Snowflake nail designs – create some winter magic on your manicure

by Kremy

christmas new year manicure ideas with snowflakes

Snowflake nail designs are among the hottest choices for the winter season. Girls always want to look perfect despite of the season and the beautiful manicure completes everyone’s image. In winter, when the streets are freezing, intricate patterns on the nails help to cheer up. In addition, we still have Christmas holidays to wait for.

A manicure with snowflakes looks just amazing and can decorate your hands on Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve or simply on a cloudy winter day. There are many ways draw snowflakes on the nails and we will show you a selection of nail art ideas so you can easily choose the one that will help you decorate your manicure.


Snowflake nail designs – options and techniques


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Snowflake nail designs can be made in different colors and techniques. For example, you can use light snowflakes on a dark background or vice versa, dark snowflakes on a light background. You can find a lot of photos featuring a manicure with painted snowflakes. All of them are done in a different way:

The most popular technique for drawing snowflakes is to use a thin brush. However, it requires skill and experience, because it is not so easy to draw a thin straight line on the nail plate. It is better to go to a nail technician who has enough skills and experience to perform it accurately.

The most simple and affordable way for many girls to decorate their nails with snowflakes is to use special stickers. It is possible to find self-adhesive stickers for nails with snowflakes. We will explain how to use these stickers below.

Beautiful and smooth snowflakes can be done using self-adhesive stripes for decorating manicure. At the same time, you can find stripes of different colors.

Another technique for a beautiful winter manicure with snowflakes is to use metal stencils and silicone stamps.

Choosing the base color for your Christmas nail art with snowflakes will depend on your personal preferences and of course, on the color of your festive outfit.

Red and white are one of the most popular Christmas color not only on the nails, but also when creating your festive appearance. Despite the cold winter theme, white snowflakes on a bright red background will give you warmth, and will remind you of Santa. French manicure in red with white snowflakes will add simplicity and sophistication to your image.

Blue and white is another classic winter color combination which reminds of long winter evenings and snowy sky. A blue base decorated with merry white snowflakes (or vice versa), sequins and rhinestones will add a festive glitter to your winter manicure.


DIY Snowflake nail designs – easy ideas for beginners


DIY christmas snowflake nails blue manicure

As we mentioned above there are different techniques which will help you create a beautiful winter manicure. Let’s look at the some of them and if you follow these simple steps you will have no problems whatsoever.

DIY snowflake nail art tutorial step by step

Drawing snowflakes with a needle is the easiest way to create a winter mood on your nails. However, this technique requires a certain skill if you want to draw the pattern correctly.

  1. De-grease the nail surface with a nail polish remover.
  2. Apply the base. It is better to use a blue or red color, but you can any other color that you like. Snowflakes look good on black, silver, bright red or burgundy background color. If your lacquer contains glitter, then the final result will look even more impressive.
  3. Determine the place where the snowflake will be drawn. Carefully apply a droplet of varnish of contrasting color and immediately draw the rays with a thin needle. This must be done very quickly, until the varnish is still wet.
  4. Apply a protective top coat.


How to draw snowflakes on nails with a thin brush?

easy DIY snowflake nails tutorials

If you are sure that your hand is steady then you can use a very thin brush to draw snowflakes on your nails. Such a brush can be purchased at the cosmetic department of shopping centers or specialized make-up shops. You can draw several snowflakes of different size and configuration on every nail.

  1. Degrease the nail surface with a nail polish remover.
  2. Apply the base. When the base is completely dry, lightly dab the paintbrush in a varnish of contrasting color or artistic acrylic paint and carefully draw a snowflake.
  3. Apply a protective top coat.


Snowflake nail designs without drawing – quick and easy ideas

how to do snowflake manicure DIY ideas

Some women do not know how to draw, others do not want to bother with small details, and some simply haven’t got the time for it. For these women there is an easier way – they can use stencils or stickers. Manicure with snowflakes will take just a few minutes and will still look festive and impressive.

  1. Apply a base tone to the nail surface and wait until it is completely dry.
  2. Gently place the stencil on the desired area of the nail and apply a varnish of contrasting color.
  3. When you remove it, a neat and pretty snowflake will adorn your nail. To create an incomparable manicure you will need only 10 minutes.

Snowflake nail decals holiday manicure ideas christmas

Snowflake stickers are probably the fastest, easiest and most affordable way to decorate your nails. Such nail stickers can be bought in specialized stores and your snowflakes will be perfectly even and clear. Usually, you have a choice of two types of stickers – water and self-adhesive. Once you have placed the stickers on the nails, you need to apply a top coat to fix them.



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