How to fold clothes like Marie Kondo? Save space when folding shirts, pants, and jumpers

Written by Kristiyana Burdeva

What if you could save some time and space by folding your clothes in a specific, but without a doubt, easy method? Wouldn’t it be great if your closet was better organized, and you could free some room for new clothing items? I can offer you just what you need to achieve this! For any fans of useful tips and tricks that can help you tidy up a house easier, you are probably very familiar with the star organizing consultant Marie Kondo. With her practical advice based on the art of Japanese housekeeping, Marie has made a lot of people’s lives easier when it comes to doing everyday house chores and tasks. And she is going to help us once again, as we are going to base this folding-clothes article on her method, known as the KonMari. So keep on reading to discover how to fold clothes like the master-folder Marie Kondo!

How to fold t-shirts like Marie Kondo?

how to fold clothes like marie kondo_marie kondo fold

Before you start to fold in the Marie Kondo method, make sure that after each fold you smooth your hand over the clothing item before you move on to the next step. Regardless of the garment, this small adjustment will help preserve its shape long term. The advice comes from no one other than the folding queen herself! Now, it’s your turn to try! Fold your T-shirts the KonMari way, by taking one side of the shirt and folding it toward the centre. Then fold the sleeve back in the other direction. In the same manner, fold the other side. You should have a long rectangle shape. Fold the top of the tee down to the hem. Leave a little space at the bottom. Depending on how long your shirt is, fold it in half, or thirds, to get a good shape. Your shirt should now be a cute little packet! If it crumbles, then it is going to need some further adjusting.

How to fold long sleeve shirts the KonMari way?

Interested in more tips on how to fold clothes like Marie Kondo? Alright! Up next, let’s see how to perfectly fold long-sleeve shirts, so we can save up space! Start by first laying the long sleeve tee on a flat surface and spreading the sleeves out to the sides. Bring the edges toward the centre and make that rectangle again, as you did with the T-shirt method. Fold the sleeve back away from the centre of the shirt, and then fold again towards the bottom. Use the line of the clothing item as a guide. Do the same with the other side of the long sleeve tee, but not quite to the edge so the sleeves don’t overlap. When you have your rectangle shape, fold it in half from the top down and leave a little gap between the bottom and the neckline. Fold into thirds and you are done!

How to fold a jumper like the organizing queen?

Are you still wondering hold to fold clothes to save space? As you have already noticed yourself, jumpers tend to take a lot of room in a closet. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to fold them, so they can stay in shape and look neat? Then let’s fold them the KonMari way! Just keep in mind, that they will still take up space as they are winter wear, but by folding them in this method they will surely take up less than before. Start by laying your jumper flat on a surface with the face up. Fold both its sides to meet at the centre. Fold the jumper’s sleeves like you did for the long sleeve tee—over and down, so a rectangle is created. Both sides of the jumper should meet in the middle, whereas the sleeves’ cuffs should be touching the jumper’s hem. From the top, fold down into thirds. If it’s too bulky, you can try folding it in half.

How to fold pants in the Marie Kondo method?

marie konko folding pants_how to fold clothes to save space

Do you want me to introduce you to the Marie Kondo folding pants method? Superb! Before you start, you should know that the KonMari golden rule for folding pants is that those made from cotton, like jeans, can be folded. However, anything that is more formal should be hanged in the closet to keep it from wrinkles. To begin with the pants fold, first place them flat with the face up. Fold them in half lengthwise and put one leg on top of the other. Make sure the zip is on the inside. If the bottom of the pants happens to stick out, fold it back against them. Now fold the legs up towards the waistband, leaving a 1 inch/ 2.5 cm gap between them. Fold the pants in thirds again and voilà! Store them in drawers with the waistband facing down for easier access.

I hope you found this article on how to fold clothes like Marie Kondo useful, and are now enjoying your neatly organized drawers and closet. And if by any chance you are also interested in Marie Kondo’s baby clothes folding method, why not take a look at our article based on it as well?

How to fold clothes like Marie Kondo – Video Tutorial




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