How to build an outdoor shower in the garden by yourself?

by Kremy

Outdoor shower pool garden furniture ideas

We will show you 20 creative ideas and original designs of outdoor showers which provide a fantastic summer refreshment for the whole family.

Outdoor shower in the garden or on the balcony!

outdoor shower in the garden snail shape


If you want to build an outdoor shower, you have to consider some of the details in advance. Select a location / best option is near the house/ where the shower is located. Convenient location is close to the kitchen, the bathroom / if the bathroom is on the first floor, or on the balcony, when the bathroom is situated on the second floor /. Be inventive – one of those homeowners who built such a shower placed it at the cellar door. Another example is the shower attached on a tree in the garden . The second important requirement is to choose a certain shower type. The so called plug-in system allows you a certain flexibility – the shower can be connected with a garden hose, and you’re done. In winter, these showers can be uninstalled fairly easy.

Outdoor shower and ideas for screens

outdoor shower with tub garden design ideas

The second important condition for the outdoor shower is the soil – make sure in advance where the waste water will flow away. If you have a pool in the garden, you can connect the shower to the waste water system of the swimming pool. The third question that you need to consider in advance – do you need a screen or not. If you have a high fence that provides sufficient privacy protection, you may not need a screen. Otherwise, you can build a screen wall made ​​of bamboo, natural stone or other materials. Let yourself be inspired by these ideas and create an oasis for those hot summer days!

Shower design with green mosaic tiles

outdoor shower in the garden mosaic tiles green wall

Minimalist design shower in the garden

Modern outdoor shower garden ideas minimalist style


Shower separated by a high stone wall from the garden

exotic shower stone wall bathroom

 Garden shower with plug-in system allows flexibility

DIY outdoor shower garden design idea

Creative idea for shelves

Pebble stone path stone wall outdoor shower

 Wooden pergola protects from the sun

Garden shower and pergola ideas

Garden shower mounted on a tree – practical idea

creative outdoor shower idea tree

Garden shower mounted on the building facade

Garden shower house wall

Shower on the balcony – space-saving option

outdoor shower original design patio ideas

 House in the woods with outdoor shower

Balcony shower forest house

Large outdoor bathroom

Bathroom under the sky outdoor shower

Outdoor shower on the poolside

 garden shower pool nice view

Self-made bamboo screen

shower garden exotic bamboo screen

Cellar door with shower

interesting shower garden cellar door

Sink and shower in the garden

outdoor sink shower flooring

 Shower on the balcony – wooden house

outdoor shower wooden house balcony beautiful view

 Modern garden shower and infinity pool

innovative outdoor shower design



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