Burgundy nails – rich manicure color for every season of the year

by Kremy

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Burgundy red nails, being a part of the red color palette, never go out of fashion. Noble, classic, stylish – it is an ideal option for festive events or for every day. This is the color of self-confident women. A nail design in deep red color speaks of refinement and nobility and this versatile nail design allows you to remain fashionable and stylish for a long time

Nowadays, the beauty industry gives an important place to nail art and we see lacquers in a huge variety of shades suitable for every taste, age, clothing and environment. However, there are universal shades like red, white or pastel colors that are appropriate in any environment and are suitable for all outfits. There is one more color that has firmly won positions and is loved by many women and that is the deep rich dark red which makes the hands look so chic!

Burgundy color is obtained by mixing black and red in different proportions. Yellow, blue or gray can be added in a small amount to get brighter or more muted hues. As a result, the burgundy palette includes a variety of magnificent shades – from cherry with a purple tint, mahogany, marsala, dark ruby, claret, etc.


Chic and elegant burgundy nails – color combinations

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Before choosing a burgundy manicure it is important to decide whether it suits you. Despite the fact that the color is trendy, it is very important that it is in harmony with clothing and reveals the nature of the woman. Psychologists say that burgundy is the choice of strong and confident people and that this color is suitable for experienced and confident women who know what they want from life. Burgundy nails look especially attractive and create a feeling of warmth and home comfort without losing its glamorous appearance.

Most manicure designs are suitable for business style and give elegance, seriousness and perseverance to the overall appearance. Of course, every woman should carefully select the right shade which will complement her skin color. For example, if your skin is very white, it is advisable to use this color as an accent on one or two nails. Some women think that the color is not suitable for long nails but it is our belief that this depends on the particular nail design. As we have said many times, elegance is determined by the sense of proportion. If you do not overload your manicure with too bright and catchy decorations you are not likely to cross the thin line of good taste and your manicure will be elegant and stylish.

Combining colors can be done using different techniques. Creating a contrast is just one of them. This kind of manicure can be done at home and is an easy nail design for beginners – all nails are painted in burgundy color, except for one or two fingers. They can be covered with a varnish of any other color.

Burgundy works harmoniously with almost the entire palette – bright colors are recommended for evening events, neutrals are suitable for the office and for everyday manicure. The correct color composition adds to the overall appearance of any woman, so let’s have a look at some of the most successful combinations:

Burgundy and black is a wonderful combination for evening events. It will be an excellent addition to the evening make-up, a beautiful hairstyle and an elegant dress. Despite the fact that this is a classic nail design, this bold combination of two saturated shades requires very well groomed nails. If you feel that the manicure looks too gothic and inexpressive, you can add a third color, for example, white.

Burgundy and gold is another option suitable for a festive occasion or for an evening out. In this case, a beautiful effect is achieved by the contrast of the golden glare against the dark background.

Burgundy and cream, beige or delicate pastel pink looks exquisite and exceptionally elegant. This is a great combination when you want to emphasize femininity, tenderness and grace.

Burgundy and green is an original and unusual combination which should be used carefully. It is better to avoid bright greens and opt for the darker shades.

Burgundy and light gray and blue shades are well combined and the nail design looks stylish and modern, noble and restrained. The contrast of gray and blues with burgundy emphasizes the passion and energy of the woman.

You can combine burgundy color with white and purple as well as with any of the nude colors. When choosing a color combination, do not forget to consider the proportions and balance the colors of the outfit, accessories and manicure.


Burgundy nails – design ideas for the perfect manicure


elegant burgundy manicure with flower decoration

There are so many attractive options for beautiful nail art, so many techniques and possibilities – matte, monochrome coating, moon manicure, gradient – that it can be hard to choose just one.

Burgundy matte nails look equally impressive on both long and short nails. A solid color manicure is an absolute classic.

French manicure does not lose its leading position and you can create different designs and experiment with matte finish and glossy tips or combine burgundy with gold.

Moon nails are very fashionable and will look great in burgundy color. Moon nails with negative space or with tiny rhinestones, as an accent will be a great nail design for both office and evening events.

Gradient nail art is always spectacular. You can combine different shades of red, including burgundy or opt for black and burgundy.

Burgundy nails with rhinestones – this is one of the most impressive, glamorous and luxurious nail designs. You can lay out a geometric pattern with small crystals, use transparent rhinestones to accent moon nails or use just one larger crystal.

burgundy nails designs flower art crystals stylish manicure

Enjoy the gorgeous burgundy nails ideas in the gallery and see which one will suit your personal taste and style.




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burgundy red nails with Swarovski crystals

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