How to Do Easy Glam Skeleton Makeup? Step-by-Step Tutorial

by Kristiyana

What should you go as for Halloween 2023? Not too big on costumes, but still want to stand out at the party? Maybe you should try a quick and easy glam skeleton makeup tutorial? 

How to Do Easy Glam Skeleton Makeup for Halloween?

easy glam skeleton makeup tutorial for halloween

We’ve all seen those amazing glam skeleton makeup tutorials that quite frankly seem a little too hard to achieve as someone who just puts on eyeliner every now and then. I am not the only one, am I? If you are looking for a quick and easy way to get pleeenty of compliments on the upcoming Halloween party you’re attending, you’ve come just to the right place!’s editorial team is offering you today with a simple step-by-step glam skeleton makeup tutorial that anyone can take part in and get stunning results. Are you interested?

Easy Glam Skeleton Makeup Step-by-Step Tutorial

What you’ll need: 

  • Makeup base
  • Simple glue stick for makeup
  • Powder to cover your brows
  • Smokey eyeshadow palette
  • Eyeshadow brush
  • Faux eyelashes
  • Lip liner
  • Eyelash glue
  • Gems in gold & black shades
  • Dark nude lipstick

Skincare Prep for Your Glam Skeleton Makeup

How you do your skin care prep on the morning before applying your glam skeleton makeup for Halloween is going to be crucial for its longevity. Look at it this way, if you are using oil-based makeup products, you should opt for oil-based skin care. And for water-based makeup, use water-based skin care. Start the day with a deep cleanse with an exfoliating product. This will remove any debris that might interfere with your makeup. Next, apply a hydrating primer so that your makeup can better grip to your skin.

Apply Makeup Base & Cover Your Eyebrows

easy amazing glam skeleton makeup tutorial starting with a clear base


Start the tutorial by applying your preferred makeup base as usual. You can block out your eyebrows with the help of a simple glue stick that is used for makeup. Also, apply powder to your brows to protect them, as we will be applying lash glue later on.

Creating the Smokey Eye & Applying Faux Lashes

step by step glam skeleton makeup tutorial

Create your glam smokey eye by using a palette that has gold and rustic colors. The Secret Treasure Palette would be a perfect choice here. You can, of course, base your glam skeleton makeup on any other colors of your choice and just follow the instructions provided here.

Lashes are a must with any glam eye makeup. Here you can go with Faux Mink Lashes in the ‘RICH’ style. Apply them per the instructions.

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Sketching Out the Skull Shape & Shading

follow the anatomy of your face to sketch out the skull shape

Now for the tricky part – sketching out the skull shape! The key to succeeding with this step is allowing for your facial anatomy to guide you. It would be easier for you if you used a lip liner for this. Shade in the darker areas of the skull by using the shades Fade, Wreck and Forbidden from your Secret Treasure Palette. Thanks to the shading makeup technique, the embellishments we will apply later will stand out even more.

Applying the Gems & Using a Dark Nude Lipstick

how to do easy glam skeleton makeup

How to apply the sparkly gems to your face? Do it in the shape of a skull with the help of eyelash glue. Make sure that the gems you are using are based on the tones from the eyeshadow palette. Here, different shades of gold and black are placed. Finish off your glam skeleton makeup with a glam lip. A dark nude would work perfectly here. You can try the Rust Nude Lip Kit.

easy glam skeleton makeup tutorial for halloween

And there you have it! The final look of this easy, yet amazing glam skeleton makeup tutorial. With it, you won’t need much more to stand out at the Halloween party. Pair your makeup with a wet hair look and put on a gorgeous black dress that flatters your figure. And if you are curious to experiment with other Halloween makeup classics and more creative ideas, take a look at our article on Fall and Halloween makeup trends 2022 that are inspired by the Rock and Roll Beauty collection by legendary musician Ozzy Osbourne.

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For another super easy video tutorial on glam skeleton makeup, check out this one provided by Kaitlin Emma:

Easy Glam Skull | Halloween Makeup Tutorial

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