Tattoo trends 2022: the most popular designs for men and women!

by Kremy

Have you ever searched the Instagram accounts of the best tattoo artists and bloggers to find the tattoo trends 2022? No need to scroll through the pages, because we’ve rounded up the best designs of the year that are making a splash. You’ll see them everywhere this year, so if you want to be part of the trend, just find your interpretation of the following 10 examples. Go for it! 2023 could finally be the year you get a tattoo!

Tattoo trends 2022 – the coolest designs of the year!

tattoo trends that dominate year 2022

Just like clothes, tattoos should reflect your style and personality. They have deep meaning related to your emotions or memorable events in your life. But they can also mark what you like or what you dream of. Whatever the reason for which you decided to tattoo yourself, you must choose the right design. Will it be black, white or in color? Do you prefer a small and delicate pattern or will you opt for something more radical and impressive? Here are the trends of the year you should consider before heading to the studio.

Retro 90s or Y2K tattoo

womens arm tattoo y2k


Aesthetic 90s tattoos include wrist tattoos and tribal tattoos. You can see suns, moons, and even barbed wire there. Also think of the “tramp stamp” (tattoos placed on the lower back) emblematic of this era.

Thin lines

ballerina tattoo 2022 with thin lines

This trend has been a total hit over the past few years and it will continue to be on the list of most desired tattoos this year. It’s the perfect choice for women and men who are looking for ways to keep their body art hidden.

Tattoo trends 2022-2023: Butterflies

complementary tattoo butterflies trend 2022 2023

Butterflies represent freedom and transformation, so it’s perhaps no surprise that they’re so popular today, after the Covid era. Men usually choose the wrist or chest for a butterfly tattoo, while women prefer the back of the arm.

Realistic tattoos and 3D designs

3d butterfly tattoo in black and orange color small realistic tattoo

Ultra-realistic tattoos were already popular in 2021, but this year we are adding retro designs like butterfly and cat. The most popular places for this tattoo trend 2022-2023 are the shoulder, back or calf. Wherever you place it, one thing is for sure – it will be a real eye-catcher.

Picasso Tattoo

Picasso style unisex tattoo

Are you an art lover? Choose your favorite artist and recreate one of his drawings from your point of view. The top choices for 2022 are Picasso and Salvador Dali. Check out their works and book your appointment with the tattoo artist.

Tattoo Trends 2022: Abstract Art

abstract art tattoo for men and women

In black and gray or with pops of color, abstract tattoos also gain popularity in 2023. They guarantee you something totally unique that reflects your personality in different ways.

Fine arts in combination with pop culture

fine arts with a touch of pop culture

Do you have a favorite sculpture or painting? Well, let’s face it, it would be boring to copy and paste it on your arm, so this year we’re going to twist it with a dose of pop art. Create amazing and unique combinations and be sure to place them somewhere visible so people can appreciate your creativity.

Tattoo trends 2022: Optical illusion

sun optical illusion tattoo

Create a stunning optical illusion on your arm, back, chest or thigh. Sacred geometric figures, impossible shapes or just a blurry image will completely change your appearance. It’s a bonus if you do it in a Very Peri color – Pantone’s choice for 2022

Patchwork tattoo

tattoo trend women 2022

Patchwork tattoos are small tattoos that are not necessarily united by the same idea. They can have different size, style, color and meaning. This means that you can add one every month or year until you make a sleeve. Another popular place for this trend is the hand.

Abstract black shapes

tattoo trend men 2022

This tattoo trend can be used to fill in the gaps between your old tattoos. They can be geometric, flowing or abstract styles that are reminiscent of smoke or lightning.

Photo gallery

2022 2023 tattoo trends for men and women

Wings tattoo on the back in a minimalist version

tattoo 2022 wings on the back minimalist design

Mix & Match Styles

Van Gogh pop culture tattoo

Go for a minimalist tattoo with thin lines

minimalist style tattoo 2022 2023 trend

Hand tattoos are very trendy

tattoo trends 2022 for men and women

Trendy tattoo for men 2022

get tattooed hands

Popular painting tattoo – 2022 version

painting tattoo with two hands that are touching each other

Patchwork sleeve tattoo

tattoo man patchwork trend 2022

Rose chest tattoo

rose chest tattoo

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