How to pack your suitcase according to Marie Kondo method in less than 5 minutes? The storage goddess shows us how to travel light!

by Kremy

Are you a fan of order and organization? So you will definitely like our article of the day! The vacation season allows for plenty of adventures, whether they’re across the country or heading to the tropics. The trip is already planned down to the smallest detail, but a small problem persists: the packing of the suitcase which worries you and which can become a real chaos. What to do? Don’t panic, because the goddess of home organization and order comes to your rescue with some remarkable tips and tricks. Let’s see how to pack your suitcase according Marie Kondo. Honestly, it’s a piece of cake!

Who is Marie Kondo and why we should follow her storage tips in our daily life?

how to pack your suitcase according to marie kondo method travel light

The Japanese Marie Kondo is undoubtedly a master of tidying up the home and she’s made quite a splash with her super practical and easy to follow tips and tricks. Her method is more commonly known as “KonMari” and she unveils the revolutionary Japanese art of tidying up, the goal of which is to put your house in order once and for all. After showing us how to store children’s toys and how to organize our closet, Marie Kondo comes to help us travel light and stress-free.

Think you’ve mastered the art of packing your suitcase like a pro? The KonMari method proves you wrong and once again upsets your conceptions. Read on to learn how to pack with Marie Kondo and save time and space.

how to pack your suitcase according to the marie kondo method in 10 minutes


How to pack your suitcase according to the Marie Kondo method?

To successfully pack your suitcase with Marie Kondo, it is important to follow a few simple steps that illustrate the preparation of your belongings and their subsequent folding. What’s more, the Japanese gives some valuable advice on the choice of clothes and accessories. Let’s go!

Lay out all items to be packed on a flat surface

This first step of packing the suitcase will allow you to have a better idea of the things you need to organize. Choose everything you will need depending on where you are going and what activities you’re planning.

Sort your belongings by grouping them by category

What does that mean exactly? The second suitcase storage tip of the radiant Japanese is based on grouping things by category: clothes, underwear, shoes, accessories, beauty products, electronic devices, chargers, books, etc.

Put the “just in case” pieces in their place

Once your belongings have been grouped by category, you can now proceed to the real sorting by asking yourself the question “Do I really need this piece?”. Another question particularly recommended by the Japanese is “Will having this item of clothing make me happy?”. You probably find these methods banal or naive, but they work! So forget the “just in case” pieces and enjoy a light and stress-free trip.

Pack your belongings in small bags before putting them in the suitcase

If it’s a large suitcase, using pouches or packing cubes is a particularly smart trick, because that way you can keep everything together. This step concerns in particular shoes, underwear and chargers (so they don’t get entangled). The biggest advantage of this Marie Kondo suitcase storage technique? You’ll have an easier time at the airport if you need to get cosmetics out quickly during the check.

Finally, pack your suitcase with Marie Kondo!

You have sorted, grouped your belongings and the he relevant items are in pouches. Very well! Now it’s time for the final step, which is to finally pack your suitcase. To do this, first start by folding your clothes vertically (KonMari’s foolproof folding method) reducing their size to a minimum. Roll up thinner fabrics to prevent creasing. Now put everything in the suitcase starting with the folded clothes. For more detailed instructions and to master these suitcase storage tricks like a pro, please check out the video below where the goddess of order packs her things in less than 5 minutes. Yes, it’s that simple!

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