Homemade outdoor Christmas decorations: These DIY ideas guarantee a festive atmosphere outside!

by Kremy

Homemade outdoor Christmas decorations exude a very special charm. With the next DIY ideas you can increase the anticipation and inspire friends and family with a beautiful winter decoration. So if you have a few hours free on the weekend, then it’s worth browsing through the next few ideas. You will surely find one that you can recreate.

Outdoor Christmas decoration with a special charm

Sleigh decorated for Christmas with ribbon fir branches

A beautiful Christmas decoration does not have to be expensive. You can repurpose the old sleigh and stage it effectively in the garden or at the entrance to the house. With a large red organza bow and a garland of pine branches, cones and red Christmas baubles, it makes a wintry ensemble.

Design lanterns creatively

outdoor Christmas decoration with lanterns for the staircase


Several lanterns on the staircase not only create a festive mood, but also illuminate the steps and prevent people from stumbling in the evening. Candles should never be left unattended as there is always a risk of fire. LED candles are therefore a popular alternative – provided that they are suitable for outdoor use.

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Make a Christmas wreath from birdseed

DIY Christmas wreath from birdseed

The next idea is for outdoor Christmas decorations that not only looks beautiful but also helps winter birds. Many native species are drawn to the gardens, where the food supply for them is higher. If you offer the little survivors food and water, then they can get through the winter just fine. Then why not make an animal-friendly feeding wreath for Christmas. For this purpose, you can glue dried seeds to a wreath of willow branches with coconut oil. Decorate the wreath with a red bow and hang it up in the garden.

Outdoor Christmas decoration for the garden bench

Christmas decoration for the garden bench DIY Christmas trees

Would you like a decoration in the “Winter Wonderland” style? Then you will surely like the next idea. Arrange three Christmas trees from brushes in a tin bucket. Decorate with lace. Place several LED lanterns so that the decoration can also come into its own in the evening. Puristic and romantic at the same time – this is how the beautiful decoration in white looks.

Arrange a fairy lights in a glass jar

outdoor Christmas decorations with fairy lights ideas

A battery-operated string of lights will brighten up even the simplest decoration. Only use products that are suitable for outdoor use. Arrange the fairy lights under a glass dome to protect them from rain and snow.

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Winter decoration in a plant container

DIY Christmas decoration in flower pot for the patio

You have large plant containers in the garden and they are currently empty? Then you can decorate them with fir or pine branches. Together with the cones of the sugar pine (also known as Pinus lambertiana), they form an attractive composition. This species of pine is native to North America. It grows very tall and forms the longest cones among the pine species. To make the arrangement look natural, you can spice it up with bird figures.

red flower pot in the garden decorated with bird figurines and twigs

It looks particularly charming if you paint the plant container red and add subtle accents in the decoration (such as a few small Christmas balls) to this accent color. Plain white tree branches can also be used to great effect with other materials. By the way, you can also plant conifer branches. Most species are hardy and are in no way inferior to large conifers in terms of appearance.

Use solar powered fairy lights outdoors

Decorate a bicycle in the garden instructions

Would you like to illuminate the garden festively for Christmas? Then opt for environmentally friendly lighting. Solar-powered LED lights and fairy lights save electricity from the grid and at the same time can illuminate dark corners, stairs and steps in the garden. Of course, the garden should also get at least 3 hours of sunshine a day in winter so that the A string of lights usually consumes less than a curtain of lights, for example. Therefore, it is better to use the light sources sparingly, but purposefully. A string of lights with colored lights also looks very charming during the day and creates a festive mood.

Illuminated winter decoration

Outdoor Christmas decorations craft ideas with fairy lights

An illuminated winter decoration looks particularly charming in the garden. If you have wicker balls in your garden as decorations, you can wrap them in weatherproof, solar-powered fairy lights. This is how you create accents in the garden.

Outdoor Christmas decorations made from natural materials for the mailbox

Decorate mailboxes with natural materials

The mailbox also needs to be festively decorated for Christmas. The best way is with natural materials such as fir branches and rose hips. They last a long time, even at sub-zero temperatures, and can still decorate mailboxes after Christmas. In addition, you can always remove individual elements from the decoration and replace them with new ones.

Make your own snowman from a tree trunk

Snowman made of wood instructions and DIY ideas

If you want a long-lasting garden decoration, then you can make a snowman from tree trunks. You need two tree trunks for the body, one for the head and a smaller one for the hat. Assemble the snowman, paint a face and the buttons. For the scarf around the neck, you can use an old plaid shirt. Drill two holes for the arms from tree branches and the Christmas decoration is ready.

Outdoor Christmas decorations welcome family and friends and create a cheerful atmosphere. For maximum effect, combine natural materials with seasonal decorative elements.

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