Christmas outdoor decoration: 10+ ideas how to decorate an outdoor tree and transform your garden into a magical place

by Kremy

You’ve already decorated the house for the winter holidays, but you want to decorate the garden too? Yes of course! Are you looking for Christmas outdoor decoration ideas? We are going to show you how to decorate an outdoor tree for Christmas, because it is the ideal base for your wonderful decorations. By using DIY ornaments, natural materials or fairy lights, you can create a more than magical place. But in order to avoid decorative mistakes, follow our tips and wonderful ideas.

How to decorate an outdoor Christmas tree with fairy lights?

Christmas outdoor decoration ideas how to decorate a garden tree

Trees decorated with fairy lights always look festive and truly magical, just like the Soul Tree from Avatar. What splendor! Who wouldn’t want to have it at home as a fabulous Christmas outdoor decoration?! But how to do it?

The steps to follow

How to decorate an outdoor tree for Christmas with fairy lights

  • Select the tree you want to decorate. Start by choosing one that creates a natural focal point in your landscape, with delicate branches and twigs (if possible). Take into account that tall trees can look really impressive, but the bigger (and taller) it is, the more lights you will need. What you don’t want is a tall, poorly lit tree. So choose a size that matches the amount of lights you have or are willing to buy.
  • Test each string of fairy lights to make sure all the lights work. If you wish, connect several string lights by plugging them end to end.
  • To make it easier, wrap the resulting long light garland around a flat piece of cardboard. This makes it easy to handle a long garland without having to fight a tangle.

decorate an outdoor tree for Christmas with fairy lights

  • Extend a suitable outdoor extension cable to the base of the tree. As the cable will be outdoors, you must protect it from weather conditions (rain and snow). So make sure it is equipped with a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) to protect it from the risk of electrocution.
  • Plug the first strand of fairy lights into the extension cable and begin wrapping the lights around the trunk of the tree, working your way up with each wrap. Make sure there is an even space between them so that the end result is as beautiful as possible.
  • At the end, secure the end of the fairy lights using a piece of natural twine or plant tape. Do not use metal wire, as it could create a fire hazard if the metal penetrates the wire insulation of the light.

What type of fairy lights to choose for your Christmas outdoor decoration?

exterior fairy lights for decorating an outdoor tree

The best outdoor lights to use are LED lights.  They are more energy efficient than standard incandescent bulbs and also last much longer. LED fairy lights cost a bit more, but the investment is definitely worth it.

On the color side, opt for a monochrome warm light if you want to achieve an elegant and cocooning effect. If you rather want to energize the outdoor space with a truly thematic Christmas decoration, bet on a multicolored and sparkling garland.

Outdoor Christmas decorations – tree ornaments

christmas outdoor decoration tree ornaments fairy lights


Christmas ornaments are only for the tree? Who said that? Of course, you can also use them to decorate trees in the garden. It does not matter whether it is a conifer or a deciduous tree. Classic decorations such as Christmas baubles, stars, velvet or satin bows are ideal for adding pretty touches of color in your garden or even on the balcony. Avoid only those made of glass, as they are vulnerable to wind and frost. Consider using ornaments made from natural materials for a successful eco-friendly decoration or birdseed which are very useful for attracting small birds.

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Say “yes” to giant Christmas baubles

XXL red baubles for the Winter holidays

Hang Christmas hats on the branches of your tree

light the garden for Christmas

Be responsible and bet on eco-friendly decoration

use ornaments from natural materials

Tie some red bows around the tree

decorate a tree branch for christmas with a red satin ribbon bow

Stars made from straw

Christmas outdoor decoration ideas DIY star with straws

Decorate the trees in the garden with birdseed Christmas decorations

homemade birdseed cookies birds

Decorate an outdoor natural tree for Christmas

Front porch Christmas decoration

Adding a few red bows may be enough. Leave the rest to Mother Nature.

outdoor Christmas tree decorating ideas

The yellow lights highlight the snow-covered tree even more.

how to decorate an outdoor christmas tree

Decorating an outdoor tree for Christmas – find some more creative ideas for Christmas outdoor decoration

outdoor fairy light garland

The “meteor” LED light is truly magical!

Christmas outdoor decoration ideas transform your garden into a magical place

Make a tree from fairy lights

fairy lights for Christmas outdoor decoration

Don’t forget the gifts! Make a few and store them under the outdoor tree.

gift for Christmas outdoor decoration


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