Black nail art ideas – chic designs for autumn and winter

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black nail art designs and ideas

Black nail art ideas can be chic, elegant even provocative and you either like such nail design or you hate it but one thing is certain – it will never go unnoticed. Some consider it extravagant, others think that it is one of the most refined and stylish designs but everyone agrees that black is an incredibly expressive color. The color perfectly emphasizes the elegant shape of female nails, gives the manicure a dynamic and sexy look and in addition, it has many other advantages. For example, it perfectly combines with any other color, it can be decorated with a variety of patterns and you can combine matte and glossy finishes when you want to add texture. Even those who need to follow a strict corporate dress code can take advantage of black color and combine it with another one in a beautiful and attractive way. The most elegant combinations are black and white, purple, pink and silver. Gold and glitter will add to your manicure a touch of luxury, make it festive, and red will add a hint of passion.


Black nail art ideas – what is important to know


French nails DIY black and white manicure


It is great that you can take advantage of a variety of techniques and many black nail art ideas that make the manicure look stylish and elegant. However, there are many women who wonder when black nail polish is appropriate, what is the right length and shape and we shall give you the answers of these questions.

Some women use black lacquer on weekdays, and choose a design that looks discreet and stylish. Others choose it for parties and opt for richly decorated manicure. So, where and when are black nails appropriate? The answer is pretty simple – everywhere and at any time, as long as the particular design, length and shape are chosen competently and the thin line between good taste and kitsch is not crossed. For weekdays a stylish nail design features delicate elements like black tips or gradient pattern, shorter length and square or oval shape. Long black nails with sequins, rhinestones and patterns are ideal for weekends and holidays. Stiletto nails are a great idea for Halloween but in other situations they may look ominous.

One of the most important factors for impeccable black manicure is that your hands and nail plates need to be well groomed before you apply the nail polish. It is a must that you take care of the cuticles, and shape the tips. Be aware that the color emphasizes the line of the tips and uneven edges are unthinkable as they will make your manicure look sloppy. It is advisable to use a protective top coat to avoid chipping as damages to dark colored manicure will immediately catch your eye.


Trendy black nail art ideas for autumn and winter

black and gold negative space nail design ideas

Trendy black nail art ideas offer a huge variety of options, color combinations, patterns and you can choose negative space design, geometric patterns, moon nails, etc. We will look closely at some fashionable color combinations and stylish manicure designs.

Black and white manicure is universal and suitable for everyone without exception. It is a good choice for the office and even if you need to add a more festive look to the nail design, some decorative elements, for example, sequins or rhinestones will be enough. You can choose from a variety of different interesting patterns – zebra skin, wavy, straight, horizontal or vertical stripes, tartan or chessboard pattern, etc.

Black and red manicure is another classic combination which is an ideal choice for an evening outfit. The color combination looks great both on long and short nails. Black and red gradient nails look spectacular but you can choose any other pattern – geometric or marble effects – whatever you think will complement your appearance.

Black and gold manicure looks festive, exquisite, expensive and rich. Some even associated such nail designs with aristocracy. Gold patterns on a black background look amazing. For a spectacular design, you can use a matte finish, decorated with one or two gold strips. You could apply the lacquer and without waiting for them to dry, sprinkle some sparkling gold powder on the tips. Apply a top coat which will protect your nail design.

Black and pink nails are beautiful, fashionable and suitable for women of all ages and all occasions for holidays, for everyday and when you just to please yourself with beautiful nails. The main thing is to choose the right pink shade as bright and bold pink tones will attract a lot of attention. It is better to choose more delicate shades of pink as they are more neutral.

Black manicure decorated with rhinestones can look strikingly beautiful if you do not overdo the decoration. Black color does not need a lot of decorating you just need to emphasize its natural beauty. Rhinestones can give it a special chic but do not forget that moderation is the key element. It is better to glue rhinestones only on accent fingers, usually the index finger, and if you want to decorate each finger then use single stones. This is one of the designs when less really is more, so do not get trapped in the temptation to add many glittering rhinestones.

Black matte manicure is an interesting and non-standard solution for nail design and may be that is one of the reasons why this particular nail finish is so popular. Visually it looks like a luxurious velvet and the best way to make it especially noticeable, is to combine it with a glossy nail tips, for example.



creative black and red manicure marble effect

nail designs short black manicure geometric pattern accent

nail design ideas black negative space nails

nail design ideas black manicure dots waterdrop effect

nail design ideas black and gold festive manicure

nail design black geometric pattern white accents

matte black french manicure design ideas

classy simple black nails with golden dots

black nails easy nail art ideas and designs for beginners

Black nail art with colorful geometric patterns

black nail art ideas french nail designs

black nail art ideas manicure design accent nail decoration

black manicure with neon geometric patterns

black manicure with flower decoration accent fingers

black and white nails with stripes DIY manicure ideas

black and pink manicure with minimalist flowers

black and gold manicure design ideas


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