Moth Tattoo Meaning Revealed: 20+ Designs to Get You Inspired

by Kristiyana

What does a moth tattoo mean? Can this popular design have more than one symbolic meaning? Should you get it as a tattoo & which design should you wear in 2023? 

Moth Tattoo Meaning Revealed: What Is the Symbolism Behind It?

moth and moon tattoo meaning

Does it seem like lately everywhere you turn you see someone wearing this tattoo? Have you asked yourself what could it mean? Or are you just looking to get a new meaningful tattoo in 2023? No matter which, today at we are shedding a light on the mystery behind the popular moth tattoo, and the many symbolic meanings it can have. And to finish off, we are offering you with 20+ astonishing moth tattoo designs you can try on (almost) every part on your body! You in?

What Does a Moth Tattoo Mean?

moth tattoo meaning mental health


First of all, as previously mentioned, this tattoo can have multiple meanings, depending on what the wearer wants. Initially, a moth symbolizes the following:

  • Transformations: As these tiny creatures get to experience a radical change in their brief lives turning from a caterpillar into a moth, for a lot of people getting this image in ink on their bodies symbolizes embracing change.
  • Hope: Moths are also seen as a symbol of hope, as when if you find yourself lost in the dark and notice a moth, that means that light is not far away.
  • Intuition: If you are someone who needs to be reminded of your inner wisdom, you will benefit from a moth tattoo. Due to their ability to navigate through the dark and find the light, moths are believed to have a heightened intuition.
  • Death & endings: As these insects have a short lifespan, some people get them tattooed as a reminder that everything has an ending and that they must accept their mortality.
  • A never-ending cycle: Since moths go through a majority of transitions in their lives, they can remind the wearer of this tattoo that life is a series of beginnings and endings.

moth with moon tattoo design 2023

What Does a Moth Tattoo Mean Mental Health?

If you are someone who is struggling with a lot of issues in your life, a moth tattoo might be just what you need to be reminded that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. As moths are attracted to all sources of light, they can represent a powerful urge to find positivity and light in this world.

Moth Tattoo Meaning for LGBT Community

moth tattoo meaning lgbt moth tattoo meaning bi

Are you a closeted member of the LGBT community? Then getting a moth tattoo can be your inspiration for finally coming out. As these wingy beings are often seen as creatures of the night, they can represent the hidden nature of many LGBT people. And on the other hand, as moths are attracted to light, they can symbolize the courage and hope with which this community fight for their rights.

Moth Tattoo Designs to Try in 2023 & Their Meanings

moth shoulder tattoo design 2023

You liked one or more of the aforementioned meanings of the moth tattoo and want to get it yourself? Then you’ve come just to the right place! Go ahead and pick out any of the shown moth tattoo designs in this article. Some even have an additional meaning that goes with them…

Luna Moth Tattoo Meaning

luna moth tattoo meaning

A Luna moth is one of the most beautiful and popular designs among the trendy moth and butterfly tattoos. They are often inked in green, with red or blue accents to highlight their aesthetic value. Luna moths further emphasize the symbolism of transformation behind the moth tattoo meaning. If you are currently going through big changes, and especially positive ones, this is the 2023 tattoo design for you.

Hand Tattoo Design for Women

hand moth tattoo

Don’t mind having a highly visible tattoo? Then get a moth on your hand! But before you do, know that this tattoo is said to mean that the people you meet and interact with are all part of your personal transformation into becoming a better you. Perfect for someone who is very communicative.

Moth Tattoo Meaning for Guys

moth tattoo meaning for guys design

In need of a cool idea for a first tattoo for guys? A moth on your chest would be ideal. It doesn’t necessarily have to be big as the one in the picture, but a moth can carry a deep symbolic meaning for a man. Likewise, if you’ve decided to embark on a journey of self-discovery, this little wingy creature can be your inspiration.

More Inspirational Moth Tattoo Design to Try in 2023

moth on throat tattoo meaning

Beautiful moth with flowers tattoo design

luna moth tattoo meaning design

Geometric moth tattoo design for men & women

geometric moth tattoo design

Get it on your stomach for high aesthetic value

moth tattoo stomach design women

Colourful Neo Traditional tattoo design 

neo traditional moth tattoos ideas colourful

Symbolic moth with triangle tattoo

moth and triangle tattoo

Black & white moth design on thigh

moth on thigh tattoo

Beautiful moth tattoo design for your leg

butterfly moth tattoo on leg

Another idea suitable for men & women

moth leg tattoo design idea

Colourful American Traditional moth tattoo

american traditional moth tattoo design colourful

Moth tattoos on sternum refer to changes of the heart

sternum moth tattoo

Simple & elegant below-the-knee design

moth tattoo designs ideas 2023

Colourful moth tattoo & tropical elements

colorful moth tattoo design 2023

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