40 Halloween makeup for kids and face paint ideas for boys and girls

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Children love Halloween because they can dress up in an unusual and sometimes even creepy costume. Moreover, caring parents will apply a makeup that will complete their look. We will show you some super cool Halloween makeup ideas for kids and will give you some useful tips how to apply makeup, what type of makeup to use, etc.

Halloween makeup for kids and face painting ideas

Thousands of people are preparing for this holiday. They choose costumes and come up with amazing Halloween ideas. Children are special fans of magic fun. After all, there is an excellent opportunity, using Halloween makeup, to turn into a witch, a dead man, a vampire, a zombie, paint a face and have fun, frightening others.

Halloween makeup ideas for kids – what type of paint to choose?

halloween party for children makeup and costume ideas


Halloween makeup for kids should be selected and used with caution. Parents must use gentle products that are safe and do not cause allergies. The most common drawing method is face art or face painting. The paints used are hypoallergenic and can be easily washed off with water. Before applying Halloween makeup for children, you need to think about the pattern. But when thinking over a drawing on a child’s face, it should be borne in mind that children are not very patient and it will be difficult for them to wait a whole hour until you finish your work. Therefore, try to avoid a very complex drawing.

There are some restrictions for applying Halloween makeup and considerations that every parent needs to keep in mind. Do not use makeup if:

  • the child is under 3 years old.
  • If there are wounds or scratches on the skin.
  • If the child has an allergy to face paints.
  • If the makeup contains harmful chemicals.

DIY vampire makeup ideas for children

Always chose high quality products, designed especially for kids. Finding non-toxic Halloween makeup for kids is the prime task for every responsible and caring parent. Inform yourself beforehand which manufacturers offer kids’ cosmetics and paint that are 100% safe. Buy makeup from a well-known, well-trusted theatrical brand or mainstream brand. Make sure that the products you purchase are lead and paraben-free. You could DIY your child’s makeup with clays and food dyes. Organic coconut oil is best for removing makeup. Avoid products that have an added artificial fragrance as well as powder. Do not forget, that using common sense is best!

DIY Halloween kids makeup ideas step by step

There are different types of Halloween makeup and when it comes to kids’ safety and health, parents need to know the pros and cons of each type. Alcohol activated paints require 99% solution and are not suitable for children.

  • Cream paint is the most common option. It does not need to be activated and can be used right out of its container. One of the major disadvantages of cream paints is that they do not set firmly and can stain clothes. Cream paint is removed with cold cream, soap and water.
  • Grease paints are inexpensive and offered in almost any store at Halloween. Like cream paints, these come in single color or small palettes. However, they do not set either and are easily transferred to clothes, so you should expect not only ruined makeup but stained costume as well. Grease paint is removed with cold cream.
  • Water paints, like the name suggests, are activated by water. You can add more or less water, depending on the intensity of color that you need to achieve. The huge advantage of water paints is that once they dry, they are firm and do not transfer onto clothes. Water paints are easily removed and washed away with water.

Halloween makeup ideas for kids – choose a character and costume

Halloween for children costume and makeup ideas

Halloween makeup ideas for kids depend on the chosen character. Yes, it is true that makeup is important for the overall image.

Following the Halloween makeup tips for girls and boys that we listed above will help you make the process fun and stress-free for your child. Do not force the child to participate in the drawing process, the kid must want to take part in the face painting. Make some preliminary brush strokes to get the child used to the new sensations. Remember that this process should be pleasing to the child. If necessary, take 10 minute breaks. Communicate with your child on topics of interest to him while drawing.

halloween party for kids DIY makeup ideas

The first step of preparing for Halloween will be the choice of the image, because this will determine how bright, original and memorable the child will be. The chosen character can be scary and terrible or sweet, cute and funny. It is strongly recommended to avoid bloody and horrifying costumes and makeup. There are many ways to create a “horror” makeup without crossing the line. Just make them cute monsters! Vampire, witch, skeleton, zombie, ghost, devil, mummy, fairy, mermaid, knight, elf, princess, angel, clown, cat, lion – these are just some of the numerous Halloween makeup ideas for kids.

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Halloween makeup ideas for kids – Animals

Tiger face paint Halloween party for kids ideas

Representatives of the animal world are one of the most favorite characters of children of preschool and primary school age. You can get inspired by a favorite cartoon or an encyclopedia about wildlife. What are the most popular animals among children? Of course, it is better to ask this question to each specific boy or girl, but most children prefer the costume of a cat, bat, spider, crocodile, lion or dragon. You can buy an animal costume from the store or make it as a DIY project. Halloween makeup for children can be done in a minimalist style and there are many tutorials on the internet that will help you. Halloween cat makeup is especially popular. Mark the cheekbones. Using eyeshadow and pencil, try to draw the cat’s eyes and eyebrows. With the help of makeup, draw the cat’s nose and moustache.

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Halloween makeup ideas for kids – Superheroes

face paint ideas for Halloween Hulk makep

All children dream of having superpowers, like Spiderman, Batman, the Avengers, Hulk or Catwoman. A Halloween costume for children will help you turn your little one nto a Superhero. Making Halloween costumes for children at home is not difficult. Even when it comes to the Hulk costume! Hulk always appears in torn pants. Therefore, it is recommended that you take old unwanted jeans and make them look like superhero pants. Clothes on the upper part of the body should be green, and if your baby is thin, put on a puffy jacket or vest under a sweater or turtleneck to imitate the muscles. You can buy a special mask or just paint your child’s face green. Boys can easily become Spiderman by painting their faces with red paint. The areas around the eyes should be highlighted in white. A spider web should stretch over the top of the entire makeup in black stripes.

Pirate makeup and face painting ideas for kids

easy DIY Pirate makeup for boys Halloween ideas

Pirates have been the favorites of children over the years. These brave characters have conquered the seas, hijacked ships, looked for treasures, and took part in various adventure stories. That is why Halloween pirate costumes for children are so popular. Halloween makeup for kids is also an important part of the pirate look. It includes a mustache and thick eyebrows, beard and an eye patch.

Vampire makeup and face painting for children

vampire makeup for boys and girls Halloween ideas

Halloween is a fabulous and mystical holiday. You can hardly think of a more suitable character than Vampires. They both delight children and terrify them. And if your child wants to appear as a vampire at the party, a proper makeup and costume are essential. There is no need to spend a fortune on a vampire costume. Black pants (a dress for a girl) and a snow-white shirt with a black piece of fabric that can be tied around the neck will do just fine. Pale face, dark eyes and drops of blood on the lips and your little vampire is ready!

Fairy tale and cartoon characters

face painting ideas for kids Halloween makeup

Halloween costumes and makeup for kids can be very different. Read a fairy tale to your child, remember what these characters looked like. This will determine which Halloween costume and makeup to come up for the holiday. Cartoon characters are very bright, so you won’t have to think long about makeup. Different colors, ribbons, hairpins, rubber bands – the more colorful children’s costumes are, the more fun the holiday will be.

Clown makeup for kids

quick and easy DIY Halloween makeup for children

The face of a clown can be either evil or kind and it will depend on what kind of smile is drawn. You can choose any colors for this makeup. Classic colors are white, red, black and blue. As we mentioned earlier, it is better to avoid horrifying and bloody images and makeup because the other kids on the block may be really scared.

Halloween face paint ideas for kids sugar skull makeup

Of course, these are just some of the numerous Halloween makeup ideas for kids. Zombie, sugar skull, skeleton, unicorn, rabbit, etc – all of these you will see in the photo gallery below.



super cool Halloween makeup for boys

quick DIY Halloween makeup ideas for boys

Halloween makeup ideas for boys

easy DIY Halloween makeup for children

Halloween costumes and makeup ideas for boys and girls

face painting tips for children Halloween party ideas

Face paint ideas Halloween makeup and costumes for children Batman

Face paint ideas for Halloween DIY witch makeup

kids face paint ideas for Halloween

face paint ideas for boys and girls DIY tiger makeup

Easy pirate makeup for boys

Easy DIY Pirate face paint makeup for children

easy cat face makeup Halloween ideas for girls and boys

Halloween face paint ideas for kids

DIY Zombie Face Makeup ideas for kids

halloween makeup ideas for boys and girls DIY sugar skull

Halloween party and costumes for kids DIY pirate makeup

DIY Halloween makeup face paint ideas for children

DIY halloween face paint idea clown makeup

DIY Halloween costume and makeup ideas for boys

cute Halloween makeup ideas for children deer costume and face paint

cute Halloween makeup for girls rabbit face painting

clown makeup for children Halloween ideas

cat face painting ideas for children

Halloween paint face ideas for children Bambi makeup



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