Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas for Women, Men & Children

by Kristiyana

Tonight is finally Halloween and there are so many fun activities to take part in! You didn’t have time to prepare a costume? Are you urgently looking for simple suggestions for a last minute Halloween costume? Do not worry! We’ll help you with some inspiration – you can make these quick outfits for men, women, and children yourself!

We have lots of great ideas suitable for all ages, including some last minute options for couples and families. And the best part is that these costumes require little effort and little cost.

Last Minute Halloween Costume – Zombie Couple

last minute halloween costume zombie costume for couples

Looking for a quick and easy costume that you can make from everyday items? Then you should create these incredible zombie costumes for couples – you can make the outfits yourself in just over an hour. All you need is some makeup, DIY fake blood, and old clothes – a white dress and a black suit. With these costumes, a woman and a man can play the zombie bride and groom at the Halloween party. They’re sure to be the hit there! Now is the time to find old clothes in your closet and make the costumes yourself!

Homemade Halloween Costume – Skeleton Idea

homemade halloween costume skeleton costume


This easy skeleton costume can be made with black and white face paint and fancy suits. The costumes are perfect for a couple – a man and a woman who want to create a similar look. Dressing up is so quick and easy. Skeleton makeup will add the finishing touch to your look!

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How to Create a Cute Leopard Costume for Girls?

how to create a last minute leopard costume for girls

Make a few faux furry ears and you’ve conjured up a cute costume! If you can’t find faux leopard ears anywhere, make them yourself! By using scissors, cut out 4 simple triangles out of felt. Then sew two of the triangles together. Connect the two halves with a hot glue gun, then attach everything to a plain black headband. With a little makeup or face paint, your little princess can look like a real leopard – add a simple nose and black whiskers.

Dress up Like Wednesday Addams for Halloween

dress up like wednesday addams for halloween

Consider wearing all black to convey Wednesday Addams’ dark, intriguing personality. Put on a black dress with a white collar. How to make the dress yourself? Or wear a collared shirt and skirt with knee-high socks. As an accessory, you can put on a long black wig that you braid into two braids. And Voilà! You are the new Wednesday Addams on the block.

Last Minute Halloween Costume – Vampire Bat

last minute halloween costume vampire bat

You can make this vampire bat costume yourself, even at the last minute! You need a black dress, black paper and vampire fangs.

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Use scissors to cut out small black paper bats. You can attach these anywhere on your body. Apply intriguing makeup and glue your vampire teeth with denture glue. This outfit will make you look spooky and chic at the same time!

Costume for the Whole Family – Traditional Ghosts

costumes for the whole family traditional ghost

The timeless ghost costume is always a safe bet. It’s quick and easy to make and is great for a last minute Halloween costume. All you need is a white sheet or tablecloth and scissors to cut eyeholes. Creepy! Your husband and kids are ready for the Halloween party!

DIY Costumes for Halloween – Funny Mummy

diy costume for halloween funny mummy

For this last minute costume, you now have to dig through the first aid kit. It’s easy to turn your whole family into mummies by using pads! Sanitary pads are not necessary; toilet paper can be used as well. For a truly spooky effect, you can paint the paper around your eyes black: Trick or treat?

Easy Frankenstein Costume – Idea for Men, Women & Children

simple frankenstein costume for men women and children

Make this simple Frankenstein head from recycled materials for your Halloween costume. Cut eyeholes in a cardboard box and paint the features of a scarecrow on the mask. If you want to give your cardboard head a more realistic look and have a little more time on your hands, you can paint it green.

DIY Halloween Costume for Girls & Boys

diy costume for girls and boys

Use this simple method to help your children make their own Halloween costumes! Take out the crayons and construction paper and let the little ones design their own spooky masks for Halloween. Attach a straw or lollipop stick, so your kids can hold onto their creations once they’re finished. The mask can be modified with an elastic band or string, so the children can wear it around their heads when going door to door.

Last Minute Witch Costume for Women

last minute witch costume for women

A witch costume is so easy to create, making it an ideal last minute outfit. If you want to make it a little more special, opt for a magical black dress with glitter or moons and stars. Your homemade witch costume is not complete without a hat and broom.

Last Minute Halloween Costume: Don’t Forget About Your Pet!

last minute halloween costume idea for cat

Your cat is the prettiest pumpkin at the Halloween party this year! Buy your pet an orange baby t-shirt, and it’ll be ready for the cutest photos.

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