How to do Floral Nail Designs at Home? + 9 Easy and Beautiful Ideas.

by Radost P.

Floral nail designs are feminine and emphasize your beauty even more. They are a suitable choice for every occasion, no matter if it’s official or just hanging out with friends. As a woman who has high standards regarding her appearance, it can be difficult at times to choose the right floral nail design. Besides, the options are almost limitless since you can always play with your creativity. Fortunately, you don’t need to be a professional nail artist to create a beautiful manicure. If you need a simple and easy tutorial, this article is for you.

What makes floral nail designs so popular?

floral nail art designs chick and classy manicure

Spring nail designs are elegant and delicate. You can easily experiment with many different shapes and colors to achieve the result that you’re after. If you’re a DIY enthusiast, the important thing is to choose compatible nuances that complement each other. This is why we prepared this article, full of beautiful spring nail designs that you should definitely try! Enjoy the read!

How to do floral nail designs at home? + 9 simple ideas.

how to do a manicure at home simple and easy ideas


Let’s start with the absolute basics. The first thing you need to do is to remove the old polish on your nails. For the best possible results, you have to start from zero. So, trim your nails properly and give them a good shape to work on. The next step is to apply the base color that works as a background to the flowers. Let it dry fully and start with the most exciting part – creating the flowers. Choose the right colors and begin with your simple floral nail designs. If you’ve decided to save time and resources for a nail artist, this guide is for you.

1. Simple violet floral manicure

easy floral nail designs simple and easy manicure

To recreate the same look, you only need violet, white, and green color. Use the white color as a background for some of your nails, and paint small violet flowers with green stems. This manicure is perfect for someone who values simplicity and elegance. The purple color symbolizes power, respect, and passion.

2. Fresh and pinkish floral nail design

nail art floral design pink roses pink color

This is the perfect choice if you’re on the beach or somewhere around the sea. Use light or colorless base coat. Afterward, paint small white flowers and add some glitter wherever you choose. Polish the tips of your nails with light pink nuance, to achieve a French manicure.

3. Beautiful and Stylish Manicure

simple and pretty manicure do it yourself at home

This option is a classic one when it comes to official events. Whether you’re invited to a birthday or wedding party, you’re good to go! For this kind of manicure, you need light pink as a foundation. To create the flowers, use blue, violet, and green nuances. Apply white lines to differentiate the different flowers. The final step is to apply some glitter wherever you choose.

4. Modern and Chick Manicure

floral nails red color manicure white flowers

Let’s be honest, red is the color that never gets old. It signifies strong emotions, like joy and love. Red emphasizes your femininity and makes you look confident in yourself. If you’re a fan of easy and pretty nail designs, this one is the right for you. Grab a white nail polish and start creating the flowers, using nail stamp.

5. Astonishing and Sophisticated Floral Nail Design

summer floral nail designs purple manicure

This design is suitable for classy women that value premier and modern things. To achieve this result at home, you would need to mix light blue and green nuances for the background of your manicure. Then, carefully draw purple lines of the flowers, as shown in the picture. If you really don’t want to waste time, you can always try press on nails as an alternative.

6. Fashionable and Graceful Manicure

nail art floral designs blue nail polish

If you’re not into sophisticated kinds of nail designs, you’ll probably love this chick and fresh idea for manicure. Paint the foundation of your nails with dark blue color and apply some dots with light blue nuance. After you’re ready with these two steps, you can start drawing the flowers as you please.

7. Appealing and Charming Spring Nail Design

manicure with flowers for spring perfect manicure

Another alternative is to put a colorless base coat on your nails. In this way, you have more freedom to experiment with different colors. You could, for example, draw a different flower for each of your nails. Isn’t this amazing?

8. Simple and Charming Manicure

beautiful and affordable manicure gel polish

If your favorite type of floral nail designs is tender and delicate, this option is the perfect for your nails. You need to use white, pinkish, and black color. Start by applying the white nuance as a base. Afterward, draw the flowers as you prefer. Don’t forget to leave a little space of your nails empty.

9. Exquisite and Mysterious Nails

simple floral nail designs pink manicure

Isn’t this floral nail design amazing? This manicure isn’t overly complicated and is suitable for everyday life. After applying the base coat, start painting the flowers with black color.

In a nutshell, choosing the right floral nail design that suits your style can prove to be a challenging task. Especially, if you prefer to handle it at home on your own. In the modern world, we want to try everything and as fast as possible. Fortunately, we collected some fresh and beautiful ideas for you. We hope that this article gave you lots of inspiration!

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