. Asymmetrical haircuts for medium hair are a good idea when you want to correct the shape of the face. The general concept is artistic chaos and negligence.

Bob haircut on medium hair is considered to be one of the most stylish and elegant haircuts, emphasizing the elegant look and clarity of geometric lines. Medium Bobs are an excellent option which allows a lot of styling options. Typically, the length of the hair reaches the level of the shoulders and you can opt for a layered haircut which will add volume to the hair. This haircut is suitable for curly and straight hair and can be worn with or without a fringe. The choice depends entirely on the shape of the face, the structure of the hair and personal preferences.

Among all fashionable haircuts for medium hair, the Page is distinguished by an exact stylistic pattern- curling the ends of the strands inwards. The main advantage of this haircut is its charming simplicity. The asymmetrical variation gives a modern look to the Page haircut.

asymmetrical long hairstyle for blonde hair

What is the ideal asymmetrical haircut for long hair? Long hair is always romantic and feminine, but with an asymmetric haircut it can look very stylish and bold. Asymmetrical haircuts ideas for long hair have an amazing visual effect and at the same time they allow you to avoid major changes in your appearance. If you have a beautiful long hair you can use asymmetry to smooth out all the disproportions of the face, create an amazing and luxurious image, look unusual and bright.

fashionable haircuts for long hair with asymmetric line

There are no restrictions when you have long hair and you consider an asymmetrical hairdo – it can be done on straight and curly hair. Sometimes a long fringe is already a hairdo and you can create a new image every day by arranging the fringe on the side, moving it back or adding a hair clip. Many young women choose asymmetry with a shorter length at the crown area which adds volume. Those who prefer an extravagant hairdo can do it with the help of a haircut, which involves a sharp difference in the length of the hair, when one part of the head is cut rather shortly and the other part keeps the length.




very short hairstyles colored bangs

short hairstyles for women with bangs

cool hairstyles with long asymmetric bangs

cool hairstyles for short hair

asymmetric page haircut ideas

asymmetrical hairstyles for women with short hair

asymmetrical hairstyles and bangs

trendy asymmetrical hairstyles for long hair with bangs

fashionable hairstyles for long hair with bangs

asymmetrical haircuts for medium long hair with bangs

asymmetrical bangs and haircuts for medium hair



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