Tattoo trends 2023: Here are 25 amazing tattoo designs to get you started on this year’s trends!

by Kristiyana

Interested to find out which are the newest tattoo trends for 2023? I bet you are! This year, we are bound to see more exceptional and vibrant designs from the tattoo world. From 90s classic artwork to colourful watercolour designs, there is just a lot of inspiration to draw from. So sit back and enjoy looking at 25 amazing tattoo designs that will get you started on this year’s trends!

Tattoo trends 2023: Minimalism

fine line tattoos_tattoo trends 2023

For tattoo trends in 2023, small, minimal designs will surely remain popular. Minimalistic designs are usually created with fine lines, as they perfectly go hand-in-hand. These tattoos often involve abstract ideas like geometric shapes, or personal symbolism.

Anime-inspired tattoo designs

anime tattoos_naturo tattoo ideas


Any huge anime fans out there? Naruto was my favourite one growing up! Hence, I can easily see why anyone would get either of these fantastic tattoo designs! Anime-inspired tattoos have been all over Instagram. A lot of celebrities are getting them too. Just think of Ariana Grande’s Pokémon arm tattoo! Tattoo artists predict, that for 2023 we will be seeing a lot of anime ink.

Sticker sleeve tattoo trend 2023

sticker sleeve_sticker sleeve tattoo ideas

Tattoo sleeves are nothing new, but sticker sleeves on the other hand have something else to show you! Each small tattoo might look like it has nothing to do with the other, but when you place them right, you create an intriguing and unique pattern.

Trending glitter tattoo ideas

glitter-tattoos-tattoo trends 2023

Do you want to always carry a little bit of sparkle with you? Then this glitter tattoo art is the ideal choice! It’s just amazing what tattoo artists can do nowadays, with new techniques being invented every day. The glittery effect of these designs is achieved by the use of different colours and a dot-work technique. Outstanding, right?

Barbed-wire tattoo trends 2023

barbed-wire tattoos_wire tattoos

Looking for a 90s classic tattoo design to keep up with the latest nostalgia trends? Here come the barbed-wire tattoos! This tattoo is a reimagination of Pamela Anderson’s barbed-wire tattoo that she had for her role in the film Barb Wire. These designs are the perfect mix of girly and grunge, and can be seen all over Instagram and TikTok.

Flashy colourful tattoo designs

colourful tattoos_colorful tattoo designs

Are you more into colourful tattoo design ideas as opposed to black and white ones? Well, don’t worry as in 2023 they will be super trendy! A lot of tattoo artists say that lately they have been getting many requests for colourful ink work. Tattoos in flashy and vibrant colours can be seen all over social media.

Geometric tattoos for 2023

geometric-tattoo-designs-simple tattoo designs

For 2023, we will be seeing a lot more of geometric tattoo designs featuring various shapes to create intricate and unique tattoo art. There are no limits to what you can do with this tattoo design, which is one of the reasons for making it so trendy and interesting. Plus, it’s a great choice for a first tattoo for men and women.

Video game-inspired tattoos

gerald-tattoo-video games inspired tattoos

I am sure video game fans will be pleased with this pick! According to celebrity tattoo artists, we will be seeing a lot more of video games-inspired tattoo work in 2o23. In recent years there has been a huge interest it such designs, and it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. What better way to show which is your favourite game? By choosing this Gerald tattoo, I guess you already know which is mine!

Hand poke tattoo designs 2023

hand-poke-tattoo-tattoo trends 2023

For those who are looking for something more simple and charming, go with a hand poke tattoo! A hand poke tattoo is created by using a needle or small tool, to manually puncture the skin and inject ink. It’s a more traditional form of tattooing than modern machine-based tattooing techniques. This method is often used for smaller tattoos and more detailed designs because it allows for greater precision.

Micro realistic tattoo art ideas

microrealism tattoos_microrealistic tattoo designs

Small tattoos have been trending like crazy in the past years, but with a micro realistic design your tattoo will be exceptional in 2023! It’s really no wonder that similar designs seem to be showing up more and more on social media. By the use of detailed ink work with small line and dots, tattoo artists are able to create one-of-kind hyperrealistic designs.

Elegant floral tattoo designs

floral tattoos_tattoo trends 2023

This is by far my favourite design! I have this friend who has small tattoos of different lovely floral designs all over her body which make her look just like a forest fairy. I just love it! Getting such a design is the perfect girly tattoo choice if you are looking for something subtle and elegant.

Cultural tattoo trends 2023

cultural tattoos_2023 tattoo designs

The recent years have been all about embracing your individuality and being yourself to the maximum. Thus, it’s no surprise that a lot of people have been getting cultural tattoos to showcase their heritage through body art. Just keep in mind, that it’s not advisable to get a tattoo that is from someone else’s culture, especially when you are not familiar with the meaning behind it.

Beautiful watercolour tattoos

watercolor-tattoos_tattoo trends 2023

Watercolour ink has been gaining popularity as a lot of celebrities are posting these tattoo designs all over social media. Likewise, many influences have also been showing their colourful and abstract watercolour tattoos. These designs are vibrant, energetic and absolutely unique. However, if you decide to get one, make sure you find a tattoo artist who is familiar with this ink technique as it does require skilful work.

Surrealistic tattoo art ideas

tattoo trends 2023_surrealistic tattoo designs

Surrealistic tattoos are also having their moment. These designs combine elements from the real world with imaginative and dreamlike imagery. Surrealistic tattoos can be used to express one’s personal thoughts or emotions about their life experiences in a creative way. They can also be used to make a statement or simply show off the artist’s style.

The temporary tattoo trend

temporary tattoos_tattoo trends 2023

And last but not least, for those of you who are not ready to go full-on permanent ink, we give you the new and trendy temporary tattoo designs! These are not the vending machine cartoons you are familiar with from your childhood. We are talking creative and original designs, that you can even draw yourself!

Have you decided which is your favourite 2023 tattoo trend? Be sure to make your pick, as you know how fast these things change! Choose your favourite trendy design and get your ink on for this year. Cheers!

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