18 ideas for bathroom interior with modern vanity design from Neutra

by Kremy


elegant bathroom furniture vanity design idea

We will show you 18 examples of modern bathroom interior with modern vanity design – make your bathroom modern, elegant and natural. The Italian company Neutra impressed with a chic combination of stone and wood in the bathroom.

minimalist bathroom furniture Neutra


The purity of the water, the energy of the stone, the warmth of wood – this is the language of nature. Neutra used these materials and combined them with a new approach to the modern bathroom design to provide comfort in the bathroom. The original collection of bathroom furniture, fittings and wall covering creates a harmonious atmosphere where you can relax and rest. The vanity design is made with much attention to the details of stone and wood, and is functional and cozy. Stone, granite, quartz and marble provide a refined interior. Established in Como in 1880, the family business is known throughout Europe for its interesting collections.

Wooden vanity modern bathroom design

 The collections of Neutra present different approach to the material – sometimes minimalist, sometimes rustic – but one thing is common – each model is inspired by nature and follows the shapes and curves of the landscape. Neutra believes in the simple lines – there is nothing superfluous. The designs are complimented by chic exotic masks, vases and chairs. The modern bathroom is an open space where you can feel free. The design with a vanity was left on purpose, in most cases, without a cabinet, so that the line looks more elegant. Enjoy the proposals from the reputable brand name and you will find the inspiration for your own bathroom!

chic vanity design bathroom interior ideas Neutra

neutra bathroom vanity design sink cabinet

modern bathroom furniture mirror gray stone tiles

two mirror double sink vanity design

Double sink vanity design

 interior modern design marble

minimalist sink design stone Neutra

Bathroom ideas minimalist style vanity design

minimalist bathroom interior gray furniture

beige bathroom furniture design idea basin

Stone tiles design

rustic design massive wood

round sinks minimalist design

Bathroom minimalist design

modern washbasin mirror bathroom ideas




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