20 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids: Cute Ideas for Girls and Boys

by Kremy

Yes, yes, I know… It’s over a month until the holiday. However, every year I try to come up with something at the last minute and my children seem somewhat disappointed, although they don’t admit it directly. So, this year, I decided to prepare in advance and please them, even though the occasion is not one of my favorites. Obviously, every successful costume starts with the right basic idea. So, here are the top suggestions for DIY Halloween costumes for kids that I found on the Web and which I will happily share with you!

What Are the Most Popular DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids Ideas in 2023?

top ideas halloween costumes for kidds moms the wizard of oz

There are no restrictions when it comes to the right Halloween costumes for kids in 2023, except for your own imagination! Of course, the classic is to opt for something terrible or disgusting, but the possibilities for artistic costumes don’t stop there… Of course, it all depends on the interests of your kids, their favorite games, characters or hobbies, among other things, that will eventually determine the winning costume.

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How to Choose the Right Costume?

2023 diy halloween costumes for kids boys girls top ideas


In any case, I have selected what I find to be the best Halloween costume ideas for girls and little boys (I have an 11 year old daughter and a 5 year old boy). My selection criteria were above all originality and easy making, as I don’t want to complicate my life too much. I’m going to show them to the kids and they’ll have the last word.

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Halloween Costumes for Kids: Ideas for Girls of All Ages

original diy halloween costumes for girls

So, without further ado, here is a small collection with my favorites that I find relatively easy to recreate without investing too much time or money and without me being particularly skilled in creative activities of this kind. This also explains why these are essentially no-sew costume ideas.

Toddler walker or senior walker? A matter of opinion!

toddler halloween costume old woman walker

Although my daughter is already almost a teenager, I loved this idea so much that I couldn’t exclude it from my collection! This Halloween costumes for kids idea is not only super simple to make with common materials, but the walker for seniors from plastic pipes works perfectly for little ones who are about to learn to walk!

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Get inspired by evil characters to create a top Halloween costume

diy halloween costumes for girls cruella de vil


Given that you have a similar plush jacket, getting a black and white wig from low-cost stores is all you need to do to imitate this wicked, funny and adorable Halloween costume for little girls. The idea works for girls of all ages, whether they’re familiar with the animated “101 Dalmatians” or the 2021 film “Cruella.”

A fun costume idea that scares only serious meat-eaters

diy halloween costume for little girl green salad

It may seem odd to most people, but some kids aren’t crazy about anti-heroes and monsters in fiction. Instead, they prefer to take on the role of… food?! Yes, it’s very strange, but if my kids choose such a theme, I would rather make a green salad from crepe paper than a fabric pizza slice costume, a box of fries, etc.

Cute characters can also inspire your daughter’s Halloween costume

diy halloween costume for girl little red riding hood

In fact, including items that you already have at home is one of the best approaches to take when talking about cheap and easy DIY Halloween costumes for kids. A scarlet hooded cape? You’ll immediately become Little Red Riding Hood! An old straw hat? Then you can make a scarecrow costume or decoration, can’t you? Let the candy hunt begin!

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A glittery cardboard key and your little musical wind-up doll is ready!

diy halloween costumes for kids music box doll

Use what you already have, like an Easter bunny ears headband

alice in wonderland halloween costume for girls

A Wednesday Addams and Cousins Itt costume that teen girls will love!

easy diy halloween costume for girls wednesday addams cousin itt

DIY Halloween costumes for kids idea that’s easier to make than you might think…

diy halloween costume for little girl maleficent

You can make the horns from paper and glue them onto a headband



Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Boys

diy halloween costumes for kids small boy chucky

Whether you have a toddler, a young schoolboy or a son approaching adolescence, the scary Halloween costumes for kids are true classic that most boys like. One particularly easy costume is that of the living Chucky doll, which only requires a little red paint and a set of old clothes that you’re willing to sacrifice.

original diy halloween costumes for boys lego block

This idea for Halloween costumes for kids is perfect for little boys who love playing with Legos! I think my son will love the idea and I could also put to good use some of the little round plastic boxes I’ve accumulated over the years. The same principle applies to old cardboard boxes, worn-out clothes, various scraps of fabric, and so on.

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An adorable and simple mummy costume made from an old gray sheet

easy diy halloween costumes for kids mummy costume from ild sheet

Superman or Clark Kent: Which Personality Will Dominate Your Boy’s Halloween

hallowen costume for boys superman clark kent

Some Unisex or Sibling Ideas

halloween costumes for kids hobbits

A set of black clothes, a little white paint and voila!

easy diy halloween costumes for kids 2023 ideas skeletons

The rainy cloud: One of the top DIY Halloween costumes for kids ideas

easy diy halloween costumes for kids gir or boy raining cloud costume

Do your toddlers know Fred and Wilma Flintstones and Bam Bam Rubble?

halloweencostumes for kids boy girl fred wilma flinstones bam bam

Barbie and Ken are the characters who will be among the TOP DIY Halloween costumes for kids ideas in 2023!

original diy halloween costumes for girls and boys ken barbie


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