Levitating Max Halloween decoration: How can we make the spookiest Stranger things display at home?

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Let’s play a little riddle, shall we ? Spooky, creepy, horrifying TV show, an absolute hit among teenagers and adults… Every episode keeps you on your toes. Should I give you more hints? Didn’t think so. Of course, we are talking about Stranger things. The horror drama, created by Duffer brothers, quickly became one of the trendiest shows on Netflix. That is why for this year’s Halloween, in Plainfield, Illinois, the Appel family decided to include a piece of the show in their decor. In particular, Max Mayfield, a character from the show that is floating in the air in one of the scenes in season 4. Dave and Audrey Appel really love to go all out for the spooky season, and this year’s decoration really left their neighbors completely baffled. To be honest, not only their neighbors but the entire internet as they went viral on TikTok with more than 14 million views. People were starting to come to their home, asking the same questions. How did they make it levitate in midair? What did they use to create this mesmerizing display? Let’s check how to make this levitating Max Halloween decoration for our yards!

 Who is Max from Stranger things?

max stranger things levitating scene

Who is Max, you may wonder? If you haven’t seen the show, run and grab your popcorn. Maxine “Max” Mayfield is a character from Stranger things, played by Sadie Sink, that was introduced to us in season 2 of the show. She is the new girl, moving to Hawkins, Indiana with her mom and stepbrother. We can describe Max as a tomboy, who is very good at skateboarding and enjoys playing arcade games. In the beginning, Max is very skeptical of all the strange things happening in her new hometown, until, she ran into a pack of Demogorgon, which are faceless predatory creatures. The famous scene of Maxine floating happens in the 3rd episode of the 4th season. She is possessed by the villain character of the show – Vecna. Creepy, right? That is why this is a perfect Halloween decoration!

Levitating Max Halloween decoration: What is the big secret behind the floating?



The Appel family did not want to reveal what was their secret at first, so it makes more folks wonder. This is what made this decoration more mesmerizing. People started speculating on TikTok and YouTube. Many of them thought about helium or drones. It turns out it is simpler than that. Even though Max is levitating midair, and it seems like you cannot tie her up anywhere, they made their floating Max using a fishing cord. It is strong and almost invisible to the naked eye. They used the pole that is in front of their house to tied one end as the other end goes to their home. At the end of this video, you will be able to see it a bit, as the cord shines a little on a daylight.

Levitating Max Halloween decoration: How can we make it at home?

levitating max halloween decoration how to make at home


Let’s finally see how to create our own floating Max, so we make our Halloween decoration outstanding! For this project you are going to need: a t-shirt, jeans, a hoodie, a wig, a fake mannequin head and hands, sneakers, paint, pool noodles, tape, a thin bailing ware, cotton and fishing cord. Now let’s see all the step-by-step tutorial!

Step 1: Get Max’s clothes ready!

creating levetating max from stranger things halloween yard decor

Credits: Mykill Hobbies

First, we have to make sure the clothing is as accurate as possible. If you were not able to find the same t-shirt, jeans, a hoodie, and shoes, you can simply paint them. The original character is wearing skater Vans shoes. You do not need to buy the original model. You can buy paint and make them look like Vans. For the hoodie and t-shirt, you can also use your painting skills. Do not forget to start drawing your mannequin head. Use a picture from Google to see how Max looks like on that specific scene.

Step 2: How to form the body?

making levitating max stranger things halloween home decoration

While you let the clothing and mannequin head dry from the paint, start putting together the body. Using the pool noodles and your thin bailing ware, create the layout. Attach the head also using the wire. I would recommend using a thicker one for the head. It should be looking like shown on the picture. You can glue the wig in the meantime. We do not want to leave the body hollow. To make it look as realistic as possible, try stuffing it with cotton. Then use plastic bags or a stretch foil to adjust the stuffing and to make sure it will last long. This will definitely give it some definition.

Step 3: Dressing our Max and adding the fishing cord, we are almost there!

how to make max float in your yard halloween decor

Now we have to dress up Maxine. Let’s put on the t-shit, hoodie and jeans. Let’s not forget the skater shoes. The shoes you can attach to the legs made out of pool noodles, using a ware again or you can glue them if you are not planning to use them for something else later on. When you dress her up, don’t forget to leave two holes in the front and back, for the fishing cord, as shown on the photo. Why two holes? Because this will make it more stable when you are attaching it. Now you have to find the right spot to tie the levitating Max!

Step 4: Let’s attach the levitating Max Halloween decoration and let the scares begin!

stranger things levitating max halloween decoration

Find the nearest tree across your house and tie the two ends coming from the back of Max if you want her to face your house. Tie the other two ends somewhere to your house. This is how you are going to achieve this effect of Max levitating in midair. If there are no trees, ask your friendly neighbors if you can tie her to their tree or their house. Like that, you are going to share this scary decoration. Look at this, even during daylight, she gives me chills!

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