How to pack your clothes without wrinkling them? Discover the most helpful guide!

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This is the holiday season, and it is the most wonderful time of the year! It is certainly all about the family together, however traveling abroad also seems like a pretty good idea. One of my biggest dreams is to go to Finland and see the Northern lights. If this year’s holidays, you are planning on going to one of your dream destinations, or just visiting family, you have to pack your luggage really well. You will have no time to lose when you arrive, and you will want to see as many things as possible. So you will not iron your clothes every time, right? How to pack your clothes without wrinkling them? Keep on reading to find the best tips and tricks!

How to pack your clothes without wrinkling them?

how to pack your clothes in a suitcase without creasing them and making wrincles tips and tricks advice

There is nothing worse than arriving at your destination, opening your suitcase and finding out everything is wrinkled! That means you will spend much time from your vacation ironing clothes. How to prevent that from happening? How to make sure your clothes will be looking amazing when you unpack? Well, we have this simple guide that you can follow and be amazed from the results!

The rolling method

This rolling method will certainly prevent your clothes from wrinkling. Not only that, but it is going to save you a lot of space in your suitcase, and allow you to pack more things. When you’re rolling the clothes, make sure that they are tightly folded and start by making them into even rectangles. You will be able to place them next to each other in the suitcase and fit other small things in between.

How to pack your suitcase according to Marie Kondo

When it comes to traveling and packing your suitcase, Marie Kondo is certainly the person to look up to. She has the best advices, tips and tricks that will help you on how to fold and place items in your suitcase. She shows in just a few simple steps how can you manage to fold your clothing, without wrinkling them or making them crease. One of her best advices is to always think ahead what things you are going to need the most, and pack them on top. That way when you’re in a hurry you won’t have to shuffle everything around and mess everything up. She also advices that you absolutely must use the rolling technique on thinner fabrics, to avoid wrinkling and creasing. Try packing like Marie Kondo for your next trip!

How to pack your clothes without wrinkling them? Try dry cleaning bags.

What is the best way to pack your clothes without wrinkles? Using dry cleaning bags when folding will be the ideal choice when packing a lot of clothing. However, you should keep in mind that folding with these bags will take a lot of your time. It is best to use it if you have enough space in your suitcase, since the bags will also require some space. The video is very helpful when it comes to packing shirts. The method is very efficient when it comes to business traveling. A lot of people are using it and the reviews are amazing. We are introduced to packing systems as well in this video. They can be in handy if you want to fold quickly, and they can also be used like separators.

how to pack your clothes with no wrinkles easy methods ideas tips and tricks guide video tutorial


Other tips on how to pack your clothes without wrinkles

There are many tips and tricks you can adapt for your next traveling. If you try some of the methods, I am sure you will learn how to pack like a real pro. It is actually easier than you might think, and it does not take much of your time. After all, we all want to look presentable when we go to our next destination, and avoid wrinkly clothes. Discover more useful tips, so you can be prepared!

Fold your clothes with tissue paper

Folding your clothes with tissue paper can really prevent a lot of creasing and wrinkles. It is basically the same thing that you would do with dry cleaning bags. You have to fold each piece of clothing when you put tissue paper in between. It is very helpful, however the paper does take some extra space in your suitcase. Essentially, what this technique does is to minimize the friction of the clothes, which prevent the creasing.

When packing your clothes, make sure to lay them flat!

Another method that you can adapt is laying your clothes on top of each other as flat as possible. However, if you try adapting this strategy you can risk your clothes will just pile up around the edged of the suitcase. You have to really take into consideration what suitcase you are going to use.

Pack the necessary, avoid over packing

If you want to avoid wrinkles, avoid over packing. Always pack the necessary and don’t stuff your suitcase. Otherwise, your clothes can crease, and they can get damages from the friction.


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