Neon nail art and design ideas that make a striking impression

by Kremy

 trendy summer neon nail art

Neon nail art follows the trend for wearing especially bright colors in the summer. Clothes, shoes and accessories in neon colors are “hot” so you can add a manicure to match your summer outfit. Appearing in the 90s of the last century, this type of manicure immediately became widely popular among women! Young fashionable women began to polish their nails in acid colors, brightly shining in the twilight! The popularity of the extraordinary novelty fell sharply after some time and like everything that comes and goes, neon colors returned and became a trend firmly establishing themselves not only in the cosmetics of bold girls, but also in the collections of well-established adult women.


DIY neon nail art –useful tips and practical advice


neon nail art ideas cool manicure summer nails


Most fans of nail design prefer a more natural style, which is quite fashionable and stylish at the moment. Shades of crimson, red, green, lilac, blue and rich cherry are often seen on women’s hands and in a word, everything that can attract attention has become popular and fashionable. The cosmetics companies have developed special offers for bold girls and women and you can find a vast variety of neon nail polish colors on the market, varying in both price and quality. As a result of that, neon nail art ideas appeared all over and one could think that he is back to the 1990s. Of course, young girls and women are taking advantage of everything that is hot and trendy so we shall look at different nail designs and ideas for decoration. Neon varnishes have their secrets. In the daytime they look like a normal bright varnish but in the evening and at night, under ultraviolet light, the colors start to glow, attracting incredible attention and this is one of the main reasons for their huge popularity in night clubs.

Fluorescent neon nail polish colors

What color to choose for your neon nails? The selection of color will depend entirely on your taste and personal preferences. Of course, you need to be clear what will suit your personality and choose the best neon color for yourself. For example, the purple color is a great choice for active girls and will be a stylish addition to their overall appearance. Orange fits perfectly to the image of an optimistic and cheerful person. Blue and turquoise, as well as yellow, will look great on your nails if you are going to a beach party or a pool party.

Those of you who have never tried neon nail art ideas before may wonder if there is something more special about the nail polish and how to apply it. The lacquers are not much different from conventional ones and the techniques of application are similar. However, there are some little secrets that will help you create the perfect neon manicure at home. Before painting your nails with a bright neon varnish, always cover the plate with a white matte nail polish which will protect the plates from pigmentation. This may sound as an unnecessary precaution, but the products of some companies have an incredibly intense color that lead to undesired pigmentation. In addition, the neon color will look better on a white base. Sometimes it is enough to apply only one layer on a white base to have a dense coating.

Neon nail polish quickly thickens in the bottle. To prolong the life of the varnish, try to minimize its contact with air. Close the bottle between painting each of the fingers. For a more saturated color, apply two coats of lacquer. To create a perfectly smooth coating, choose products of well-known manufacturers. To ensure that the coating does not crack, make sure that you apply thin layers and wait until each layer is completely dry before applying another one. You can apply a glossy or matte top coat, depending on the particular nail design.


Neon nail art and design ideas for short and long nails


cool neon confetti easy nail art designs for short nails

There are many neon nail art and design ideas. You can make a monochrome manicure or simply add a highlight to the nail design with an accent or ornament. No matter what you choose, summer is the best time for neon nails!

On the first place, you need to choose a neon nail polish. The manicure looks best on short nails and nails of medium length so consider the length and shape as very long nails may cross the line of good taste and look vulgar. It is best to combine neon nails with neutral colors, if you want to look modern and tasteful. Neon manicure will attract a lot of attention, so make sure that your nails are perfectly groomed. Here are some ideas:

Moon nails are an easy design and to do them at home you will need hole reinforcers or a semicircular stencil which you can cut from adhesive tape. Apply the base coat, and then, after drying, glue the stencil and apply the neon color.

neon nails ideas french manicure

For french manicure in neon color you will also need a stencil. Depending on what type of French manicure you want, straight or rounded, you need to cut out its shape from adhesive tape. In this case, the nails are painted with the basic shade and then covered with a stencil, leaving only the tip, which is stained with the neon shade.


Gradient nails are always very attractive. You will need a sponge and two or three neon shades. Apply the polish on the sponge next to each other. Make sure that you will have a smooth transition of colors. Press the sponge against the nails, so that the varnishes are imprinted on the nails. Clean the excess with nail polish remover and apply a top coat. You can use the same technique for rainbow nail designs.

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Minimalist nail designs with neon colors can be done at home easily with a thin brush or with adhesive tape, depending on the particular design. The same technique can be used for creating geometric patterns. Look at the gallery and choose the nail design that will suit your personality!


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