20 Unique Symbolic Tattoos for Women to Get in 2024

by Kristiyana

Which tattoo for women carries a deeper meaning? What tattoo symbolizes femininity? Which are the most popular symbolic tattoos for women in 2024?

love yourself tattoo design for women

The art of tattoo designs has long been used as a means to express oneself in a deeper and more meaningful way. If you are a girl who’s been going over the idea of getting a tattoo, that is not only beautiful and elegant, but also carriers some sort of symbolism, you’ve come just to the right place! Whether it’s a symbol that is widely recognized and popular, or something more personal, we have for you 20 unique ideas for symbolic tattoos for women that will be trending in 2024!

20 Unique Symbolic Tattoos for Women to Get in 2024

tree of life tattoo for women

Deavita.net’s editorial team is providing you today with 20 wonderful ideas for both small and medium-sized meaningful tattoos for women, that not only look pretty, but can be customized to fit any part of your body. Looking for the perfect flower tattoo with a deeper meaning? Or maybe a design to showcase your inner strength and femininity? We have it all right here, so start scrolling down and make your pick!

Symbolic Moon & Moth Tattoo for Women 2024

moth tattoo symbolism meaning

The moon is a wide-know symbol of femininity and divine female energy. It also evokes a bit of mystique, and symbolizes changes in life. While the moth tattoo design has many meanings, among them being transformation, hope, intuition and the cycle of life and death. Both images are often placed together to create a unique tattoo design for the wearer.

Sweet Alyssum Flower Women’s Tattoo Design

symbolic flower tattoo design for women 2024

In the Victorian language of flowers, the Sweet Alyssum flower means “sweetness of soul” or “worth beyond beauty”. Some believe that wearing the flower’s symbol will protect the wearer against unfriendly spells. A Sweet Alyssum flower tattoo for women will also help the wearer to keep their calm and control their anger. Or, if you are looking for another beautiful and meaningful flower tattoo design, why not try a birth month flower tattoo? They are very trendy at the moment.

Tiger Tattoo Design for Bold & Courageous Women

symbolic tiger tattoo for women

What about a symbolic tattoo design for women that symbolizes strength, courage, pride and freedom? A tiger tattoo would be perfect in such an occasion. Wearing it on your arm can be the best place for it, as this further emphasizes the importance that these virtues have for you.

Powerful Woman Figure As a Symbol of Great Energy

unique symbolic tattoo ideas for women 2024

I’m in love with this design! Another great, and this time even more artistic and creative, symbol of divine feminine power and courage. For the times when you feel like everything is going wrong, and you can’t bear it, get this beautiful woman symbol tattoo design to remind you that you’ve got what it takes.

Matching Symbolic Tattoos for Women Best Friends

small meaningful tattoos for females on wrist

Want a cute idea for matching symbolic tattoos for women best friends? I can see me and my bestie getting these, as we both love to travel, even when we don’t have the money to do it (lol). A delicate and elegant design, best positioned either on your wrists or ankles.

Creative & Meaningful Butterfly Tattoo Design

butterfly symbolism tattoo women

A butterfly tattoo is one of the most popular symbolic tattoos for women that you can ever get. These tiny and lovely creatures are seen as symbol of freedom, transformation and personal growth. An original touch to your butterfly tattoo design would be to make one of her wings into elegant flowers, further emphasizing its feminine appeal and energy.

More Unique Symbolic Tattoos for Women to Get in 2024

snake tattoo meaning women

Beautiful koi fish tattoo to symbolize strength & good fortune

unique tattoos for females

Dandelions symbolize freedom & the ability to let go

small meaningful tattoos for females 2024

The sun is a popular tattoo that gives hope

small symbolic sun tattoo for girls

A meaningful religious tattoo for women

religious tattoo design for women

Elegant ballerina design for the dancers

ballerina tattoo for women

Let your mom know how important she is to you

love mom tattoo for girls

A phoenix to symbolize rebirth & renewal

symbolic phoenix tattoo design

Cherry tattoo for the playful & fun girls

cherry tattoo meaning

Another pretty & symbolic moth tattoo design

moth on shoulder tattoo women

Jellyfish symbolize inner strength & perseverance

symbolic jellyfish tattoo for women

Matching tattoo to symbolize mutual love

matching symbolic tattoo

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