Minimalist nail art ideas – is less more in nail design?

by Kremy

DIY minimalist nail art ideas easy manicure designs

Minimalist nail art ideas remain popular despite the fact that that the world of artistic and original designs offers numerous options for original manicure. Minimalist nail designs are valued for the simplicity and restraint – dots, strips or simple geometry add some character to the manicure while not attracting all the attention to the nails. The main features of a minimalist manicure are simplicity, light design and accuracy. It is not a surprise that the minimalist style is one of the most popular trends for the last year as it can be perfectly combined with fashionable accessories and outfits for any occasion. All you need is some fantasy and a good sense for style.


Minimalist nail art ideas for women who do not like complex decorations


easy DIY nail design ideas minimalist pattern


The appearance of a manicure is a delicate theme. The line between beautiful well-groomed nails and kitsch is very thin and the personal sense of proportion and good taste is the only thing that matters. Nails decorated with bizarre patterns are certainly impressive and eye catching but are unlikely to be appropriate in the office. A neat manicure means moderate (if not short) length of the nails, noble matte finish, natural and calm shades, elegant design – that is what attracts the sophisticated women and the ones who believe that beautiful does not mean a lot. Classical French manicure is often considered as a compromise between those who treat nails almost like a canvas of an artist ready for works of art and those who support minimalism. Geometric nails and miniature drawings on the nails require careful and very attentive work. Such nail designs will not strike the eye, but will look noble and elegant. Typically, the manicure is decorated with simple lines, two shades of nail polish which are combined in a perfect way. For example, miniature drawings look like a work of a jeweler. Such designs are very stylish and suitable for any clothing or event.


Minimalist nail art ideas and trendy designs


colorful summer nails negative space manicure

Those of you who are attracted to minimalist ideas should know that they do not require much time and effort. Obviously, you need to have the nails cut to the desired length and filed to the desired shape. You can opt for a transparent base or a color of your preference. White can also be used as a primary color instead of neutral or transparent varnishes. One of the main trends for minimalist style manicure feature designs with dots close to the tips or dots at the base of the nail plate. The ideal way to decorate nude nails is a handful of geometric shapes. One or two shiny stripes cross-pasted on a layer of clear varnish or just on the base and sealed with a glossy finish – this is everything that you need for a great visual effect. Lines do not have to be even and clear – you can draw them by hand and accent on the imperfection. Negative space nails are another option for interesting minimalist nail designs. Those who prefer colorful nails for the summer time but still wish to keep the minimalist look could use some of the ideas in the gallery below. Whichever nail design you choose, remember that the main points are cleanliness and simplicity. Minimalism does not mean boring and this rule applies to nail design as well!


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nude nails ideas minimalist manicure

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DIY minimalist nails ideas

DIY minimalist manicure decoration

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