Funny Christmas memes: How to make sure that everyone will have a good time on Christmas eve?

by Gabby

Christmas is not all about the decorations and gift giving. Let’s not forget that all the family is gathering together and having a diner. How to make sure that the dinner is going well if you are hosting? Red wine will most probably do the job, but if you want to get everyone laughing try reading Christmas memes. How to break the ice and get everyone in the mood? Check out the best funny Christmas memes!

Funny Christmas memes

funny christmas memes jokes quotes and pictures have a laugh with family and friends

I am pretty sure you already know what memes are. These funny pictures can be found on the internet, and they can be used in every occasion. They make fun of different events in our every day life, or funny celebrities moments, human, and behavior. The memes are intended to be relatable and to make everyone smile and laugh. Discover many memes that can be the perfect joke for your sense of humor and share it with your friends! You can also find 25 hilarious memes for Thanksgiving. Today our focus is Christmas meme to share with your family! Let’s find out the top picks today and have a laugh!

Early Christmas memes

funny christmas memes to laugh with your friends and family jokes 2022


We all know how tough it can get around the holidays. Having to buy present for all your friends and family is not an easy task, but why not laugh about it?

the grinch funny christmas memes pictures and jokes how to make everyone laugh

Have you seen How The Grinch Stole Christmas? I am pretty sure you have! It is one of my Christmas movies to watch. Jim Carey definitely knows how to make funny faces. The Grinch is this sarcastic, funny, whited character that has inspired many Christmas memes and jokes. If you want some extra laughs, make sure to watch the scene where he is preparing to go to Whoville.

mariah carey memes funny jokes dark humor share with your friends and family to make them laugh

How do you know it is Christmas time? I personally know that when they start playing All I Want For Christmas on the radio, it is time to get ready! This is meme contains a splash of dark humor related to our all-time favorite Mariah Carey!

eleven strange things memes funny jokes creative way to make every one laugh on Christmas

Are there any fans of Stranger Things? If I managed to inspire you for Halloween with the levitating Max decoration, I want to make you laugh with this funny joke with Eleven. She is my personal favorite and if you are watching the show, you know what that smile means!

christmas funny jokes and memes sense of humor how to make everyone laugh trends

There is nothing more satisfying than cutting the wrapping paper and finding the gift that you wanted! I remember my mom’s face when she was watching me open the presents. I am pretty sure it looked like that on the picture!

dogs and cats funny christmas memes animals make you laugh trends 2022 relatable humor

It is always amazing to spend on yourself, but be careful with your Christmas budget! It is fine, a warm bath can fix everything!

home alone movie memes funny jokes for christmas have a laugh with your friends

Let’s watch home alone again and have a laugh again for Christmas! Marv and Harry are the most funny villains of all time!

funny memes about being broke on christmas find ways to make everyone laugh and smile

Have you ever received this as a gift before? When I was little at first I thought they were giving me a treasure. I think that the look on my face should’ve been a meme, when I found out these were chocolates!

christmas time memes pictures funny quotes to share with my family and friends

Is there any song that you listen to so many times that you don’t want to hear it anymore? Look at Jason Momoa’s face!

funny quotes and memes for parents christmas jokes ideal way to laugh with friends

 Funny pictures for after the holidays

christmas funny animal memes and quotes laughter happy smile

Look at this fluffy, chubby cat and the look on its face! The best protection mechanism is sarcasm, so use these jokes on yourself!

after christmas memes funny jokes how does it feel to take down the decorations

Taking down the Christmas decoration is the saddest thing. The house certainly feels empty! Check out the look on Will Smith’s face!

when you check your bank account after christmas meme funny jokes

I always have this look on my face after the holidays, it is inevitable!

after christmas funny jokes and memes january rent is watching your plans for new years eve

Spending money for gifts can be a lot of fun, be January rent is knocking on your door!


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