Viking hairstyles for women with long hair – it’s all about braids!

by Kremy

Lagertha vikings hairstyles for women

Viking hairstyles for women are hairstyles full of braids that intersect and intertwine in amazing patterns and can be fit for both a queen and a warrior woman. The rage for this styling began with the appearance of Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones and after The Vikings series were aired, no one was surprised that Lagertha became an inspiration for many adorable hairdos and Lagertha hairstyle or Viking woman hairstyle became top of the trends.

What were the women of the Vikings? They were also warriors, and participated in military campaigns and fought along with men. All the fans of the series noticed the diversity and individuality of the hairstyles of their favorite characters – either men or women. Perhaps not everyone knows that the choice of these hairstyles carries not only the aesthetic, but also the practical component of the image. Hairstyles for both men and women are quite comfortable. Basically all the hair is moved back and feature a variety of braids made from four or five strands in a variety of intertwining patterns.


Viking hairstyles for women – inspiring Lagertha hairstyles


Lagertha hairstyles semi loose hair with side braids


Viking hairstyles for women feature a long hair and huge variety of braids. Only young girls who were not married could wear a loose hair. Whether warriors or queens, women have not changed and each and everyone expresses herself and accents of her individuality. Ribbons, leather straps, bands, scarves – even back in the Viking time women accessorized their hair.

Perhaps the most complex hairstyle is the one of Lagerta, the wife of Ragnar Lothbrok. Through the series her styling differs in complexity yet preserving the noble look of a strong willed woman. She is also distinguished from other characters by her hairstyles always very stylized, while remaining practical for the fight.

A braided updo looks exceptionally noble and sophisticated, really suitable for a queen. It opens the face and neck and enhances the beauty of woman’s features.

Semi-loose hair with side braids – it was this hairstyle of Lagertha that inspired girls from all over the world. There are so many variations of this hairstyle and the best is that you can come up with your own unique option.

The battle braids on the side with twists all along the crown of the head are a great hairstyle for modern women who are active, and the perfect choice for sports activities or informal gatherings. Well, if they are suitable for a battle, they are more than welcome for a night out!

Messy braids look casual, yet feminine. With a few coiled strands on top of the head, you can have a real Viking woman appearance.


Viking hairstyles for women – tips and secrets for modern women


viking hairstyles for women ideas five strand braid

Judging by historical sources and drawings the hairstyles of Viking women were quite accurate. Fortunately, hairdressers know how to recreate them. One of the options is to divide all the hair into four equal parts and carefully braid them.

Those who prefer a voluminous look can either just brush the hair on the top of the head or you enlarge the braids by pulling on the individual strands.

Straight hairstyles are also an option for a Viking look, especially for more formal occasions and events. It is not necessary to have a messy and casual hairdo in order to achieve the appearance of a Scandinavian Viking woman.

A half updo is a great option not only for long but for shoulder length hair. All you need to do is to gather (or braid) the upper part of the hair and leave the rest loose.

viking braids for women inspiring hairstyles

The special Viking hairstyles for women are quite appropriate looking even nowadays. You can use different braiding techniques and combine them to achieve a unique look. Whether you choose two- and three-strand braids or four, five or more strands, combine them or opt for a more voluminous and nobly looking hairstyle – this will depend only on your personal style, the occasion and your taste.


Lagerta side braids viking inspired hairstyles for women


vikings tv show inspiring hairstyles with braids

vikings Lagertha hairstyles braided updo

Hairstyles vikings lagertha braids half up half down

Viking woman hairstyle ideas braids ideas

viking style semi loose hair with braids for women with long hair

viking inspired braids for women with long and medium length hair

viking hairstyles for women with long hair

Viking hairstyle women curly hair braided ponytail

Lagertha braids and ponytail viking inspired hairstyles for women

cool braided ponytail vikings inspired hairstyles for women

cool braided hairstyles for women vikings braids



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