Matte nails – stylish, elegant and trendy autumn nail design ideas

by Kremy

matte nails ideas modern nail art

Matte nails look stylish and very unusual and at the same time – very feminine. One of its undeniable advantages is that this type of nail art works with the strictest dress code even when choosing the brightest color. The secret is that this effect subdues the brightness a little, without affecting the shade itself. For the last year matte nail art has become especially popular and this is an excellent option for an elegant and self-confident woman. If you prefer a more discreet version of manicure, choose beige, wine or black colors. The fans of something brighter can opt for perfect mint, pink and red shades. You can combine the design of nails with glossy elements, some glitter or with tiny ornaments.

The combination of a matte manicure and a matte lipstick will perfectly complement your image. The manicure looks great on long nails, as well as nails of medium length but is not the best of ideas for short nails. We selected a variety of ideas, gloss-matte combinations as well as colors to choose from – from black, dark red, red, blue, green to natural and gentle nude nuances.

What is important to know about matte nails? On the first place, you have to realize that this type of finish is less resistant than the glossy counterparts. When you have chosen that type of manicure it is not recommended to use a base. Matte nail polish has a viscous and dense texture, which makes quite a thick layer on the nails and you wouldn’t want to add extra thickness. Keep in mind that such varnishes dry slower than glossy nail polish and it needs at least 20 minutes to dry completely. Another consideration that you need to keep in mind is that matte varnishes and oil products interact in much the same way as oil and water and when you want to have beautiful manicure avoid lotions and creams for cuticles with oils and, as an extra precaution, before applying the nail polish, de-grease the nail plate with a nail polish remover. And finally, do not forget that most often chips are formed at the tip of the nail. Apply the lacquer along the nail plate but always seal the tips.

How to do matte nails at home?

how to do matte nails easy nail art ideas


The easiest way to achieve a trendy matte nails effect is to use anails nail polish. You can buy a matte top coat in every store and there are different brands, prices and applications: some lacquers can be used as a base and top coat. You can make your own matte nail polish by adding cornstarch to the nail polish.

How to do matte nails with baking powder or cornstarch?

diy matte manicure tutorial

Matte nail effect can be created by using some ingredients which you can find in any household. For the first option you need baking powder or cornstarch, a small plate and a brush. Paint your nails and dab the brush into the baking powder. Brush the nails to spread the baking powder evenly and leave it for a few seconds. Remove the excess with a clean brush. Do not use topcoat.



How to do matte nails with eye shadow?


You will need:

  • Clear nail polish,
  • Matte eye shadow
  • Small brush or toothpick
  • Small dish

Grind the eye shadow finely. Make sure to break any clumps as your manicure will look grainy. For an extra matte effect you can use equal parts of cornstarch and eye shadow. Stir them together until blended well. Add a few drops of nail polish to the powder and stir with a toothpick. Be careful not to leave clumps. Apply a base coat, then paint your nails with the matte polish and wait until it is completely dry.


How to do matte nails with steam?


How to make your nail polish matte method with steam

This method works on wet nail polish only so you need to work quickly once you apply the varnish.

You will need:

  • Base coat
  • Nail polish,
  • Water
  • A pot or a saucepan

Boil the water until it steams. Clean your nails and remove any old lacquer. Wipe them with nail polish remover to make sure there are no lotion or cream residues. Apply a base coat and let it dry completely.

Apply the nail polish.

Hold the wet nails over the steam for a few seconds – three to five seconds to get the matte effect. Remove your hand from the steam and let the nail polish dry.


How to choose trendy colors for your matte nails?

DIY matte nail tips cool manicure ideas

The right choice of colors for your manicure will depend on the season, whether you need office appropriate manicure or you are going on vacation, etc. Let’s look at some examples.

Gray nail color with matte effect usually reminds of cold rainy autumn and winter days. This is a great look, especially if you keep your nails short and with oval shape.

Red nail polish never really goes out of fashion. This color is classic and there are different variations – whether light or dark, pale or bright – you decide for yourself. This color should not be underestimated.

If you have chosen a delicate nail design choose delicate shades and colors. You can add rhinestones of different sizes and give a festive look to the manicure.

Autumn nails in brown can be done by nail art beginners. You need a nail polish in an autumnal color like chocolate brown, with which you can create the gentle matte look. You could use adhesive tape to make the lines precise.

Trendy matte nails work with stiletto shapes as the fingers look even longer, elegant and modern. This shape is suitable for women who have short fingers and broad nail plates. Be careful, however, because the Stiletto is more appropriate for a party look during the weekend and the manicure is not accepted as office appropriate.

Gradient manicure is an absolute trend. You can even try to do the ombre effect at home with the help of a sponge. You can apply two colors on the sponge and paint the nails. Clean the remnants around the nails and apply top coat for an even finish.

Half-moon manicure is worn by celebrities. Matted and metallic retro optics celebrate a comeback and can easily be combined. For example, a metallic nail polish can be applied as a base color in pink and then a black nail polish with a matte effect.



how to do matte nails with cornstarch step by step

red stiletto nails with matte finish

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nude ballerina nails with matte finish

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matte effect brown French manicure glossy tips

how to matte ombre nails autumn winter manicure ideas

black manicure lace pattern matte effect

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