Birth Month Flower Tattoo Ideas & Their Symbolic Meaning

by Kristiyana

What is the birth flower for all 12 months? Which flower should you get tattooed based on when you were born? 

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Tattoos have always been used a means of self-expression, and with each new day you can find something new and unique that speaks to you in a way nothing else can. Particularly, a flower that grows during your birth month is a beautiful and symbolic way to show the world a part of yourself. Which is your birth month flower? Read ahead to find out and receive inspiration for your very own tattoo design.

Birth Month Flower Tattoo Ideas & Their Symbolic Meaning

birth month flower tattoo ideas chart

Above, you will find an easy to download chart with some of the flowers that are associated with the month when you were born.’s editorial team has chosen the most elegant and delicate birth month flower tattoo ideas you can find on Instagram, corresponding for each of the twelve months of the year. Choose your perfect design right away!

Snowdrop Flower Tattoo for the Month of January

january birth flower tattoo

For the first month of the year, we have the delicate and beautiful snowdrop flower. Snowdrops are a symbol of purity and rebirth. Those who are born in January can get this tattoo design if they want to show that they have a desire to lead a peaceful life.

Delicate Violets for the Month of February

february birth month flower tattoo idea

One of the flowers for the month of February are violets. Whether in purple or blue, these beauties symbolize modesty, virtue and faith.

Cheerful Daffodils for the Start of Spring

march birth month flower tattoo idea

We’ve chosen a daffodils flower tattoo design for the month of March. This cheerful yellow flower represents rebirth and new beginnings.

Daisies for the Month of April

birth month flower tattoo for april

For April, we have a delicate tattoo design of a daisy – one of my favorite flowers. Daisies are a symbol of purity, innocence and new beginnings. Perfect for spring, wouldn’t you say?

Lilly of the Valley to Mark the Beginning of Summer

lily of the valley birth month flower tattoo for may

Lilly of the valley is the birth month flower tattoo design for May. This colorful flower is associated with sweetness and a return to happiness. A great way to mark the beginning of summer, don’t you think?

Birth Month Flower Tattoo Ideas for June

rose tattoo for those born in june

Of course, roses would be the birth month flower for June – when the season of summer is at its force, offering you with many opportunities for romance and new relationships. Roses are a well-known symbol of love and passion.

Water Lilies As the Birth Flower for July

birth month flower tattoo idea on thigh july

Water lilies are a symbol of harmony and balance, and they are one of the flowers associated with the month of July.

Red Poppy Flowers for Those Born in August

poppy tattoo for august

It might not look like it, but the delicate red poppy flower has a very deep meaning, often being associated with sleep, peace and even death. Those born in August can choose a design featuring this flower.

Wild Morning Glory Flower Tattoo for September

september birth month flower tattoo idea

Morning glory is a wild flower known as a symbol of life and love, as well as the desire for more knowledge. Virgos can get much out of this tattoo idea.

October Birth Month Flower Tattoo Ideas

october birth month flower tattoo ideas

Marigolds are warm and vibrant flowers associated with the month of October. These bright beauties symbolize creativity and passion.

Beautiful Chrysanthemums Tattoo for Scorpios

november birth flower tattoo

For my birth month, mysterious and frisky November, we have the beautiful chrysanthemum flower tattoo design. Chrysanthemums symbolize loyalty and friendships, much like the Scorpios born during this month, who tend to keep these virtues closest to their hearts.

Holly Flower for the Month of December

december holly flower birth month tattoo

And lastly but not least, for the cold, but festive month of December we have a delicate flower that is closely associated with Christmas – Holly. This flower is a well -known symbol of domestic happiness. It can also mean protection and defense.

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