Folding baby clothes using the Marie Kondo’s method – saving time and space!

by Anjelina

Household chores do not wait for postponement, especially when we have a baby at home, everything must be in perfect condition and shine with cleanliness. It feels like an endless cycle of washing, drying and folding baby clothes can be extremely tiring. However, we are lucky to live in times when we can seek help and even more so find it in Marie Kondo’s tidying tips. In this article, we will look at how to fold baby clothes using Marie Kondo’s method so as to save time, effort and most of all space in the wardrobe.

Marie Kondo’s method for folding baby clothes

how to fold baby clothes marie kondo method for folding save time and space

One of the biggest problems in organizing clothes for newborns is the size, which is a real challenge. Clothes are difficult to fold, socks are all over the place, there are more than a dozen accessories, including hats, gloves, and more. Over time, moms become experts in these matters. Initially, however, inexperience is at odds with all of this, and that’s why you need to get organized. There’s only one person who knows how to fold clothes to perfection, and that’s Marie Kondo. Her method of folding is applicable to all types of baby clothes and it’s sure that creases will be kept to a minimum. As long as you get a compact square, then it’s all good! Before you fold clothes like Marie Kondo, though, there are a few more important things to consider!

Initial organization

easy tips organize your dresser empty your drawers stay organized marie kondo


The first important step to take is to empty the drawers of the dresser. This will feel like you are giving a fresh start. Once you learn how to fold clothes compactly, you will be able to arrange everything neatly as well, and so you will never have messy drawers. Each garment is formed into a small square and placed upright on a clean surface. The folding method also saves you time searching for a particular garment or accessory, and while it requires a bit more skill to fold, it saves you time getting ready each day.

Folding pants and shorts

how to fold pant no matter the size konmari method for folding pants and shorts

As far as baby pants and shorts are concerned, there is no difference in folding with that of adult pants by the KonMari method. The aim is to achieve a compact shape that stands on its own. But how to do it?

  1. Have the pants laid down flat on a clean surface.
  2. Take one side over to the other – fold them in half with the legs touching.
  3. Tuck in the crotch area or fold it over. The idea is to create a uniform line, aiming to create a rectangle.
  4. Take the bottom up towards the top, leaving only the waistband.
  5. The last thing to do is to fold the pant several times, starting from the bottom up so that you get a compact shape.

Folding baby onesies

folding baby onesie folding baby clothes marie kondo folding method konmari

Marie Kondo’s folding method will help you organize all of your child’s onesies and find them easily in the drawer after that.

Follow these folding steps:

  1. Lay down the onesie on a flat surface, facing up.
  2. Fold the onesie inwards length ways with the sleeves rolled up and the ends straight.
  3. Fold the onesie in half horizontally, touching the top and bottom.
  4. Then fold horizontally a few more times until it forms a compact rectangle.
  5. Check if the onesie stands upright and stack it in the drawer afterwards.

Folding long-sleeved baby onesies

Long Sleeve onesie folding technique marie kondo method time space saving

Folding a long-sleeved baby onesie is almost the same as a sleeveless one. There are just a few extra steps to keep in mind when folding.

How to fold onesies with long sleeves according to Marie Kondo’s method:

1. Lay the long-sleeved onesie on a flat clean surface. You can iron out any creases.
2. Fold it in half vertically, the sleeves should be on top of each other.
3. Take the sleeves and change their direction so that they cross the onesie.
4. Fold the sleeves inwards so that together with the onesie they form a large rectangle.
5. Fold in half horizontally, touching the top and bottom.
6. Fold horizontally a few more times until you have a compact shape that stands upright.

Folding baby sleepers

baby clothes organization baby sleepers onesies long-sleeved

To properly fold a baby sleeper, the main trick is to form a perfect rectangle, which you fold three times.

  1. Put the sleeper on a flat surface.
  2. Take the sleeve and the leg from the left side and fold them in.
  3. Next, bring the sleeve and the leg from the right side in.
  4. Take the feet and bring them to the center of the sleeper, leaving a few centimeters distance from the top. The idea is to form a rectangle.
  5. Fold once, then fold twice and on the third fold, you are ready !

Folding Т-shirts

folding t-shirts easy way compact folding rectangular shape marie kondo

Once you master the main techniques, you will see that folding t-shirts for example is a rather easy task.

  1. Start by folding one side in and then the sleeve.
  2. Repeat the first step once again on the other side.
  3. Finally, take the long cloth piece in the form of a rectangle. Fold it once by bringing the end to the top, then fold it twice and thrice. That’s all!

Folding baby dresses

how to fold dresses marie kondo style rectangular shape red dress folding baby clothing

Baby dresses very often get wrinkled in the dresser, and we have to iron them again and again. With Marie Kondo’s folding technique, however, creases will be kept to a minimum.

How to fold baby dresses:

1. Iron and place the dress on a smooth surface.
2. Fold the sides in so that you get a nice rectangle with straight edges.
3. Fold the bottom of the dress up, mentally taking up a third of the length.
4. Repeat the folding, and note that you need to fold as many times as necessary to get a compact size.

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