35 creative ideas for leftover wallpaper to make on your own

by Kremy

creative ideas for leftover wallpaper tray

You have probably noticed that the most interesting ideas are often born by mistakes. And it’s either because we want to reach some form of originality, or simply want to use something that is not currently meaningful to us. And if ,while cleaning, you have found  a large amount of things about which you even do not know why and for what reasons you have to keep this, then is the same case. A half or a whole roll of wallpaper that is still left over from last year’s renovation, can help you design something very creative. Here we have collected 35 creative ideas for leftover wallpaper that are also easy to make by yourself.

creative ideas for leftover wallpaper coffee table


You have the leftover wallpaper pieces somewhere in the closet, in a box under the bed or in another secret place and they are waiting to be used on a place where is a piece is torn off, be scratched by the teeth of your dog, or the child showed its artistic talent.

creative ideas for wallpaper leftovers chest

Yes, in such cases, it is nice to have a rescue option for the renovation of the walls, but maybe these wallpapers leftovers just never got used because we have decided to use a new wallpaper. So what happens with wallpaper remnants which are forgotten and not to be discarded?

creative ideas for leftover wallpaper cabinet doors

In fact, you can be far, far more creative about the things to do with the wallpaper remnants! And all alone, without a lot of effort in some free time this weekend. We have mentioned only 30 ideas for leftover wallpaper here, but we are sure that your imagination can not be limited in ideas.

DIY ideas for leftover wallpaper bed headboard

For example, the old buffet can get patterned lining – outside, inside, wherever you want. Do you want to decorate the walls with a picture, but not spend a lot of money – make a collage. You just need an old frame.

creative ideas for leftover wallpaper bucket

The headboard in the bedroom is also a suitable object for decoration, where you can apply these creative ideas for leftover wallpaper. A small table whose surface is scratched or damaged by moisture, can be immediately restored. And why not an entire wall, with decoration in patchwork style – with different wallpaper remnants you get a very entertaining and satisfying result. Probably a skeptic would doubt the practicality of such a decoration, but he would hardly dare to reject its creativity!


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DIY ideas for leftover wallpaper

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