How to grow tulips – fantastic spring flowers in your garden

Written by Kremena Ruseva

How to grow tulips? These amazing flowers are loved not only by gardeners but by everyone for their amazing appearance, delicate aroma and gentle beauty. Representing the Liliaceae family, tulips are probably the most popular and common bulbous flowers. They can also be called the most diverse, because the number of varieties is measured not by hundreds, but by thousands, and the choice in shape and color increases from year to year.

Dutch tulip varieties spring garden ideas

Tulips are the spirit of spring and look very noble. The smooth, satin petals of an oval bud gently flickering in the sun, delicate green pointed leaves, and most importantly, the adorable colors transform every garden into a magical oasis. The color of the flowers is striking in its diversity – red, white, black, yellow, etc. Tulips are appropriate in any floral arrangement, and you can present them for any occasion.

How to grow tulips – when and where to plant your bulbs?

How to grow tulips spring flowers ideas for your garden

Nowadays tulips are among the most popular and favorite flowers around the world and it is difficult to imagine a flower bed without them. Dutch grown tulips have been the most popular flower among gardeners for centuries and are a recognized example of impeccable quality and amazing beauty. Such a variety of shapes and colors can hardly be found in any other country in the world. Tulips are part of the rich Dutch culture and history. For four centuries, the Dutch managed to achieve incredible results in the cultivation of these flowers, which helped them become the main suppliers of tulips.

Dutch tulips bulbs are exported to different countries of the world and high-quality planting material is the key to the lush, bright and abundant flowering. The cultivation of these flowers is easy for both experienced gardeners and amateur growers. So, how to grow tulips? We shall give you some general guidelines which will help you.

how to plant tulip bulbs

When to plant the tulip bulbs? For the normal development, bulbs should be planted in the soil in a timely manner – in the autumn before the ground freezes. The best period is when the temperature of the soil is about 9-10 degrees C. Usually this is the time from mid-September to mid-October, so the bulbs manage to establish themselves and adapt to wintering before frost.

Tulips do not like a lot of heat and prefer a site with full or afternoon sun. Generally, tulips do not like areas with excessive moisture, so make sure that the soil on the spot you chose is well-draining, dry or sandy, neutral to slightly acidic. In case you have selected tall varieties, make sure that they are sheltered from strong winds.

Plant the bulbs at least 8 inches deep with the pointy end up and space bulbs 4 to 6 inches apart. Cover with soil and press soil firmly. Water bulbs right after planting.

Dutch tulip varieties –choose the color and variation

when and where to plant your tulip bulbs

When choosing tulips, it is better to select a reputable manufacturer that offers flowers grown naturally. There are a lot of species of Dutch tulips and you can choose from the hundreds of colors or depending on the blooming period, height, whether you will plant them in flower beds and borders or in containers, size of blooms, etc.

beautiful red tulips spring garden flowers

For example, if you prefer magnificent red tulips, you can choose Red Impression, Jumbo Cherry, Red Pomponette, Kingsblood, Red Power, Abba, Parade, etc.

If you prefer yellow tulips with intense color, then species like Yellow Emperor, Batalinii Bright Gem, West Point, Strong Gold, Golden Parade, Yellow Pomponette, etc. should be your choice.

White tulips are stunningly tender, graceful and delicate. White Triumphator, Daytona, Harbor Light, White Emperor, Calgary, Sky High White are hust some of the varieties to choose from.

flower bed with blooming purple tulips spring garden flowers

Those of you who are attracted to the purple shades can choose Purple Rain, Negrita, Magic Lavender, Purple Pride and for the lovers of exotic dark colors species like Queen of Night, Vincent van Gogh, Black Parrot, Black Hero will be the perfect choice.

Double fringed tulip varieties like Brisbane, Queensland, Snow Crystal, Crispion Sweet, etc. are spectacular and come in a variety of colors.



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