Heart tattoo ideas – what is the meaning and where to place it?

by Kremy

small red heart tatoo on hip

Do you want a new tattoo? We have selected awesome heart tattoo ideas to inspire you. No matter the style, size and location, this tattoo design is just cool. Whether a small tattoo, a simple image or an image decorated with various motifs, the image has a special charm. The most romantic symbol, even familiar to a child, is, of course, the heart. It has always been a symbol of love, romance and life force of man, and that’s why this tattoo motif does not lose its popularity. The meaning and interpretation of the design may be different but the composition and the particular design of your tattoo should mean something to you.

A heart tattoo is one of the most popular tattoos that both men and women like. There are numerous variations, but the most popular ones often feature combinations with cupid, arrows or dagger. These three designs symbolize mutual love, a broken heart, pain and disappointment. Today, the tattoo is more often just an adornment of one’s own body but Indian tribes believed that such a tattoo affects the fate of the person so you should carefully read about the meaning and consider the exact design and composition of your tattoo.


Heart tattoo ideas – choosing the size and the style


small heart tattoos foot tattoo for women


Back in ancient times people came to the conclusion that the heart is not just an organ whose main task is to pump blood in the body. People love and hate with their heart and it can feel, make decisions, it is the source of all emotions experienced by a person. It is the eternal, never-aging symbol of love and romance, it is the embodiment of all the vital force of man. Courage, friendship, love, unity, the source of life, and sometimes pain and suffering – all this is also embodied in this ancient and popular symbol.

The image is also present in some religions. The Catholic Church reveres the day of the Sacred Heart of Christ. And a heart with the thorns wreath became a symbol of the suffering and pain that Jesus experienced in redemption of the sins of men. In Christianity it is a sacred symbol standing for compassion, love, courage and bravery.

Nowadays, heart tattoo ideas come is a variety of styles. The symbol is so versatile that tattoo artists can experiment with shapes, techniques and designs. Most often heart tattoos are made in old school style, new school, black & gray, dotwork and watercolor but lately polka trash and bio-mechanical style (especially when the design is anatomical) are also gaining popularity. Mixing styles is a great way to give the tattoo a unique look. One must pay close attention to the additional details. For example, old school style is known for the banners and the extra details.

When it comes to determining the size of the tattoo, you need to know where you want to place it. Of course, you need to choose a suitable design and body part. A complex composition will require more space and the shoulder, back, chest or sleeve tattoo are a good option. However, if you prefer a small tattoo with a simple design, for example a heart and infinity symbol, you can choose to place it on the ankle, foot, arm, neck or finger.

Heart tattoos are the perfect choice for couples as well. Such tattoos may include the name of the partner and half heart tattoos are also very popular where partners have half the tattoo on their hands and the pattern is only finished when the two halves are together.


Heart tattoo ideas – designs, variations and meaning


heart tattoos for men and women

As we mentioned, heart tattoo ideas come in numerous designs and variations. It is one of those symbols that provide a lot of opportunities for creativity and may represent a lot of things. We shall look at the most popular tattoo designs and see what they mean.

heart dagger and banner tattoo

Hear with banner or scroll is an iconic tattoo and the banner usually has a name on it. Such tattoos were popular all over the world among sailors. It could be “Mom”, the name of your partner or child, the inscription may be a significant date in your life. Usually these tattoo designs are done in old or new school style with clear contours and limited number of colors.

heart and anchor tattoos with meaning

Heart and anchor is another classic tattoo design. The anchor is a symbol of sailing, seas and oceans, as well as being grounded. When combined together, they may stand for your love of sailing or, if you add a banner with a name, to the love you feel for that person. Being a classic image for sailors, this design is typical for old school style.

intertwined hearts small tatto design ideas

Two hearts, linked or intertwined hearts demonstrate the connection and love that you have for a person and that is why many couples choose this particular design. Variations of this tattoo include Cupid’s arrow, hearts inside one another or side by side, a right-side-up heart interlocked with an upside-down heart, etc. You can choose simple black outlines or add color – traditional red or any other that you like –pink, blue, etc. This is also a popular choice of parents as a representation of the love for their children.

classic heart and dagger tattoo design

Heart and dagger is another classic image widely popular to express the pain when someone has been hurt by the one he loves but it can also mean that you are ready to fight for your love and find strength in it. Usually, when the person is heartbroken, the dagger is piercing the heart and there may be drops of blood as well. Daggers crossed over a heart symbolize the strength of love that and often the name of a person is included in the design of the tattoo. A heart and knife is a variation with a different meaning. The knife is accepted as a chef’s tool, but also as a symbol of the pain of losing someone. A knife through the heart is a symbol of the suffering from a breakup, for example or of the pain that a person feel when he lost someone who died.

Bleeding heart tattoo with banner

Bleeding heart tattoo is a design that symbolizes lost love and most often is the choice of people who lost their loved ones. These tattoos come in a variety of designs and each one is very personal – they can have a different color, they can be realistic or stylized, etc.

Broken heart tattoo design meaning

Broken heart tattoos express pain and suffer because a relationship ended or because the person lost his (her) loved one. Some designs feature the image broken in half while others feature cracks, possibly blood drops. Very often people choose to add the name of a person, especially when the tattoo is in memory of someone.

crying heart tattoos for men

A crying heart tattoo is a symbol of sadness and despair. The image includes tear drops and you can choose a simple black design or add colors. Some people personalize the design – the heart is depicted as a face with eyes and although it may sound a bit cartoon-ish to many, it is important that the design means something special to the person who wears the tattoo.

pair tattoo ideas small half heart tattoo design

A half heart tattoo is another popular design but it should not be mistaken with the broken heart. Typically, these tattoos are the choice of best friends, parent and child or couples. This type of tattoo design comes in a huge variety of and can be personalized in numerous ways – different shapes, designs in different styles, colors and size to adding a name.

beautiful locked heart tattoo heart and locket tattoos

Locked heart tattoos (lock and key) have a variety of meaning. Usually, they represent the love for another person. Most often the partners choose this type of tattoo as a split option – one has the locket and the other one has the key and this design is to demonstrate that only that person can unlock their heart. The design may include flowers, roses or other elements. However, if you consider a design of this type, make sure that both tattoos are in the same style. Sometimes, a locked heart is the choice of people who would like to demonstrate that they do not let other people into their life and they choose to have both the locket and the key in the design.

foot tattoo infinity heart small tattos ideas

Infinity heart is one of the most popular designs, especially for small tattoos. The mathematical symbol for infinity has become a way to show an eternal love, love that will last forever. Many couples choose a design of two figures linked by the infinity symbol, some include their names as well.

heart and roses tattoos for men

Heart tattoo with flowers is a beautiful tattoo design which provides numerous options for creative and original ideas. You could choose a tattoo combined with any flower that you like, or have the heart shaped by the stems and leaves of a flower. An option to create an intricate design is to have more than one heart and several flowers. Very often such tattoos feature additional elements like butterflies, fairies, banners, etc. It is a good idea to find out the specific meaning of the flower that you chose to include in your tattoo in advance. Heart and rose (or roses) is the most popular variation. This design is an expression of love, passion, desire, devotion, etc. Typically, such tattoos feature a red heart, sometimes a locket and a key, and when the rose has thorns they add to the meaning of the tattoo. The color that you choose also has different meanings – white means purity and innocence, red stands for love and romance, yellow – for friendship. Inscriptions are an element that is often included in this particular tattoo design – they may be the name of your loved one, a significant date, a single word – love, faith, forever ,etc.

Flaming heart tattoo meaning

Flaming heart tattoo (heart and flames) symbolizes love and burning passion for someone or something. Usually, the tattoo design features a red heart and red, orange flames. An option is to have the image shaped by the flames and add a personal element – the name of the person whom you love or a symbol – a music note, an instrument, etc.

heart with wings tattoo small heart tattoos

Heart with wings or Angel heart tattoo design is considered to be a memorial tattoo. The simplest design is a red heart with angel wings but it can be done in any style which makes the tattoo unique, personal and really special. Additional elements like names, roses, banners, smaller hearts can be added if you wished to personalize the design of the tattoo.

heart tattoo with rose thorns and wings

Of course, due to the fact that any design is very personal and individual, it symbolizes something different and you can choose to add any additional element that means something to you. Butterflies, cross, treble clef, a ribbon, feathers, chains, sword, stitches, etc.




watercolor tattoo purple heart

shoulder tattoo design with red heart

mandala heart tattoo design for women

heart tattos locket and key couples tattoos ideas

heart tattoo with lace motif for women

Heart tattoos ideas and designs for women

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