Short curly hairstyles – great ideas for formal and informal hairdos

by Kremy

short hairstyles for women with curly hair

Short curly hairstyles can be challenging but the truth is that short and curly hair can look in so many different ways – playful, rebellious and mischievous or elegant and sophisticated. If you are looking for a new look for yourself, you are in the right place. We will show you brilliant hairstyles for short and curly hair that will fit nicely to every face shape. No matter if you have thin or thick hair, these hairstyles will be great. It will give you the volume you need and frame your face. We shall give you useful tips how to style your short hair and how to maintain a gorgeous look so look at the hairstyles we have chosen for you and choose your favorite.


Why choose short curly hairstyles?


short brown curly hairstyles with wet effect


Short curly hairstyles can be original and stylish, despite the opinion of some people that short haircuts always look the same. Fashionable haircuts for curly locks look playful and bold. The right haircut will allow you to forget about the long and complex styling of disobedient strands. Short and curly haircuts look very feminine, romantic and every woman can choose a hairdo that will emphasizes her individuality and the beauty of hair.

What many women do not understand is that a short hair does not mean flat hair. On the contrary – curly hair creates a feeling of movement, energy, volume and the biggest advantage is that you will look gorgeous in the office and when going out with friends without much effort. Short curly hair can be styled in many different ways and will look extremely charming – a wet look, curls over the forehead, original and interesting color – these are just a few of the options.

Do you think that a short and curly hair cannot be styled for a festive occasion? Well, you are wrong and you will see how glamorous it can look even on the red carpet! An elegant short haircut will make you look particularly handsome at a reception, theater event, a Christmas party, Christmas Eve, Christmas concert or New Year’s Eve ball! In the gallery you will see beautiful short curly hairstyles with a sporty look for leisure time, with a festive look for special events and celebrations and with a more formal look for the office. All you need to know are a few simple tricks to style a short and curly hair and transform your look in just minutes. We will show you some fascinating and versatile styling options for short hair with curls which are suitable for blond, dark, red, thin and thick hair.


Short curly hairstyles – how to style and take care of your curls?


curly hair ideas short haircuts

The structure of curly hair is very different from straight strands. Each hair is twisted in a spiral. This kind of hair quickly is porous, it loses its moisture and can easily become overdried, especially when dyed or after a perm, and the hair may lose its healthy appearance. In addition the curls are often damaged by incorrect combing and start tangling. Using a hairdryer every day is another common mistake which results in dry and lifeless hair. Curly hair requires special care. Due to the structure of the hair, it is prone to brittleness and is easier to damage it. Here are some useful tips that you need to keep in mind:

It is recommended to use cosmetic products – shampoos, hair masks and conditioners – developed for curly hair which will help you not only style your hair but will also provide additional care and protection of your curls from external negative effects like ultraviolet rays, chlorinated water and temperature changes.

To create a “wet” hair effect, use a gel for styling, and for better fixing, use foam. Make sure that mousses, hair sprays and foams that you buy are light hold and will not make your curls look flat.

When you want to straighten the hair a little, choose a smoothing balm. If the hair is damaged and over-dried it is better to use a regenerating, moisturizing cream.

Apply cosmetic products on clean, slightly damp hair, and then use a round brush and hair dryer or use hair curlers. After any styling, lightly spray the hair with hairspray which will fix the curls and allow you to keep the hairstyle longer.

Use homemade or high quality hair mask as well as conditioners which restore the structure and smooth the surface of the hair. Apply a balm or a conditioner after each washing of the head, and masks – at least once a week.

Choose a comb and a brush with anti-static coating, brush your hair gently, starting with the tips to avoid damaging them. Let your hair get dry a natural way, giving shape of the curls with your fingers. When using a hairdryer it is better to blow dry your hair with a diffuser attachment but remember that the hair loses its moisture, becomes excessively lush and more difficult to shape into a certain style.


Short curly hairstyles – how to choose the best one for yourself

short haircuts for curly hair

Women with curly hair can afford to create a variety of hairstyles every day. Choosing the right haircut for curly hair will allow you to achieve an excellent result. Nowadays, short bobs and pixie haircuts are among the most popular short curly hairstyles as they offer layering options, which are most advantageous for curly hair. One of the easiest hairstyles is the slightly messy look which is suitable for everyday and leisure time.

A very nice solution is a very short pixie hairstyle which creates a gentle and romantic appearance. This option gives the hair volume and has a rejuvenating effect. Pixie haircut with bangs is a universal option for curly hair and the perfect choice for women with an oval face shape. A layered pixie haircut is timeless and will give you a vivacious look.

A short garçon haircut is a suitable choice for young and busy women. This hairstyle offers an invaluable advantage – for a couple of minutes you can create a stylish appearance, shaping the curls with your fingers. This haircut opens the neck and face. It is ideal for women with delicate features, rectangular or oval face shape.

Short bob haircuts are a universal option for curly hairs.

This classic hairstyle is ideal for women with an oval face and asymmetric options are recommended to women with round face shape. A variation with elongated locks is a good choice for women with a heart-shaped or triangular face. An inverted bob is ideal when you want a playful, messy look or you could opt for stacked and layered bob which is exceptionally convenient and easy to maintain.

Large curls and waves will give you a “bedhead” effect and the advantage is that the curly hairs easily maintain the chaotic look.

Color – well, we come to one indisputable fact – short curly hairstyles look gorgeous on hairs of any color – blonde, ash-blonde, black, auburn, red, with or without highlights. Enjoy the gallery and find the short and curly hairstyle which you like best!




asymmetric curly hairstyle with bangs

short curly hairstyle with shaved side

short curly hairstyles ideas wet effect

short curly hairstyles for women

short and curly hair styling ideas for every day

how to style short curly hair

hairstyles with bangs for short and curly hair

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DIY hairstyles for curly hair

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