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flower beds stone borders ideas

Sometimes it is sufficient to surround the flower beds with an edge or a low fence, and voila, you instantly have a garden! You will find this pointless? However, we will show you some ideas on how you can lay flower beds stone edging and separate the lawn from the flower beds visually. Here we want to show you what benefits you would have. On one hand the bedding and lawn edges have a purely decorative function, on the other hand they put a boundary between the garden paths and flower beds, and will give your outdoor area a new look. The edges can be high or low, made of wood or stone, but in all cases you need to find the right look for your garden. The curbs have a long history. If you decide to make a curb for your flower beds edges, you can search for ideas from the Renaissance to different design solutions in the Italian gardens. The edges are made of stone, brick, metal, wood or clay.

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If the path is paved with stone slabs, gravel or sand, then curbs are very suitable. You can use this and design beautiful stone edging for flower beds. If you want to emphasize the natural beauty of the borders, use stones of various shapes – cut the border stones, divide them and of course you will get irregular shapes. Arrange them side by side in a shallow trench, without joining the individual pieces with cement. This allows you to create round or rectangular flower beds borders. The simplest method of working is when you are making the flower beds, edges and garden paths at the same time.

Flower beds stone edging with a country style look

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Sometimes, you might feel homesick and remember the old house of your grandparents and the rural farm next door? If you plan to re-create this rural atmosphere in your garden, then you can design the lawn and stone edging for flower beds with polished river stones. Large oval stones can be collected directly from a nearby river or buy those at a hardware store. You can then move the lawn edging stones and set them as an accent in the garden. In order to emphasize the natural beauty of river stones, you can arrange them using the easiest way – next to each other or over each other, so that a low wall is formed. Since the shape of the stones is quite different and they do not fit together, it is recommended to cement them. If you add ivy or moss later, they would give your green garden a romantic touch.

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If you want to feel a bit of the intimacy of the Renaissance gardens in your garden, then use your flower beds and transform them into an edge of plants. The most commonly used species for this purpose during the Renaissance was the boxwood. Today it is still used in garden design. The advantage of this plant is that it is persistent and survives the cold winter well. The boxwood can decorate your garden all year round. The boxwood is an easy growing plant that requires no special care. Its disadvantage is that it grows slowly. So you need time to form your flower beds and lawn edge with boxwood. In addition, it must be trimmed regularly, so you can get the necessary and desired shape. The green edges can be in various forms – straight, circular or, depending on your preferences.

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The use of bricks in home gardens is not typical for most countries. Such examples do exist in the Mediterranean area. Bedding and lawn edging made of bricks, you can arrange easily, so they are an easy solution for your garden and will give your outdoor area an exotic touch.

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If you do not want to get into much trouble, a super cheap solution is already there for you too! There are already modules of edges which you can buy and they only need to be installed in the garden. They are in the form of fences and meshes with a height of about 20 cm and a length of 2.5 m (some are available in rolls). The same is true for decorative flower containers, plastic imitations of rocks, tree stumps, etc. You can also finished terracotta edges in different sizes. If you opt for this type of flower beds and lawn edges, then you have to take it into consideration that the flower beds need to be higher than the garden paths.And at the end of today’s article, we want to give you one last tip. Create your flower beds and lawn edges following your own imagination. Sometimes this is the way to get the best results. Add a few large clay vases in different shapes which will be planted with flowers that will give your garden a romantic look. And never forget, it all depends on your creative imagination and your own style. We wish you much success with creating and designing your flower beds and lawn edge!

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