Coffin shaped nails – fashionable manicure ideas for long nails

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long black coffin shaped nails simple manicure ideas

Coffin shaped nails, also called Ballerina nails, have a very characteristic shape and are really popular among women who prefer longer nails. The dual name comes from the personal preferences of people. Some people think the shape resembles a coffin while others think that they look like ballerina pointe. The shape is actually a combination between square and oval and the characteristic feature of this nail shape is that it requires a greater length.



We shall have a detailed look at ballerina shaped nails, the options for beautiful nail designs and we will give you some useful tips how to maintain your manicure.


What do you need to know about coffin shaped nails?


easy white manicure ideas with rhienstones

Every woman wants to make sure that her fingers and hands look neat and well-groomed, but this requires a lot of effort. Nail art follows fashion trends just as, for example, clothes and cosmetic products. Coffin shaped nails are considered both original and practical and very often are the choice of many self-confident women who are not afraid of changes in their lives.

This shape of nails is considered to be universal and convenient, suitable for women of all ages and for all occasions. In addition, it is beneficial for both long and slender and short and chubby fingers, as the shape makes them look more attractive and aristocratic. Despite the universality of ballerina shape, we recommend that you pay attention to the following considerations:

This shape is not recommended if you have brittle nails and if that is the case, it is better to consider alternative options like acrylic nails. Women who are actively engaged in sports activities may find this shape uncomfortable. In addition, you need to keep in mind that due to the relatively longer length, this manicure may not be office appropriate or in compliance with business dress codes or company rules. Coffin shape is not recommended to women who work with their hands either.

When choosing a design for ballerina shaped nails, it is better to opt for one color coating or a more restrained design. Remember that one of the most important rules is that the longer the nails, the less stones and patterns. Minimalistic decoration, clean lines, minimum crystals and glitter – every type of nail decoration should be used moderately.

It is very important that all nails are perfectly shaped. Any irregularities or errors will be visible and immediately attract the eye. The shape has one big advantage- thanks to the square tips, the chances of breaking the nail are close to zero.

Length is a personal choice, but in general the shape is based on average to long nails. However, keep in mind that the shape is not suitable for short nails. Because of the length, many women prefer to have such manicure at their wedding, for a festive event or an official occasion, as a complement to a gorgeous dress. In everyday life you can create such a form, but you need to keep it a little shorter because you risk interfering with some of your activities.


How to do coffin shaped nails – step by step tutorial


coffin shaped nail design ideas geometric pattern

Most women prefer to go to a nail technician to have their nails done, as this nail shape needs to be perfect. However, if you prefer to do your nails at home, we shall give you a step by step instruction and with some care and patience and a good nail file you will be able to do the ballerina shape at home.

Step 1 – Determine the length

The first step in creating the perfect ballerina shape is to determine the desirable length. It is important to cut the nails before you begin shaping them, otherwise you may end up with nails that are too long. This rule is valid for both natural and artificial nails, but if you have nail extensions you will need a coarser file and special clippers.

Step 2 – Shape a square

As we mentioned in the beginning the form is a combination between an oval and a square. So, begin with shaping the square form. Once you have the square shape you need to trim the upper sides of the nail. To do this, it is necessary to properly and precisely cut the corners. It is best to take a file of medium hardness so as not to overdo it and spoil the shape. This is the part where you need to work slowly and patiently. Try to keep all nails equal in both length and corners shape.Do not forget trimming the flat tip as well. If you are shapping acrylic nails at home you need to use a buffer for an even nail curve and with the help of a nail file you need to refine the shape.

Step 3 – Paint your nails

Once you have created the perfect ballerina or coffin shape, wipe of the nails and apply a nourishing oil.


Coffin shaped nails –design ideas, techniques and decorations


white coffin nails with flowers

Coffin shaped nails come in a huge variety of designs. Every season comes with new ideas and revolutionary trends. Ballerina manicure is rather unpretentious in terms of decoration but despite that fact you should always remember that the main accent is on the shape and keep the rule that we mentioned above – the longer nails the more restrained decorations. This does not mean that you cannot experiment with different ideas and nail art styles and techniques.

crome nail art coffin nails blue metallic

Solid color manicure is a good solution for ballerina shaped nails and if you follow fashion trends you can choose a matte lacquer or give your manicure a luxurious shine. You can even combine matte and glossy finishes which will make the nail design appear more interesting and attractive. As an alternative you can consider nude nail ideas which work very well for this shape. Chrome manicure is not be overlooked as an idea either.

ballerina nails ideas pink manicure with rhinestones

The color choice will depend on the particular wish of every woman, the outfit or attire for the occasion. Delicate pastel colors are most advantageous but if you are looking for a trendy autumn nail color, you can choose dark blue, chocolate brown, burgundy or gray. Marsala and bright red shades give a luxurious look to the manicure and, although not very typical, you may choose neon shades, especially for summer nail designs.

black manicure decoration ideas for coffin nails

Ballerina nails decorated in black color can be very stylish. If you feel that black color is more suitable for a Halloween nail design, add some crystals, rhinestones, glitter, a drawing, geometric patterns in contrast color or negative space to make the manicure look fresh.

elegant manicure with glitter and geometric pattern

As we already mentioned above, ballerina nails look exceptionally feminine and elegant in gentle shades of pink and other varieties from the pastel palette. To add visual interest you can add clear geometric or strict lines. In addition, the manicure can be decorated not only with smooth lines and patterns, but with some glitter and one of the popular choices is to add an accent finger in white.

coffin shaped nails design ideas

Gradient nail art also looks very elegant and since this technique is not very difficult it is not necessary to do it in a beauty salon, you can easily do it at home. To make a smooth transition, select colors of your choice and slightly blur the border between them when applying the polish on the sponge. This technique provides many opportunities to experiment with colors. Gradient nails are beautiful without any additional decorations, but you can use beads, crystals or add a gentle and discreet drawing.

ballerina shape marble nail art ideas pink marble nails

A beautiful marble pattern also looks amazingly on coffin shaped nails. Most often it is done by using the water technique, but if are skilled at drawing, you can use two colors and a needle or a toothpick to create the marble effect.

creative coffin nail design moon nails ideas

Rhinestone nail designs look exceptionally beautiful and harmonious on ballerina nails. You can cover one accent nail or you can add them as a decoration on all nails but make sure the number of stones is limited and do not overdo the design.

awesome ballerina nail design ideas

Combined techniques are another fabulous idea for the perfect manicure. Due to the fact that this nail shape requires relatively long nails you can get really creative and use a number of methods. For example, you can combine geometric nail art with negative space technique. Another idea is to use marble nail art and combine matte and glossy finishes. Obviously drawings like flowers, butterflies, themed designs for holidays like Christmas, Halloween, New year, spring and summer nail designs, including marine nail art – anything is possible and there is no limit to creativity and imagination!




red coffin shaped nails manicure ideas for long nails

nude nail art ballerina nails with rhinestones

gold nail art ideas coffin nails brown lacquer

elegant coffin shaped nails in white and pink

christmas nail art with snowflakes ballerina nails

blue nail art ballerina nails



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