The 20 Timeless Nail Designs That Look Good on Anyone

by Kristiyana

Which manicure designs are considered classic? What nail colors look good on anyone? Which are the timeless nail designs?

classic dusty pink nails

When you are trying to keep up with the current nail trends, you should know that most of them will likely be out the door as soon as the season ends. However, there are some manicure designs that have long withstood the test of time and have come to be regarded as classics. Such a manicure would be a great choice if you are looking for something elegant and stylish that would easily suit you. So, without further ado, here are the 20 timeless nail designs that can look good on anyone!

The 20 Timeless Nail Designs That Look Good on Anyone

classic white manicure

Nudes, subtle pinks, glossy or pearlescent finishes, and classic or sparkly French tips – let us assure you that there is a timeless manicure design for every style, preference, nail shape, length and skin tone! If you, however, are worried that a nail color might to be too flattering for your skin, you can quickly check our article for the most suitable nail polish color for every skin tone before going further on, or do it later. And now, here are the classic manicure designs you have been waiting for!

Elegant & Classic French Tip Nails

timeless french manicure design

Where will the world be without the timeless French tip mani? From quiet luxury enthusiasts to flashy party girls, the French tip can be designed to fit the style of anybody. Yet, the simple white French lines at the tips will always remain a favorite among women who like to keep it neat, classy and fashionable.

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Timeless Nail Designs in Nude Pink

elegant nude pink manicure

Whether you are over 50 or 15, the nude pink nail color will be a chic, girly, yet subtle way to spice up your nails! Its minimalist, elegant and feminine appeal offers every lady with the perfect everyday look that still appears expensive in every way.

Classic Pearly Manicure Design

timeless pearly nail design

If you are a girl who prefers the natural nail look, but also wants something with a bit of sparkle and surprise, why not try a classic pearly manicure design? It’s classy, elegant, chic and will elevate your everyday look. Goes great with every outfit as well.

More Timeless Nail Designs That Can Look Good on Anyone

timeless glitter nails design

The coral nail polish color can suit anyone

classic coral nail design

Timeless burgundy red nail design

classic burgundy nail design

For something more colorful, try cobalt blue nails!

timeless cobalt blue manicure

Ombre French manicure for a classy look

classic ombre french manicure

You can never go wrong with plain black nails! 

classic black nail design

Simple, delicate & classic floral nail design

classic subtle floral nail design

A subtle, timeless glossy finish for your nails

timeless subtle glossy nails

Classic sparkly silver glitter French tips! 

timeless sparkly silver glitter french tips nails

A beautiful mauve color for fall-winter nails

classic mauve nail design

Spice a clean nail look with some classic rhinestones!

timeless rhinestone nails

The milky nude nails look is always trendy

milky nude manicure

My personal fave: Classic bright red nails!

classic red nails

Or maybe ones with a bit of subtle sparkle? 

red glitter nail design

Timeless beige nail color for a quiet luxury manicure

timeless beige nail design

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