Solid color nails – classic manicure that will never go out of style

by Kremy

solid color nails monochrome nail art

Solid color nails are timeless classic and despite that some people may think that it looks boring and you will not surprise anyone or attract attention with monochrome nail art, the truth is that many women continue to choose a one-color manicure. A beautiful manicure is not only a way to show beautiful and well groomed hands, but also an opportunity to complement your appearance with an interesting and stylish decoration. Those who follow the latest trends have noticed that more and more women turn to naturalness and choose nail designs that enhance their femininity.

Active women tend to choose simple, but original outfits in romantic and classical style, casually elegant, luxurious retro, and a one-color manicure is a clever choice because it suits outfit in any style. Solid color nails are a good choice for business women as well not only because this nail design is practical, but because it is office appropriate and can be done quickly in a salon or at home.

Fashionable one-color manicure is suitable for any nail shape – almond, oval, square or stiletto, and any length. We have selected some of the most stylish solid color nail art ideas and those of you who are looking for trendy nail polish colors or simple nail design with a twist will find interesting ideas in the gallery below.


How to choose the design and finish of your solid color nails?


monochrome nails one color manicure


Every season comes with trendy colors and depending on the latest designs girls and women can enjoy new ideas and color combinations. You may have heard that when it comes to solid color nails it all depends on the color! Whether a natural shade or a bright, juicy color – you decide on your own. But when choosing the color of the varnish, it is necessary to remember that in winter, preference is given to muted colors, and in the summer some extravagance is allowed. In a sunny, hot day yellow, orange, red or light green look really fresh on the nails. The latest trend in colors for spring-summer feature pastel shades, all shades of pink and especially tender and sensual tones, white, blue, turquoise, lavender, yellow, peach, orange, mint, lilac, etc. For autumn and winter nail colors are more restrained and muted, based on the feeling of comfort and coziness – blue, green, burgundy, purple, black, coffee, chocolate brown, etc.

Some women prefer glossy finishes, others prefer matte nail art or chrome nails and when done properly, the manicure looks sophisticated with any type of finish. Glitter, beads and rhinestones are used in very small quantities, mainly on one nail, to add a little glamor to a solid color manicure and these decorations are usually used for elegant, evening, festive nail art. Very often monochrome manicure combines different nail art techniques – moon nails, sweater nails, chrome finishes, nude nails, etc. One of the main features of monochrome nails is simplicity and even beginners can manage such nail art.

Nude nail art is one of the most popular for those who choose solid color nails. It looks stylish and refined, and the variety of shades allows you to create an aristocratic design. Nails, painted in a neutral color, always look neat, natural and do not attract special attention. In addition, the hands always look beautiful and well-groomed. Beige is the preferred color as it is universal, perfect for any clothing and makeup. Beige color can be chosen for a business meeting, or for a date and this classic nail design in neutral colors is suitable for women of any age. Another plus is that this color works for both winter and summer outfits and is a good choice for any nail length.


How to choose the right color for your solid color nails?


blue chrome nails solid color nail art ideas

Blue manicure offers numerous shades – from deep, dark blue to light sky blue and all the shades in between. Light blue shades are perfect for the summer and in winter you should give preference to more subdued tones. Turquoise shades are especially popular for the summer season as the nails look light, bright and romantic. The color of the sky is associated with happiness, tranquility, peace, natural beauty and since this is a truly summer shade, it complements very well the tanned skin.

yellow nail design ideas spring summer nail art

Sunny yellow monochrome manicure creates positive emotions. An impeccable manicure in bright or saturated colors resembles the rays of the sun, which makes everyone feel warm and comfortable. Sunny and warm yellow manicure, honey or golden shades – all these look unusual and immediately attract attention. For the summer season it is better to choose juicy lime, lemon, mustard or saffron shades. A bright yellow color is suitable for nails with oval or rectangular shape. Calm neutral tones like amber, honey or champagne, sand, etc. are more suitable for everyday use. Matte finishes on yellow nails are advisable when you need a discreet and stylish manicure which is office appropriate. Depending on the particular yellow shade that you choose your manicure can be bold, gentle and romantic or strict and restrained.

green nail polish glossy finish french nails ideas

Green manicure is especially popular in the spring, when nature wakes up and young foliage appears on the trees. Green color is associated with a positive, summer mood and symbolizes freshness and calmness. The palette of green nail polish shades is quite big. Mint shades are very gentle and pleasing to the eye and attractive to many people. Among the variety of nail polish colors, calm mint shades have one of the leading positions. On a hot day the mint color will give a feeling of coolness and freshness and on a rainy, cloudy day it is a source of excellent mood and cheerfulness. You can choose from romantic emerald green, calm, but very expressive dark green, mustard green, avocado green, sage – numerous thrilling options!

orange nail color summer nails ideas

Orange manicure will help not only to cheer up, but also to bring freshness and originality to the everyday image. Looking through different shades and adding bright colors, with the help of this color you can create a gentle image of a princess or bold confident beauty. Orange nails are especially popular for Halloween, but people often forget that this is the color of tangerines and oranges which makes the color suitable for every season. In the summer it will remind you of juicy oranges and wonderful sunsets, in autumn about a spicy pumpkin for Halloween, in the winter for sweet tangerines and in the spring for a warm sun.

brown manicure french manicure ideas

Brown nail color brings warmth and nobility to the manicure. It includes a wide range of shades from delicate coffee with milk to dark chocolate which allows every woman to choose the right tone for her. Brown manicure looks great at any time of the year, but it becomes especially popular with the approach of autumn, when you want to envelop yourself with warmth and comfort.

pastel color nail design ideas pink white

Pastel colors are always fashionable. It is an excellent choice for business style and is never boring, because the number of shades is vast! Pastel colors are romantic, tender and feminine and you can choose from many nail designs and finishes – matte, glossy, textured, etc. The most popular shades are lilac, pink, delicate blues and fresh greens.

white solid color nails stylish manicure ideas

White nails are usually associated with wedding nail art but in fact white color is one of the most versatile ones, it will not fail you in any situation and will be appropriate for both a business meeting or for a romantic date. Traditionally, white symbolizes purity, nobility, innocence and perfection. It is quite natural that white manicure is gaining more and more popularity, because it is laconic and restrained, but at the same time it looks refined and elegant.

black almond nails monochrome manicure

Black manicure is a subject of disputes and many contradictions. Whether you like it or not, you have to admit one thing nail designs in black never go unnoticed. It looks luxurious and mysterious, a glossy finish emphasizes the depth of the tone while black matte nails are a sign for an individual and bold approach to nail design. A nice bonus is the versatility of this color, which will allow you to combine it with an office suit and with an evening gown. Black can be incredibly expressive and no one will say that that your manicure is boring or banal.

solid color nails monochrome manicure

Red manicure is a real classic and remains at the peak of popularity. Here the same rule applies, as with lipstick: red goes to girls of any color, the main thing is to choose the right shade. Red comes in different shades – from tender coral, daring crimson, noble burgundy, rich ruby red, shiny copper, etc. Scarlet or ruby shades suit absolutely any style of clothing. At first glance it may seem that there is nothing easier than red nails. But this color is able to emphasize the size and shape of the nail plate as well as any shortcomings of inaccurately applied nail polish.

monochrome manicure gray nail polish gray nails

Gray manicure is something that has become all the rage for the last two years. All shades of gray simply adore the cold seasons! The manicure looks unusual and strangely attractive. It is not difficult to guess that this color is formed by mixing white and black and like black color, gray nail designs often are a subject of hot discussions. To some people they look sad, depressive and monotonous while others find them an expression of wisdom and experience, sophistication and aristocratic elegance. One of the great advantages of gray is its versatility which makes it suitable for any shape of nails. Gray manicure is gorgeous on short nails and on long ones, it is suitable for French manicure, for ballerina and almond shaped nails and will make a stunning impression on stiletto nails as well. It depends on the personal preferences whether you will choose the lighter shades, graphite or anthracite gray nail polish color.

gold nails glitter glossy finish

Gold manicure sound extravagant but is a popular choice for festive occasions as it creates a feeling of celebration – graduation parties, dinner in a restaurant, New Year’s parties, birthday and anniversary, etc. Definitely, a brilliant manicure, nails in gold will set you apart from the crowd and turn the glances in your direction. Gold has always been associated with wealth and luxury. Gold manicure is a universal kind of nail design, which can be done in a matter of minutes. Is gold appropriate on short nails? Of course! You can choose from different nail designs – gold moon nails, French manicure, negative space nail art with geometric pattern in gold and use gold glitter or brocade, gold chrome powder, etc.

nail art ideas glitter powder silver nails

Silver nails look as festive and glamorous as gold. We give them a separate place, although you may say that silver shades should be classified as gray. Stylish silver manicure does not need additional decor and it will always be fashionable because the beauty of silver will never cease to attract. Silver is simple and laconic, yet adds a note of refinement, sophistication and luxury to the appearance of the woman. Do not be afraid that the nails will look boring, on the contrary – it is an amazingly harmonious option, and besides, it is also universal, as it is appropriate for a fun party and everyday life.

pastel nail polish colors stylish monochrome manicure

As you see, there are numerous options to have the perfect solid color nails. You can add some dynamic to the monochrome color choosing gradient nail design and combine two or three shades of the same color. The good news is that everything is possible in the world of nail art!



yellow nails gradient nail art ideas

pastel pink and gold glitter nails

mustard nail color solid color nails ideas

moon nail art blue black nail design

lime green nails one color manicure ideas

brown manicure gold accents moon nails

brown copper nail polish glossy finish

blue manicure water drop nail art

beige nail color nude nails ideas

anthracite nail color matte finish


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