Bathroom Decor Ideas 2023 – 15 Unique Ways to Bring Character Into Your Small Sanctuary!

by Stephanie Yankova

Do you feel like giving your bathroom a seasonal makeover? I must admit – my bathroom is my sanctuary and I always try to make it as cozy as possible! That being said, I do enjoy an occasional makeover just to keep everything fresh and on-trend! If you’re looking for inspiration to help you spice up your bathroom, you’ve come to the right place! Here are the trendiest bathroom decor ideas 2023 has in store for us!

Bathroom Decor Ideas 2023

bathroom decor ideas 2023 pink tiles plants wooden storage shelves

In 2023 we’re going big and bold with our designs! Accent colors, greenery, organic materials, and modern elements in combination with vintage pieces – the interior solutions of the year are anything but boring! If you’re new to bathroom decor, this is the time to let your imagination run wild! Let’s take a look at some bathroom decor ideas and accessories that can turn the dullest of spaces into a true statement!

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Colorful Shower Fittings

bright pink colorful shower fittings subway tile pattern shower curtain bathroom decor ideas 2023


Changing your shower fittings probably isn’t the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking about bathroom makeovers. However, you’ll be surprised how big of a difference a little pop of color in the shower can do! if you have colored tiles, I suggest you pick a contrasting color for your fittings. That way you’re really going to add a WOW effect in your space that draws attention every time you see it! In fact, why not add a matching shower curtain or towels to finish off the look? You’re going to end up with one Instagramable bathroom, that’s for sure!

Bathroom Poster Wall

poster wall modern bathroom decoration ideas 2023

Has anyone ever said that posters don’t belong in bathrooms? I certainly don’t think so! If you’ve never thought about adorning your bathroom walls, this is your sign to do it! It’s a really fun way to add some personality to your space and create a focal point. Designer’s note – make sure that your posters are framed, otherwise, the humidity will break them apart over time.

Funky Bath Rugs

witty phrases funky bath rug bathroom decoration ideas 2023

The funky, witty rugs are very much still on trend! If you haven’t gotten your hands on one yet, it’s not too late. Thanks to TikTok, DIY rugs became an absolute phenomenon over the last two years. In fact, many people decided to pursue rug making as a hobby, even a career which only made the trend grow bigger! If you’re a quirky person at heart and want to bring some of that energy into your sacred space – this is certainly a cool way to do it!

Colorful Shower Screen

colorful shower screen trendy modern bathroom design decor inspiration 2023

If you’re living in a rental, chances are that you have a pretty plain white bathroom. Big makeovers aren’t really worth it when you don’t own your place. You also need to make sure that any upgrades you’re making to your space are going to be rental-friendly! That being said, I’ll let you in on a super simple way to add some color and character to your bathroom. Shower screen film stickers! There is an endless variety of colors and designs and it’s a really unique way of sprucing up your bathroom. They work especially well for small spaces that don’t allow for much decoration.

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Bold Pattern Wallpaper

bold wallpaper crane birds modern bathroom design decor ideas 2023

For those of you who don’t shy away from maximalist interior decisions, I have a feeling you might gravitate towards this design trend. Having wallpaper in the bathroom is definitely a bold move that not many people consider an option. If your mind went straight to practicality, I’ll put it at ease right away. This is a vinyl wallpaper which is washable and does not absorb any moisture! Not only that, but they come in fabulous designs that will make your bathroom feel like it’s taken out of a painting!

Rattan Bathroom Divider

wooden hexagon rattan divider modern bathroom decoration ideas 2023

Dividers are originally used as a means to create privacy and differentiate areas within an enclosed space. Apart from serving their functional purpose, they can also be used simply as decoration. This see-through hexagon mesh rattan divider helps aid the user’s journey within the bathroom and creates two separate zones without enclosing the space.

More Bathroom Decor Ideas to Try Out in 2023

blob mirror hanging planter sage green bathroom decor ideas 2023

Peel-Off Waterproof Wall Stickers 

wall waterproof stickers diy bathroom decor ideas on a budget 2023

Abstract Bathroom Towel Holders 

abstract towel rack bathroom decoration ideas 2023

Wall-Hanging Rattan Storage Baskets 

hanging rattan baskets bathroom storage decoration ideas 2023

Colorful Towel Selection

colorful striped towels bathroom decor accessories ideas 2023

Over Toilet Shelves with Plants and Candles 

over toilet shelves posters plants vases candles relaxation corner bathroom decor ideas 2023

Witty Neon Sign

neon sign over toilet fun bathroom decoration trick ideas inspo 2023

Wooden Wall-Mounted Shower Organizer 

wooden wall mounted shower organizer bathroom decor ideas 2023


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