17 Of the Best Homemade Halloween Dog Costume Ideas!

by Kremy

There are only a few days until the spookiest party of the year and the kids are already starting to plan their costumes and makeup! But what about pets? They can certainly participate in the festivities, even if they can’t taste the sweets… What Halloween dog costume to choose and can you make it yourself?

What Halloween Dog Costume to Choose for Your Pet?

homemade halloween dog costume ideas 2023 nemo clownfish

This year, my little ones have decided that Charlie, our cockapoo, will accompany them on the candy hunt. The poor creature has no say in the matter and so I have to find some sort of Halloween dog costume that will be safe and, at best, original and cheap, if not easy to make. So, I rolled up my sleeves and got to work, at least virtually… Here is the result of my search.

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Top Homemade Halloween Dog Costume Ideas

diy original halloween dog costume ideas 2023 lion


I have divided my finds into 3 categories to make it easier for me to choose. The first batch brings together Halloween costume ideas for dogs which are, in my opinion, creative and, at the same time, relatively easy to imitate. At least I have an idea how to do it and I’m not among the most skilled with manual activities. The second group is made up of costumes that can probably be found in stores at low prices, which is also advantageous.

original diy halloween dog costume ideas vampire

In the third category, I put the most original ideas that the most dedicated craft enthusiasts have made themselves, but which I will definitely not be able to recreate with my own two hands. By the way, these are ideas inspired by popular cinema and TV series. Either way, these Halloween dog costume ideas deserve their place on our list and if you enjoy sewing in your spare time, you will probably be able to make them.

Homemade Halloween dog costume ideas: blue tulle shower ball and piece of rope

halloween dog costume 2023 original ideas shower net

Speaking of homemade Halloween dog costume ideas, the easiest approach is to take an old canine item of clothing and transform it into something else with paint, cover it with material to decorate it, etc. This is exactly my kind of “lazy” DIY but still produces an admirable result – DIY dog costumes don’t have to be complex:

When life gives you a cone, make it a Martini!

diy halloween dog costume 2023 ideas martini

Veganizing your pet’s clothing: good or bad idea?

original diy halloween dog costume 2023 ideas greenery

A top Halloween costume for dogs: long-haired faux fur spider

spider dog dachshund adorable funny homemade halloween dog costume

Funny ghosts that are super cute and easy to make at the same time!

halloween costumes for dogs 2023 diy ideas ghosts

A black dog outfit, a little white paint and that’s it!

best homemade halloween dog costume ideas skeleton

What if your dog transforms into a super nice grandma with the help of a few accessories?

best homemade halloween dog costume ideas 2023 grandmother

Original Ideas for Pre-Made Canine Costumes

halloween dog costume ideas 2023 original delivery driver costume

The dachshund’s body shape is perfect for turning into a hot dog!

dachshund hot dog halloween dog costume ideas

Trick or treat? A poodle or fish?

diy funny halloween dog costume ideas 2023 nemo clownfish

The classic: how about a pumpkin Halloween dog costume?

cute puppy diy halloween pumpkin costume

Halloween Dog Costume Ideas Inspired By Cinema and TV

diy dog halloween costumes ideas

Wonderful costume idea for fans of the Harry Potter books and films

diy halloween dog costume ideas 2023 harry potter

The faces of these pugs: “Blessed be the pug!”» … “May the Lord open!”» lol

super cool halloween costumes for dogs

Fans of the Star Wars universe will love this adorable Ewok costume

best homemade halloween dog costume ideas ewok

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